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Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light (3 Pack)

There can be nothing more annoying than waking the rest of the house when you stagger to the bathroom in the middle of the night by switching on the bathroom light, especially if the extractor fan is connected to the lighting, which is very common today. Similarly if you are working on a late shift and come home late at night when, others are in bed, by fitting one of the Unique motion sensor lights you can access the bathroom or any other part of the house such as a hallway or staircase.

The lights are battery powered and are easily fitted by a simple adhesive strip, contained in the pack. Or for a more permanent fixing, screws and wall plugs are provided. The motion sensor will detect motion up to ten feet away and will give an adequate pool of light of 10 square feet. and sensibly switch themselves off 30 seconds after the last motion detection. The batteries are AA size alkaline and will last an average of one year from installation, The product is weatherproof and can be fitted outdoors as well as inside. Never stumble in the dark at night again with a Mr Beam motion sensor.

Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED 3 Light Kit

Using the bathroom at night does not have to be a problem and it is not necessary to disturb the whole household by turning on lighting in the hallway or the main bathroom light, particularly if this also operates an extractor fan. All of these problems can be easily overcome by fitting LED motion sensor lighting to the bathroom and if required the hallway as well, which requires only simple DIY skills.

The Mr Beams All Purpose Motion Sensor is a battery powered and operated LED light which is easy to mount almost anywhere either inside or outside in minutes with no wiring needed. The battery life is extremely economical and will last on average a full year. The pack contains all that is needed with 6 screws and wall plugs, 3 mounting brackets, double sided adhesive tape and a useful user manual.

Each individual light will detect motion up to 10 feet away, and will provide 10 square feet of lighting, should you want to use the light outside they are weatherproof. The lights will turn themselves off 30 seconds after the last motion was detected.

Bathroom lighting ideas

If the bathroom is in need of some extra lighting there are lots of options for you to create your perfect bright and breezy bathroom. If you plan carefully you can turn your dark and dingy bathroom into a luxurious paradise in no time. It is important to note that conventional lighting should never be used in a bathroom. Even if you have found a brilliant stylish light that would look great in your bathroom, if it wasn’t intended for bathroom use it could prove fatal to household members if installed in a bathroom.

Use low voltage spotlights or down lighters on your ceiling. These work great with glass and water which makes them perfect for bathroom lighting. You can also fit these with a dimmer placed just outside the bathroom so you can control the intensity of the lighting. A great alternative is to use a motion sensor led light for that bathroom too; with these there is no need to wake the rest of the house at night with bright lights or the bathroom fan. These automatically detect motion up to 10 feet and switch off after 30 seconds after last motion detection. Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries with an average battery life of one year.

Choosing the right tap or mixer

Choosing the right taps and mixers for your bathroom can really make a difference but it can get a little confusing as there is such a huge choice of styles, types, finishes, shapes and sizes. Some of the things to consider when looking through our web pages would include the style or finish of other components in your bathroom. Does your bathroom basin have one, two or even three tap holes? For the bath does this require wall mounted taps and if you want a shower a bath mixer could be the answer for you?

The type of heating system that is present in your property can also have an effect on the choices available to you. Many continental bathroom taps are designed to work with high pressure heating systems, but a large proportion of UK heating systems operate using low pressure hot water. By looking through the section on taps and mixers, you will see a complete range all at unbeatable prices. One of our advisors will be happy to discuss your options or answer any questions you may have on our simple to use “chat with us” tag at the pages.

Grohe Aria Bath Shower Mixer Valve

In common with other products in the Grohe range the Aria is a well balanced and an elegant bath shower mixer, neatly wall mounted and finished in high chrome. But, above all the Aria is a technically advanced unit which is designed to give years of trouble free service and uses ceramic discs to eliminate those annoying drips and the need to replace washers.

The Grohe Aria Bath Shower Mixer Valve is designed to give balanced hot and cold water supply and setting the right temperature for your bath or shower is child’s play. Fitted with a mousser aerator with an integrated non return valve, the unit is being offered at £210.99 which includes VAT and is a discounted over the recommended price of £324.70; the recommended working pressure is 1.0 bar.

