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How to create a vintage style bathroom

Vintage style is all the rage at the moment, from clothing to interior design. But the problem with having authentic vintage pieces in your bathroom design is that they’re more prone to going wrong, breaking or leaking because of their age. Instead, use modern pieces with vintage twists to get that shabby chic look but with more reliability.

Vintage Bathrooms

‘Shabby chic’ is the easiest way to make something look older but still fresh and interesting. It’s also very simple to create unique pieces yourself at home too. For example, find a fairly cheap picture frame that fits your basic mirror and choose a paint that fits in with your colour scheme; the most popular for vintage style rooms is pale pastels or cream. Once it’s painted and dry, use some light sandpaper to scrub away some of the paint around the edges where there would generally be more wear and tear. Finish it with a cover of varnish to seal the design.

Retro pieces can also bring a bit of life to your bathroom. Old fashioned bathroom suites are becoming more popular again, such as those peach or avocado coloured baths and sinks you might remember seeing in your grandparents’ bathroom. You can find a great choice of vintage and traditional baths here. In a range of wonderful retro colours. Mixing and matching individual pieces and accessories around these will give you that lived in feel that’s cosy and unique to you. Please see the baths below for more ideas.

Vintage Baths


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