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The death of the bath – 25% of households would rather have walk-in showers

The bath has been a traditional feature in bathrooms throughout the UK for the best part of a century, but modern life is slowing changing what we want in a bathroom and over the past few years there has been a shift in what people are installing in their bathrooms. Gone are the days when a bath was a compulsory fixture in the bathroom, many people are opting for shower enclosures and walk-in showers instead of baths and over the past two years we have seen a 340% increase in sales of walk-in showers alone.

As part of our ongoing research into the habits if Brits in the bathroom, we looked into why this change is happening. We surveyed 1,000 people from throughout the UK and asked them two questions, “What bathroom suite would you prefer to have in your home?” and “Do you generally prefer to shower rather than take a bath?”

Adamsez Portobello fs Freestanding Roll Top Bath

Our survey found:

  • 43% of those polled would prefer to have a walk-in shower and a bath in their bathroom if there was enough space.
  • 25% would like to have just a walk-in shower in their bathroom.
  • Although a standard fixture in many homes in the UK only 18% of those surveyed said that they would prefer a shower over a bath.
  • 14% of respondents said that they would prefer to have only a bath in their bathroom instead of a shower.
  • 62% of participants said that they preferred to shower than take a bath.

Mere Font 8mm Walk-in Shower Panel

Our survey seems to be reflected in our sales figures which have seen a 340% increase in sales for Walk-in showers over the last 24 months. Shower heads and accessories have also seen an increase of 34% over the same period. Funnily enough, although not as popular as they once were, baths have also seen a steady increase of 106%, so it seems that even if users prefer to shower than take a bath, it is still seen as a must have fixture in the home.

Our very own Mark Walters had this to say about our research:

“From the survey results and the sales figures, we can easily see a change in bathing habits, which is reflected in our lifestyles as people become more time conscious you look to showering as its quick, but also from an ecological point of view it is also better than taking a bath which uses more water. However baths are still an important addition in people’s homes. “

Huppe X1 Quadrant Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

He added:

“We can see the evolution from bathing to showering in the UK, the contemporary bathroom which has in the UK shifted to a preference for showering, with modern baths being reserved as a luxury, flash item for the master bathroom, influenced by European design and lifestyle. But we aren’t ready to give up taking baths just yet in the UK as we still see them selling well, just not at the same phenomenal rate as walk in showers.”

Shock Horror: Men Own More Styling & Skincare Products than Women!

In our ongoing research into the bathroom habits of the British, we decided to focus our latest study on bathroom cabinets and what they contain; the answers will astound you!

Our latest poll has found that more than two fifths of men have between six and seven styling/beauty products in their bathroom cabinet, compared to women who only have between four and five items in their bathroom cabinets.

We live in an ever changing world, and it seems that men may be more into their looks and beauty routines than women; 43% of men polled said that they had six or seven styling/beauty products, whereas 35% of women said that they made between four and five items in their bathroom cabinets.


Picture: Adam Franco

Our poll asked 2,352 men and women, ‘How many skincare and styling products do you have in your bathroom cabinet?’ Women were asked to ignore any make-up they owned for a more balanced result and here’s what we found:

Number of styling and beauty products in bathroom cabinet

  • 0 – Men (4%) / Women (1%)
  • 1-3 – Men (12%) / Women (16%)
  • 4-5 – Men (24%) / Women (35%)
  • 6-7 – Men (43%) / Women (26%)
  • 8-9 – Men (10%) / Women (14%)
  • 10+ – Men (7%) / Women (8%)

We then asked participants what type of products they had in their bathroom cabinets. The most popular item for men was hair gel and styling products (61%) followed by skin moisturiser (58%). For women, the most popular product was skin moisturiser (71%) followed by an exfoliating product (52%).

toothbrush holder

Picture: Nick Harris

Another interesting fact that came from our research was that 68% of men admitted that they downplayed the amount of products they used to friends and family.

Our director Peter Gregg talked about the new research saying, “The 21st century man certainly seems to have developed into one that takes care of themselves! Not only have we seen an increase in men using beauty products, but also an increase in beauty products for men on the market. From ‘guy-liner’ to facial scrubs, the options really are growing all the time!”

He added, “It’s good that men are taking more pride in their appearance! It’s just a matter of time before women are waiting for their man to get ready now!”

