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ClearGreen Freestanding Baths

More of us are becoming conscious of the environment that we live in and there is an effort by many to change the way in which we buy products, to ensure that we are as “green” as we can be. At UK Bathrooms we have always tried to source eco products and the latest eco friendly freestanding baths are just some of the products that we offer.

Our latest from Bradford Based Clearwater is another eco friendly and positively green idea, and their baths will give a new and entirely different level of comfort and sustainability. For one thing the bath its self will retain the heat in the water for a period of 30 minutes longer than a standard bath, the baths themselves are constructed in an entirely new way as well. They are very tough and resilient withstanding a remarkable 2.3 tonnes pressure on the base which is manufactured from encapsulated recycled composite for the baseboard which is stronger than the chipboard used on normal acrylic baths and it has the advantage of being green as well.

The ClearGreen Freefuerte Oval Freestanding Bath is one of the collection from Clearwater and is available in two variants, covered freestanding or skinless. This beautiful eco friendly bath with be an eye catching addition to any bathroom which has a capacity of 132 litres.