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Clearwater Battello Natural Stone Traditional Bath

There is something about seeing a freestanding bath that oozes elegance and takes one back to a time when the pace of life was more relaxed, when we did not have to do everything at running speed as though our lives depended on it. The elegant lines that some of the retro styling baths display is naturally easy on the eye and is in stark contrast to the sharp angles of some later periods.

The Clearwater Battello Bath displays elegance as it sits upon the chromium classic feet but what really catches the eye is the beautiful elliptical curve seen on the lip which in turn dips gently down at the centre. This in itself offers an easy and convenient way to access the bath and adds to the classic look of the bath. The Clearwater Battello is manufactured from natural stone and is supplied with two tap holes that will accommodate a variety of taps and to complete the retro appearance a Victorian style “telephone2 style hand shower mixer would complete stunning appearance. The taps and wastes are not included in the special low price and the bath carries a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.