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Geberit Sigma40 DuoFresh Odour Extraction Flush Plate

Ventilation and clean air in a bathroom or company washroom is not only very desirable, but sensible too. This is often achieved by the use of extractor systems, but these are sometimes difficult to install in some areas. However Geberit has designed a system that ensures that bathrooms and washrooms can maintain good quality clean air whenever they are used.

By utilising a system of replaceable carbon filters the air in these rooms is clean and fresh, the Geberit Sigma40 is quiet compact and very efficient in use. The wall-mounted unit is as easy to maintain as it to use and the filters are easily accessible when these need replacing. The air is cleansed and re-circulated into the area unlike other systems which mask and smell with heady perfumes. Programmed to shut off after ten minutes of use, energy consumption is kept to an environmentally-friendly minimum and the bathroom odour free.

Available in a range of attractive colours which are black, white, umbra glass, white glass, and black glass, the Geberit 40 flush plate should be matched to the Geberit DuoFresh WC Frame 1.12m with Odour Extraction.