Freestanding baths and rainfall showers voted ultimate bathroom features

Through our research over the past few months we have found that men and women have different ideas when it comes to bathroom design, the South East has the most expensive bathrooms and found what people think the bathroom of the future should include. In our latest research we asked 1,718 UK residents who owned their own home for their ultimate wishlist of features for a luxurious bathroom.

The research found that the majority of people thought that rainfall showers and freestanding baths optimised the look and feel of a luxury bathroom, while many also wanted the simplicity and comfort of having underfloor heating installed. We asked our participants, “What features are on your ultimate wishlist to create a luxury bathroom?” and here are the most popular answers:

  1. Rainfall Shower (63%)
  2. Standalone Bath (51%)
  3. Underfloor Heating (37%)
  4. His & Hers Sinks (31%)
  5. Multimedia Systems (29%)

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 150 Stream Shower Head

Participants were then asked if their current bathrooms had any of the features that made the top 5 wishlist. Only 23% of those polled said that their bathroom had one of the features, leaving the remaining 87% to dream about owning them.

All of our respondents were then asked if they would pay more for a property that had a luxurious bathroom, to which over two thirds (68%) said yes they would. Those who said they would pay more said that they would be willing to spend up to an additional £7,500 on a property with a luxurious bathroom.

Clearwater Battello Natural Stone Traditional Bath

Our director Peter Gregg said, “We all dream of luxury, especially when it comes to a bathroom, and our research reveals what the fantasy bathroom consists of for Britons and how much more they would be prepared to pay for a house already featuring one. The little things can really make a difference in your bathroom, whilst making it the ultimate relaxation room.”

He also added, “An outdated bathroom can be extremely off-putting so it is definitely worth investing a bit of money in updating your bathroom – why not throw in some luxury items while you’re there? With clever design, some features can be easier and more cost-effective to include than you might expect.”

Men are from Mars and women just want a freestanding bath!

As part of our look into the bathroom habits of us British we have decided to shake it up a bit and ask men and women about what their dream bathrooms would look like. Based on our findings we’ve put together some concept images of the most popular bathroom features for each gender and the differences are striking.

The bathroom is often regarded as a place to unwind and relax, but it seems that men and women’s views differ quite a bit. Men preferred to have a bathroom filled with the latest technology and gadgets, whereas women preferred a modern and classic style.

During our research we polled 2,874 men and women and asked them if they preferred a modern or classic style bathroom. 57% of males said that they preferred a modern bathroom compared to just 28% that liked a classic style; the other 15% said that they liked a mix of classic and modern design.

In contrast, 74% of women said that their dream bathroom would mix both classic and modern styles, 14% said that they liked a modern bathroom and 12% wanted a purely classic design.

Participants were then asked what features their dream bathroom would have from an extensive list; the most popular answers were used in our concept images and were as follows:


  1. Multimedia TV – 71%
  2. All-in-one urinal and toilet – 66%
  3. Floor sunken bath – 49%
  4. Neon lighting – 31%
  5. Glass/smoked glass walls – 28%



  1. Freestanding bath – 71%
  2. Walk-in shower – 61%
  3. Floor to ceiling windows – 42%
  4. Feature bathroom cabinets – 42%
  5. Spotlight and feature mirror – 33%


As you can see from our concept images there is a big difference in what men and women want when it comes to their dram bathroom. Our director, Peter Gregg commented on the research and said:

“We know that on most things, men and women have a completely different view, and a bathroom is no different. Here at ukBathrooms, we strive to understand our customers and the bathroom needs of the nation. This research allows us to not only understand the fundamental differences in men and women when it comes to their bathroom, but also gives us scope to adjust our products and services to meet these needs.”

South East homes feature the most expensive bathrooms in the UK

As part of our research into Britain’s bathroom desires, our latest study has found that people living in the South East spent more money on their bathrooms than those in the rest of the UK. The study found that the average South East resident spent over £6,000 on their new bathroom compared to those in Wales who spent just under £2,000.

