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Eco friendly showers

There cannot be many people who are not conscious of the fact that we have to save energy as well as precious commodities that we have always taken for granted, water for example. With changes taking place to the earth’s atmosphere many parts of the country are suffering from lack of rain and hose pipe bans in the summer months are now the norm. Using precious fuel such as gas or oil to heat up large quantities of water and store it for use in baths or showers is an area where we all can achieve savings,. Installing an electric shower is becoming the way forward for developers and householders alike as they look fro ways to make savings in these areas as well as hard earned money.

The Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower is an ideal choice as this heats water for showering on demand ‘ providing hot water for as long as it’s required. You can choose from two performance ratings, a selector switch to get the best performance all year round and because it’s BEAB approved, it’s safe, too. It imposes no demand on stored hot water, is easy to use, comes in a choice of chrome or white/chrome variants, performance settings of 8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10kW and carries a two year guarantee.

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