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Geberit flush plates

Geberit is a Swiss based international group which specialises in the manufacture and supply of sanitary parts and fittings and is, without question, one of the leaders in this field throughout Europe and, through its subsidiaries, one of the most important worldwide.

Since its inception in 1874, Geberit has grown in size, particularly in the 1970’s and onward and now is represented in most countries in the world. During that period it has been the recipient of numerous awards for the company’s innovations, product design and its strong focus on sustainability some of which have been for their flush plates.

Examples of four of these flush plates are, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate, this sleek cutting edge technology gives the user the ability to control toilet waste with a wave of the hand ensures a hygienic and clean environment. Available either in black or mirrored glass, it requires only hand motions to flush the toilet after use.

Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush Plate

An alternative is the Geberit Sigma10 Flush Plate which utilises the latest in modern technology, an efficient flush activation mechanism, with the option of a dual flush operation as well as an automatic flush option. Focussing on hygiene, the Sigma 10, does away with the need for flush handles ensuring a cleaner and safer bathroom environment, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to operate the flush mechanism. The Sigma 10 is offered in seven different colour mixes and is suitable for installation in public conveniences.

Geberit Sigma 10 Touchless Flush Plate

The Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate “does just what it says on the tin” it operates a dual flush to your toilet, but not only that it looks neat and as you would expect from Geberit, clean and attractive. Offered in three different styles to match your decor, white, matt chrome and bright chrome, the Bolero Dual flush can be described as the perfect option for the modern bathroom, which has been designed around the Geberit concealed cistern UP320.

Geberit Bolero Dual Flush Plate

Similar in operation the Bolero Dual flush but featuring circular flush buttons in place of the rectangular style, the Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate, is another 21st century way to operate toilet flushing. Again by choosing the button most suitable, the Kappa 20 will provide a short or a long flush to your toilet. This flush plate is also designed to operate in conjunction with concealed cisterns which increasingly feature in today’s bathroom; in this case we recommend the Duofix 82cm & 98cm frames and the UP200 concealed cistern.

Geberit Kappa 20 Dual Flush Plate

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