We asked 1,949 men and women homeowners in the UK that had upgraded their bathrooms in the last 12 months how much they had spent on renovating their bathroom. The figures were compiled and the average amount of money spent was broken down by region. The South East came out on top with an average of £6,130, with homeowners north of the border in Scotland coming second with an average of £5,320.

luxury bathroom

Here is a breakdown of the different regions and there average spend:

  • South East (£6,130)
  • Scotland (£5,320)
  • London (£5,101)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside (£4,463)
  • East of England (£4,295)
  • North West (£4,042)
  • West Midlands (£3,840)
  • South West (£3,687)
  • Northern Ireland (£3,191)
  • East Midlands (£2,560)
  • Wales (£1,945)

The participants were then given a list of bathroom products and asked to indicate which bathroom item they spent the most amount of money on, the results were then sorted into regions once again:

  • South East (Jacuzzi)
  • Scotland (Underfloor Heating)
  • London (Shower)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside (Tiles)
  • East of England (Shower)
  • North West (Bathtub)
  • West Midlands (Radiators & Heating)
  • South West (Toilet)
  • Northern Ireland (Basins & Sinks)
  • East Midlands (Bathtub)
  • Wales (Shower)
A jacuzzi was the most expensive bathroom product

A jacuzzi was the most expensive bathroom product

Our director Peter Gregg talked about our latest study saying, “According to our results it seems that those living in the South East are the likeliest to spend the most amount of money on upgrading their bathrooms, whilst also being the area to splash out the most on luxury items such as a Jacuzzi! While £6,000 may seem rather excessive, if you have a beautiful bathroom with all the fittings, just think how much you could save on spa days! Seriously, though, it’s important to have a refuge, which is somewhere to escape from the everyday grind in absolute peach and tranquillity, and for many people that refuge is the bathroom.”

He added, “A lot of the items that areas spend the most amount of money on seem to be relative to the area, such as Scottish participants splashing out on underfloor heating for the colder times up over the border! What we can see from the results of our survey, however, is that a bathroom is personal, with different areas spending more on bathroom items that will provide them with the luxury experience to suit their lifestyle.”

Luxury bathrooms revealed as top hotel room priority when booking a romantic getaway

As part of our ongoing research into the bathroom habits of Britons, our latest research found that a luxurious bathrooms were the top hotel priority for those who were booking a romantic getaway. Our study found that a luxury bathroom topped the list of most important hotel room features edging out central location and a fancy bed for those booking a romantic vacation.

Clearwater Traditional Brass Bath

Our survey polled 1,721 UK residents who had booked a romantic break within the last year and asked, “Which of the following were key priorities when choosing a hotel for your break?” here are the top five answers given:

  1. A luxurious bathroom (62%)
  2. Central location in chosen destination (53%)
  3. A fancy bed e.g. four poster/waterbed (50%)
  4. Hotel room fetures e.g. Wi-Fi, satellite TV, minibar etc. (34%)
  5. A room with a view (31%)

Respondents who identified a ‘luxurious bathroom’ as their main consideration when booking a romantic getaway were also asked which bathroom features they thought were most important. 41% said the bath was most important, while the shower came in second with 29% of the votes followed by luxury items like bidets and a second sink coming in joint third with 14%.

Aquata Cabinet

Our director, Peter Gregg talked about our latest research saying:

“The bathroom is very clearly an important room and one in which we like to relax and unwind, especially while hiding away with our loved one for a romantic break. From a walk in shower to a Jacuzzi bath, a luxury bathroom can make a difference to your stay abroad. What could be better than putting your feet up and soaking in a bath, after a day out shopping, exploring or sunbathing at the beach?”

Adding, “A luxurious bathroom really brings home the escape and extravagance of the accommodation, which is what so many of us are looking for. Even William and Kate’s honeymoon suite in the Seychelles featured the affluent ‘Bette One’ bath! This kind of bathroom luxury doesn’t have to be limited to hotels, though, and we expect to see top tier items featured in more and more home designs moving forward.”

William and Kate’s honeymoon suite

William and Kate’s honeymoon suite

Jack Laugher wins two gold’s and a silver for England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

We’ve been following the Commonwealth Games closely since it began two weeks ago and one young man in particular, Jack Laugher. It’s no secret that ukBathrooms sponsors the Ripon based diver and are all immensely proud of what he has achieved in a short amount of time.

This year alone, Jack has won six medals during the FINA/NVC Diving World Series including four bronze and two silver, and went one step further by winning two gold medals and one silver medal during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Jack picked up his first gold in Wednesday’s men’s 1m springboard final scoring an impressive 449.90 to edge out the Australian pair of Matthew Mitcham and Grant Nel who scored 404.85 and 403.40 respectively.

