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DIY Tips – Sealing a basin

Over time the important seal around the bathroom basin or sink can become cracked, or discoloured and require replacing. This is not difficult to do and even if you have not tackled a DIY project before, it is not difficult to achieve a good result. It will take under thirty minutes and you will only need some kitchen and bathroom sealant readily available at a DIY store, a mastic gun, simple craft knife, a small amount of white spirit, latex gloves and a cloth.

First remove the old sealant by using the craft knife ensuring that all the old seal is removed. Now make sure that the surfaces are as clean as possible and use a cloth dampened with white spirit to remove any grease and dirt, ready for the new sealant.

The next step is to cut the tip of the sealant nozzle at 45 degrees, around 15-20mm from the end, to do this we suggest that you unscrew the nozzle and trim off the tube seal. Screw on the nozzle and fit the tube into a mastic gun. Now using an old card or piece of old wood test the sealant flows out in a smooth bead. It is important for you to practice, try running a smooth continuous bead of sealant on the inside edge of a cardboard box.

Beginning at a corner, gently press the gun’s trigger and form the bead around the basin lip with a smooth continuous movement. Keep the nozzle just above the worktop and tiles. Remove the gun a quick movement from the basin at the end of the bead and rest it over some newspaper to catch the excess sealant. Smooth the edges with your finger, using the disposable latex gloves to protect your hands. Run your finger along the bead in a smooth action so the edges blend with the basin edge and worktop.

Carefully clean away any spilt sealant away from other parts of the basin, but be careful not to touch the new seal until it has had a chance to dry completely.


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