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Geberit Cisterns

European market leader the Geberit Group continues to innovate and produce bathroom products that can only be described as ground breaking and the range of Cisterns and associated flush plates. These include dual flushing products which in today’s eco friendly world are now considered to be a standard feature of the modern bathroom or washroom.

A stand out model, the Geberit Sigma 80 Touchless Dual Flush, is sleek and is no longer the preserve of hotels and theatres, this convenient modern system can be a feature of your ultra-modern bathroom space. This unit is fully programmable, with options to adjust sensitivity so several hand motions will trigger it to prevent accidental flushing, or it can be adjusted to allow the unit to flush as soon as the toilet has been used, a modern and hygienically method of toilet flushing. The Sigma 80 features a standby function that saves on electricity when not in use and is available in either black or black mirrored glass; the LED can also be programmed to display itself in five different colours. Naturally a mains electricity supply is required and also requires the Geberit 80 transformer.