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Grand Designs Watch – The Giant Farm Shed

Near York, North Yorkshire, Martin and Kae Walker have two different ideas from what they want from their home. Martin is a commercial architect who specialises in industrial buildings and you can see how strong his influences are in this build. Kae on the other hand, looks elsewhere for her influences, she is an art director who is “passionate about giving buildings heart and soul.”

The home they are looking at building is intended to be a ‘mothership’, where they can combine, business and child rearing. They are splitting the land they own, where their bungalow currently is, selling the bungalow and building their dream home on the rest of the land. The question is will they be able to have both their conflicting ideas in the home.

Many things were taken into consideration with this build, leaving it cost effective and green. However it still will resemble a barn, so not necessarily in keeping with other homes. The question is can they mix Martins modern ideas with Kae’s homely ideas, thinking about the house as a home, rather than a building.

The bathrooms, were designed using local tiles, in an industrial style, with simple features for a natural earthy look. The large Clearwater Sontuoso Natural Stone freestanding bath was the centre piece of the bathroom. For more ideas, from this stunning bathroom, check out our Grand Design page.

Grand Designs giant shed

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