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Grand Designs – Andalucian Hills build

Retiring to Spain is a dream for many Brits, for Gil and Hillary Briffa their dream came true 10 years ago. They decided to retire to Southern Spain, however they didn’t like the urban sprawl around the coastal town of Malaga. So instead they have opted for a lovely unspoilt plot of land up in the Andalucian hills.

The revisit for Grand Designs looks back at their trials and tribulations of the build, including many of the problems they had to overcome. Lot has change in ten years, unfortunately Gil died a few years ago, however Hillary is still there enjoying the Andalucian sunshine and we look to see how this home is settling into the landscape.

The design of the home, a creation of their architect son, looks like a small holiday village, with a bold modernist design. It interconnects with bold coloured rooms, which should stand out against the stark white and large glass main living area. However permission for this Grand Design was going to be a challenge, especially to make sure it’s the coolest retirement home Kevin McCloud has ever seen.

They got the home built on time and to their specification, despite language barriers with the builder and problems with local council. On the revisit, Kevin looks to see how this house has settled into the landscape and with it still standing we can see how Hillary is adapting to life without her husband in his dream home.

The locals warmed to the colour, with only one colour change made, suiting Hillary’s tastes anyway. Home furnishings, fitting in with the landscape around it and many Mediterranean colours. Plenty of fun fixtures and fittings, to Gils tastes in the home. Also landscaping carried on by Hillary following the plans they made together to soften the building. So now the building is now integrated into the landscape as is Hilary all living in harmony together.

For the bathroom, like many a simple tile design was the focal point with simple white fixtures and fittings. The bathroom features wonderful mosaic tiles which you can find here. They are ideal for a modern and clean bathroom and perfect style for a Spanish home.

Grand Designs Grey tiles

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