Bathroom Storage Archive

Bath screens

Although we often see huge bathrooms in brochures and magazines, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house in most cases. That means that you have to be creative with the way you use your space and the type of bathroom suite you install. Fitting a shower over the bath has always been a popular way to save space, and today’s baths are designed to give you space and comfort whether you’re taking a bath or a shower.

With the smaller bathroom and the shower being over the bath it will require a curtain or screen. Most would now agree that curtains are a bit “old hat” and fitting one of the many shower screens is the way to go. These bath screens not only make showering a safe and easy experience; you add a real touch of class to your bathroom and they are easy to keep clean. The Manhattan M2 Liberty Bathscreen is just one of the many to see at the web pages and this screen is available in White or Polished Chrome and along with others from Manhattan comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Designing your cloakroom

The cloakroom is the place for rebelling against the rest of the house, if this is a home that is dominated by women in the shape of your partner and daughters, it can be a thoroughly masculine chamber of wood and sombre colours, a serious change from in a household dominated by women and pastels.  However, in a male dominated home strewn with footballs, toy guns and dirty socks, you need a thoroughly girlie cloakroom coated in silver leaf with mini-chandelier and how about a Seventies disco ball plus mirrored make-up box and a shelf of perfumes.

You might just have a cloakroom the size of a cupboard under the stairs in a terrace house, but your cloakroom will say a lot about you. So choose the right cloakroom suite, maybe a vanity unit to create an impression of spaciousness and install polished nickel taps, which look very smart.