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Create some luxury in your bathroom

When asked many home owners identify the bathroom as one of, if not the most, important rooms in their house. As a bathroom has multiple different roles, from bustling family bathroom to a space where you can sneak away to relax and have some me time; first and foremost it is important that the design of a bathroom is functional. Although with careful design there is no reason why a family bathroom can’t be up to date, modern and a relaxing, calming space.

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Bathroom design is continuously evolving, however we have been able to identify two big bathroom trends which are not only extremely fashionable but when implemented correctly, will bring a sense of luxury to a bathroom of any size.

The two tends which we think will be hot in the coming year are multi-layer flooring and sunken baths. The reason these two trends are proving so popular is because they give the home bathroom a spa like feel, allowing you the option of luxury and pampering but without the Spa Day price tag.

A Sunken Bath

bath view

A sunken bath can be incorporated into a bathroom of any size, with relative ease. When integrating a sunken bath in your bathroom, start by deciding the best place to position the bath. Popular positions are the corner of the room or underneath a window (there really is nothing better than relaxing in the bath while looking out at the world outside.) Once you have decided on the position of the bath you can start to plan the rest of the features around it. If you have a large bathroom why not consider making the bath a freestanding space in the middle of the room. With a little for thought, and a lot of planning a sunken bath is extremely achievable.

Multiple- layers

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One way to give your smaller bathroom the illusions of size is to add multiple levels to your bathroom. The trick to making this work in a smaller bathroom is to raise only certain features; for example raise your bath or shower slightly while leaving the toilet and hand basin on a lower level. However, the trend for multiple layers can work in larger bathrooms too and when incorporated correctly the end result will be a luxurious but functioning bathroom.

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