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Coming soon the future of Bathrooms – The Super Loo 1000 #Aprilfools

We are excited to announce the Super Loo 1000, the future of all bathrooms which will soon be in stock on the ukBathrooms website, to make your toilet time better. A marvellous toilet which not only cleans you whilst you are sat on it, but also cleans itself after The Super Loo 1000 will be a must have in every home. Time to do away with the boring bath and standard shower, toilet time has reached a whole new level.

This ingenious toilet from Japanese manufacturer Umai Yarikata Toire (they really know how to make going to the toilet easier and pleasurable) is the future of our bathrooms. You no longer need to buy a full bathroom suite, you can do all your business, literally on the Super Loo 1000. Umai Yarikata Toire were the first company to develop self-cleaning toilets and now they have taken it one step further to design a toilet which also cleans you whilst you’re sat on it.

Super loo 1000

As you go about ‘emptying yourself’ as described by the manufacturer, the Super Loo 1000 will wash you down, brush and wash your hair, brush your teeth and blow dry you. You don’t need to lift a finger and don’t worry about wiping yourself after you have done your business the Super Loo cleans you down there too after you have finished. You can enter different settings depending on what you want cleaning, obviously different settings for men and women! You can also set it for a quick and simple clean or a long deep cleaning, to leave you spick and span.

With the Super Loo 1000 you can save yourself half the time on a morning getting ready, half the money as it’s cheaper than a whole bathroom suite and half the room as it takes up the space of a standard toilet. This really is the future of bathroom technology and ukBathrooms will soon be stocking the Super Loo 1000, from Umai Yarikata Toire. Please email us for more information:

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