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People in the South East are most Bathroom Proud in the UK

As our study into the bathroom habits of the British continues, this month we looked into which rooms were most likely to be cleaned before having guests. From the results we can state that residents living in the South East were most likely to be bathroom proud than any other region.

Are research also found that the average Briton spend approximately £300 per year keeping their homes clean. We asked 3,248 UK residents ‘People are coming over – what room in the house are you most likely to ensure is clean and tidy?’ to which participants could choose from a list of answers.

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The results were broken down by region and revealed that residents living in the South East were the most bathroom proud, while residents in Scotland were more likely to clean the lounge when having guests. A full list of the results are below:

  • South East – Bathroom (63% of respondents in this region selected this room)
  • Scotland – Lounge (56%)
  • London – Kitchen (55%)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside – Hallways (54%)
  • East of England – Bathroom (53%)
  • North West – Bathroom (51%)
  • West Midlands – Lounge (49%)
  • South West – Kitchen (48%)
  • Northern Ireland – Bathroom (44%)
  • East Midlands – Bedroom (41%)
  • Wales – Kitchen (41%)

Participants were also asked to indicate which room in their home they cleaned the most. 38% of respondents stated that they cleaned their bathrooms the most, while 24% admitted that their kitchen was the most cleaned room in their home. 19% of respondents cleaned their bedrooms more than any other room.

Those who stated that they cleaned their bathroom more than any other room were asked to reveal why. 49% said that they cleaned their bathroom regularly as the felt visitors would judge them on the cleanliness of the bathroom. 36% of participants said that the bathroom got dirty a lot quicker than other rooms in the house.

All of the respondents were asked how much they spent on cleaning products for their home every month; the average spend came to £24.50, equating to £294 every year.


Our very own Peter Gregg had this to say about the study:

“Our research has discovered that those living in the South East of the UK are the most bathroom proud, with more respondents in this area taking pride over their bathroom than any other room in the house. It’s important to leave your bathroom in a clean and tidy state, because you never know who might pop by and nip to the loo!”

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