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Eco friendly taps

During the recent dry hot spell of weather that we have been enjoying it serves as a timely reminder that water in this country is a precious commodity and although it might not seem so in the winter period reservoirs do run low and water companies have to begin reducing pressure.

With this in mind many companies are now manufacturing eco friendly water saving devices and amongst these are taps for use in basins and baths. Bristan are amongst these and the chrome-plated Bristan Jute Eco-Click Mixer Tap is a pleasant modern design which offers water saving and also can prevent scalding. This basin mixer tap includes a special temperature limiter that prevents the user from scalding, which is set at the time of the installation of the tap. With aerator flow and a device which adds resistant to the taps to discourage the user from increasing the flow, it saves both water and the temperature setting device means that you are also saving money by using less energy to heat the water. Two eco features in one.

Bristan Jute Eco-Click Mixer Tap