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Over half of Brits admit to wetting the bed as an adult – Londoners crowned as the worst

In our ongoing bid to find some of the more bizarre British habits, we decided to change it up a bit and asked whether or not they had wet the bed as an adult, the answers will astound you.

Our poll found that over half (54%) of those asked had wet the bed in their adult life, with many blaming their faux pas on too much alcohol. What’s more, are research also found that Londoners were the worst offenders, while the South-East and Scotland also made it into our top five.

Our study asked 2,034 British residents over 18 years old, ‘Have you wet the bed since turning 18?’ taking into account alcohol related mishaps, but not medical or health related issues. 54% of respondents admitted that they had indeed wet the bed in their adult life, with 67% men and 33% women admitting to waking up in a wet patch.

Of those who answered yes, 77% said that the reason for their bed wetting was too much alcohol after a night out. The study also found that the average adult bed wetter was approximately 21 years old and that over three quarters of adult bed wetters were in their late teens and early twenties.

Our results also showed the most common regions for adult bed wetters:

  1. London (17%)
  2. South East of England (14%)
  3. Scotland (12%)
  4. North West of England (9%)
  5. West Midlands (6%)

The survey went on to ask how often adults wet the bed, and 5% said that they experienced the problem once or more a month. 14% said that it happened once every six months and 56% said it was less than once a year. 19% also said that their bed wetting had made a substantial impact on their drinking habits.

Our director Peter Gregg talked about the study, saying:

“We all know what it’s like to overindulge on the beers, but I never thought the amount of adults wetting the bed due to drunkenness would be quite so high! Obviously, medical reasons aside, if someone is drinking so much alcohol on a night out that they cannot make it to the toilet from their bed after a night out, then perhaps they should reconsider how much they can physically handle.”

He added, “I can only assume that Londoners, living the high life in the nation’s capital, are taking part in these crazy nights out on a much more regular basis than the rest of us!”

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