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Imperial Victorian Exposed Thermostatic Dual Valve Shower

Retro styling in the bathroom has really taken off with some outstanding designs that are not only great looking items that mirror bathrooms of yesteryear, but incorporate all the modern elements that you would want and expect today. UK Bathrooms has a wide choice in retro items for your bathroom and Imperial showers have some elegant Victorian styles.

The Imperial Victorian Exposed Thermostatic Dual Valve Shower will take you back to a time of Hansom Cabs with a pace of life that moved at a more elegant pace than today. The Imperial Victorian shower is offered in a choice of chrome or gold finish, with a large five inch (app 150mm) shower head, the riser is rigid and the shower valve is suitable for both high and low pressure systems. Along with the rest of the Imperial range of bathroom products, these are of the highest quality and give performance and functionality.

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