Jack Laugher

Jack continued his great run of form by narrowly missing out on another gold medal in the Men’s 3m Springboard, losing to Malaysian diver Ooi Tze Liang, but regained his composure to win the Men’s Synchronised 3m Springboard with his good friend and fellow British diver Chris Mears by an impressive 28 points.

#453017462 /

Jack said after the event, “These Games have been an absolute dream for me,

“I was hoping, if I could get lucky, to come away with three medals. To come away with two gold’s and a silver is fantastic.”

#453013430 /

Jack’s father, David Laugher gave ukBathrooms an exclusive insight into the Commonwealth Games, he said, “The Commonwealth Games was a great opportunity for Jack to show just how good he was after a less than successful Olympic Games in 2012 and he managed to put all that experience into producing a World-class performance. Although the coverage on the BBC was marvelous it could not compete with actually being there and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere with the shouting screaming and banner waving everytime Jack took to the diving board!.

“Jack really only had one bad dive out of 30 and although that cost him a gold medal, returning home with two Gold medals for indivdual 1M and syncro 3M with partner Chris Mears plus a further silver for individual 3M he  couldn’t be happier. There was no doubt at all that the syncro competition was his favorite and having already stated thet they were going to ‘Rip it up!’ this is just what they did, I have never seen him so happy after a competition win.

“Jack and Chris also made a brief appearance with Clare Balding on ‘Tonight at the Games’ on Saturday night after rushing aross from the last event in Edinburgh (This is where the diving pool is located) Their infectious and informal style is now being referred to tongue in cheek as a  ‘Bromance’ or as ‘The Likely Lads’ by sports reporter Bob Ballard. This was evident in the closing ceremony when the BBC cameras picture Superstar Tom Daley videoing the event only to have Jack and Chris pop up in front of the lens and video-bomb the shot!”

Jack will be competing at the LEN European Swimming Championships 2014 in Berlin in August before taking a well earned holiday in Morocco.

Free shower tray offer extended through August!

Yorkshire Deals

After the success of our free shower tray offer to celebrate le Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, we’ve decided to extend the offer throughout August to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

Yorkshire Day is celebrated on the 1st of August each year, but we love our county so much that we’ve decided to celebrate Yorkshire for the whole month, and providing you with some of the best deals for your new bathroom.

Merlyn Series 8 Single Door Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Customers who purchase selected Merlyn Series 8 shower doors and enclosures will receive a free April Shower Tray, and what’s not to like about getting something for free! April Products produce a wide range of high quality bathroom accessories right here in Yorkshire, and their shower trays come complete with waste pipes and a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

This extended offer will end at midnight on the 31st of August, so make sure that you purchase your shower enclosures or doors before then to qualify for your free gift.

Merlyn Series 8 Infold Shower Door

Merlyn has a wide range of shower enclosures and doors to choose from including quadrant shower enclosures great for those with less space and sliding shower doors, perfect for making a statement in the bathroom.

So, join us in celebrating the wonderful county of Yorkshire and get a great deal at the same time.

Houzz gets its own dedicated UK site and we’ve already been featured 3 times!

We’ve been big fans of for many years and it’s a great resource for those looking to remodel their homes. The website provides you with some of the most inspiring home makeovers from all over the world, with handy tips and a huge list of manufacturers and professionals ready to help and now it has a UK site too. continues the great work done on the main website, but features mainly UK manufacturers and home improvement projects. Search through the extensive range of articles for every room of the house (including bathrooms) and gain some valuable advice from other members and professionals about your own projects.

Some of our products and projects have already been featured on the site, including our stunning rendering of a Victorian style under stair WC in the article 8 clever and creative ways with small bathrooms and we have also been featured in the top 50 UK manufacturers in the Best of Remodelling 2014 article.

Traditional Bathroom by Yorkshire And The Humber Bathroom Designers & Fitters UK Bathrooms

Check out our ukBathrooms page on where you can see our latest ideabooks, projects and bathroom products, as well as read reviews from fellow Houzz members about our service.

So why not check out Houzz today and create some inspirational ideas for your next home improvement project.


The Ultimate Bathroom of the Future

Here at ukBathrooms we are always looking for the latest bathroom innovations, from state-of-the-art showers to the newest bathroom technology advances. This sometimes means that we imagine what we want from our bathrooms in the future and look at how changing technologies and developments in design will change the way we use our bathrooms.