Aeon Rende Vertical Radiator

When you fit central heating, the radiators are usually chosen for function rather than beauty, but this does not have to be the case. They need no longer be hidden behind furniture or enclosed inside a cabinet. There is now a growing trend towards buying designer radiators either as a standalone feature, or as a theme throughout the house. Today’s modern radiators are highly efficient and look great too. There was a time when a designer radiator would cost the earth; thankfully these are no longer restricted to chic design studios, they are available here at an affordable price many are no more expensive than standard radiators bought elsewhere.

The Aeon Rende designer radiator is available in four sizes and creates an optical intrigue for your walls. These smooth stainless steel panels are ultra slim and stunningly designed, so why just fit an ordinary radiator when you can have a work of art as well? This work of art is offered at a huge saving of £266.70 at UK Bathrooms online site.

Swadling Invincible Concealed Basin Taps

It is possible to upgrade your cloakroom or en-suite area by the simple addition of some up to the minute basin taps. The Swadling Invincible basin taps will not cost you a fortune but you will be surprised how the addition of these modern technology taps will give the room a new look.

Using ceramic disc technology for non-drip water flow, with 95mm spout projection and featuring 1/4 turn tapered ceramic handles for a stylish period look. A brilliant chrome-plated finish and highly polished heavy brass fittings make these stylish taps easy to install and maintain, with traditional Victorian looks giving a contemporary edge. Offered with a comprehensive 2 part guarantee, 2 years parts and labour, and 5 years on parts, the Invincible Concealed range of brassware, mixers and shower heads epitomise stunning quality, total practicality and beautiful design.

Bristan Prism Three Hole Wall Mounted Basin Mixer

Bristan offers the ultimate balance between excellent performance and the latest eye-catching designs to suit every bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. Great emphasis is placed by Bristan on craftsmanship with attention to detail always ensuring that you will get the ultimate in performance.  Using the very latest ceramic technology, therefore putting dripping taps and changing washers into a previous century, Bristan is at the cutting edge of both design and manufacture.

The Bristan Prism Wall Mounted Basin Mixer is an eye catching product that will enhance your wash room, and is a stylish collection of taps and mixers designed to offer the perfect complement to the modern bathroom. Contemporary, chrome plated with the body made from brass suitable for all plumbing systems, with a ¼ turn ceramic disc valves.

Aqualisa Aquamixa Thermo shower mixer

Setting the proper and safe temperature for your bath is without doubt difficult task, particularly where children or the elderly involved. That’s precisely why bath shower mixer taps became popular as it enables you to check the heat in the metal base of the shower edge before you decide to shower. The conventional tap system of manually balancing cold and hot water to bring you a balanced temperature is now pretty much out of fashion, “old hat” in fact! Bath shower mixer taps undoubtedly are a kind of shower taps that function as a controller of the circulation of water through your showerhead. It’s got 2 choices of water either cold or hot.

This tap permits you to manage and blend the amount of hot or cold water so that you receive the ideal temperature you want. There are two sorts of shower mixers: thermostatic and manual shower mixer. Manuals shower mixers speak for themselves of course but today’s trend is for thermostatic bath shower mixers, the perfect choice. The perfect solution for every home, the Aquamixa Thermo combines a high performance shower with a stylish bath fill and eliminates the need to install separate bath taps. The shower head fits directly onto the wall, making the Aquamixa Thermo an inexpensive and easy to install addition to your bathroom.

Choosing the right bathroom tap

Choosing the right taps for your bathroom can really make a difference to the look of your bathroom but it can get a little confusing as there is such a huge choice of styles, types, finishes, shapes and sizes. Your choice of bathroom taps will depend on many factors including the style or finish of other components in your bathroom. The design of the bath or basin, is it one hole or two and some baths require wall or freestanding taps.

Do you require a bath shower mixer or have you a separate shower to take care of your showering?  The type of heating system that is present in your property can also have an effect on the choices available to you. Many continental bathroom taps are designed to work with high pressure heating systems, but a large proportion of UK heating systems operate using low pressure hot water.

The Axor Starck Two Handled Thermostatic Bath Mixer is an example of a wall mounted mixer tap from top manufacturer Hansgrohe. The Axor Starck owes its modernity to an uncompromising minimalism and the design is thought to be reminiscent of the forking of the river, a truly beautiful product that is extremely efficient as well.