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Our new poll reveals the most off-putting habits for men and women

In our latest bid to find out all we can about British habits we decided to let men and women give us their own answers into the most off-putting habits of a prospective partner. What we found was that your bathroom habits or lack of them may just be a deal breaker, here are the results.

According to our data, undesired bathroom habits and general uncleanliness were the most off-putting habits, as voted for by 2,138 British men and women. Participants were aged 18 and over, and there was a 50-50 split of males and females making this poll a real battle of the sexes.

Men’s number 1 off-putting habit for a prospective partner was leaving hair in the bath/shower plug, whereas women hated it when a partner left dirty dishes around the house.

So, here are the top 5 most off-putting habits for both men and women:

Most Off-Putting Aspects for Men:

  1. Leaving hairs in the plug (41%)
  2. Leaving clothes on floor (34%)
  3. Leaving nail clippings on floor (24%)
  4. Having excessive wind (16%)
  5. Compulsive cleanliness (13%)

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Top 5 Most Off-Putting Aspects for Women:

  1. Leaving dirty dishes around the house (39%)
  2. Having excessive wind (27%)
  3. Having a mouldy bathroom (23%)
  4. Leaving the toilet seat up (14%)
  5. Leaving clothes on the floor (11%)

toilet seat up


Participants were then asked how this would affect their relationship, with 56% admitting that they ‘could not be in a relationship with someone’ that had what they described as the worst habit. 32% said ‘it would be irritating, but I would attempt to change their ways’, and the remaining 12% said that they would be willing to ‘live with it’ even though it would be irritating.

Our Director Peter Gregg had this to say about the study:

“Whilst bad habits that annoy your other half are inevitable in any relationship, it does seem very interesting that the majority of problems highlighted in our findings are focused on bathroom behaviour. Maybe the secret to a perfect relationship is separate bathrooms!”

He added, “The most surprising result of our survey is that men seem to be more put off by a prospective partner’s bad aspects than women are. Whilst this breaks the age-old stereotype that men are slobs, one does have to question how someone could jeopardise a potential relationship for something as trivial as a plug full of hair or a messy floor!”

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