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Ideal Standard Space 750mm Bath Unit

Ideal Standard is a global manufacturer of bathroom products and included in their portfolio is bathroom furniture. Well designed and finished bathroom units can improve a bathroom without going to enormous expense and with the Ideal range of Space units a choice of four colour styles is available. Matching or contrasting countertops can be added and can be cut to exact size on site. The countertops can be for housing one of the many modern countertop basins adding an extra touch of class to a bathroom when upgrading.

The Ideal Standard Space 750 bath unit is one example and can be fitted in almost any bathroom, opening up small spaces to a whole new world of high-quality design. These units only project 21cm making them perfect for the smaller bathroom, but giving good facilities for storage. They can be added individually, or in a continuous run. The Space unit is often chosen as a vanity unit or WC unit. The colour choice available for the doors is maple, gloss white, shaker maple or shaker white. Matching tops of the same colours or contrasting ones include granite, mahogany, maple, and gloss white or matt white.

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