5 illustration sheet

As part of ongoing research into what we expect from our bathrooms we polled homeowners asking them how they use their bathrooms, what they are to them and how long they spend in them. We also asked them to look twenty years into the future and choose from a range of features and state what they would like to see in their bathrooms in 2034. We chose the most popular answers to create our Bathroom of the Future.

1.       Touch screen multimedia centres in bathroom mirror and shower screen to listen to music/watch DVDs etc – (78%)

2.       A sensor- and voice-activated self-cleaning toilet- (64%)

3.       A whirlpool bath with spa features – (43%)

4.       An enclosed all-in-one aromatherapy shower with steam room and sauna settings – (34%)

5.       Stow-away space-saving toilets and sinks to create more bathroom space – (21%)

main view

Technology is now such an integral part of our lives, it’s no surprise that many more people would look to incorporate it into their bathroom of the future. The bathroom is the one place in a house where we can escape our worries and relax in privacy and we found for many people (67% of those we polled) they feel the atmosphere in their bathroom is very important to them.

Also the bathroom is one of the rooms in their property that they feel most relaxed in (65% of those we polled). As bathrooms are the place we seek sanctuary it makes sense that we want to add luxury touches to them, such as whirlpool bath with spa features or all-in-one aromatherapy shower with steam room and sauna settings.

But it’s not just little bits of luxury people want it’s also to have space saving bathrooms. As the UK has one of the smallest sizing standards of housing it’s important that we get all the features we want, whilst not taking up lots of space, or be able to fit these luxury items into smaller bathrooms. So we were not surprised to see many respondents choosing stow-away space-saving toilets and sinks.

Our company director, Peter Gregg, said: “With this research, we wanted to find out exactly how our bathrooms could look twenty years from now and what Britons want from the ultimate futuristic bathroom. With the ever-improving kinds of technology we are witnessing around us, the modern bathroom has already entered into a digital age. The truth is, technologies like those featured in our concept image are likely to be introduced into the market well within the next two decades, if not within the next five years or so.”

The feedback enabled us to imagine what a bathroom of the future may look like and create this fantastic concept image. It feels and looks futuristic enough however we have been careful not to include, way out there technology. This is a bathroom that could conceivable be seen in twenty years’ time in most peoples bathrooms, with much of the technology in development now.

We picture the Bathroom of the future to cover these key aspects:

  • Technology Based
  • Eco Friendly
  • Luxurious
  • Space Saving

Our influences came from products which are available now and we looked how these could be developed.

flush wall render

We imagined a toilet of the future would be eco-friendly, use technology to monitor your health and also be space saving. It would recycle grey water from the sink and other water pipes a development of the Roca W&W which reuses the water from the basin to flush the toilet. It would also feature a sensor which would automatically close the lid, and recede back into the wall a development on the Auto Close Toilet Seat by Pressalit.

Toilet inspiration

Showers are already using light therapy to help create a relaxing or invigorating environment. We want to add aromatherapy as well to allow you to have an at home spa experience and ultimately create a room which is not only functional as an everyday bathroom but also somewhere where you can go to escape. Sieger Design have created the Sensory Sky for Dornbracht, which uses light and aromatherapy. It is available for bathrooms now, although relatively new as technology develops it certainly could become something which would be standard in many bathrooms.


For space saving aspects we chose to have a shower and bath combined, the egg shape allows you to use the base for the bath and the curved arch over, means water can be sprayed from different angles, allowing for more massage functions and of course the aromatherapy. You will also be able to change settings on the shower for user’s individual preferences and it will also include retractable smart glass multimedia. This will allow you to watch TV when you bath or catch up on news and weather during your morning shower.

bath render

Our other main feature is the multimedia centre mirror, again technology which is available now, however we are sure it’s something we will see with more functions in the future in everyone’s bathroom. We already stock TV mirrors from Aquavison, in 2034 we predict they would also be interactive, gesture control, with the ability to scan in face. You will be able to try new hairstyles/ beard styles onscreen. You will also be able to access grooming tips from shaving various styles of beards to makeup and hairstyles. It will also have zoom function, for precision grooming and also be an access point for you bathroom multimedia.

sink render

Most of all the Bathroom of the Future we envisage is one that not only works for the whole family but also individual needs, whether from young children, to the elderly and disabled. We also want it to make life easier, more comfortable and luxurious without costing the earth, figuratively and literally.