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Ideal Standard makes a splash with its new Tonic II range

Over 200 guests joined Ideal Standard as it unveiled its Tonic II range in London last week. Designed by the award winning German design studio Artefakt, the range consists of ceramics, baths, furniture and fittings.

The range was unveiled at London’s iconic OXO Tower, where the products were shown in crisp white rooms with understated chandelier lighting and against the backdrop of the Thames River. The set was reminiscent of a modern art installation with the Tonic II range dominating view with its bold and contemporary design.

Tonic II

The reaction to the Tonic II range has been largely positive and has created a lot of excitement throughout the industry. The soft geometric design of the products was created to evoke calm and tranquillity. The new range offers a broad choice of sizes and furniture combinations, in a range of stylish colours to suit just about any bathroom.

The launch event also saw the introduction of Ideal Standard’s innovative new AquaBlade flush technology. The pioneering design means that the integrated channel creates a pressurised blade of water that flows from the top of the bowl rinsing the whole area clean.

Tonic II 2

This new technology is set to revolutionise the toilet market, because unlike standard toilet flushing systems, the AquaBlade creates an even spread of water across the whole surface are.

Set to revolutionise the toilet market, unlike existing flushing systems where water does not cover the entire toilet bowl, AquaBlade technology gives optimum water flow from the top of the bowl on every flush, and covers every inch of the ceramic. Interior surfaces are also streamlined to give a quieter flush.

Anna Burns, from Ideal standard told the press, “We’re delighted – the response has been amazing and we thank everyone who came along on the day.

“A lot of investment and research has gone into the creation of Tonic II with AquaBlade, which aims to combine both beauty and functionality. Tonic II delivers on both fronts and we’re very proud of this collection, which I’m confident offers our customers a highly desirable, luxury range with huge commercial potential.”

For more information about the Tonic II range or the AquaBlade system please call on of our helpful sales representatives on 01765 964 720.

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