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Disabled Bathroom Options from UK Bathrooms

Converting a bathroom to suit the needs of someone with a disability is not an easy task however when the situation arises you shouldn’t be put off and only make minimal changes, there are a number of great options now available to make bathroom access much easier, safer and allowing for continued independence.

The bathroom can be a very dangerous environment for those with disability one of the most common bathroom accidents is a slip or a fall. You need to ensure the safety of all those who use your bathroom in your own home.

Disabled Bathroom 1

UK Bathrooms stocks a range of bathroom products which are specifically designed for people with disabilities to make going to the toilet, bathing and washing your hands manageable allowing independence and reducing accidents. Variable height toilets, easy access baths, shower and washrooms, low access wash basins and accessories including grab rails and anti-slip products. We can also help you design the bathroom to fit around disabilities, making access easy with wide access showers, movement inside the bathroom better by making sure there is enough space and placement of support rails to ensure as much independence as possible.

Disabled Bathroom 3

The products in our Disabled and Less Able Range are of the highest quality and from well-known companies such as Armitage Shanks and Phoenix. With products designed to make life easier and more manageable for those living with disability.

Fitting a disabled bathroom also does not mean you should put up with a bleak and boring design. There are a number of stylish options available so that your bathroom is not only functional for someone with disabilities and safe but also stylish. Wet rooms are popular and stylish option which gives you the space needed stopping your bathroom looking cramped. Opt for interesting tiles to create a stylised look whilst fitting the essentials needed for safety.

Disabled Bathroom 2


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