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Freestanding baths and rainfall showers voted ultimate bathroom features

Through our research over the past few months we have found that men and women have different ideas when it comes to bathroom design, the South East has the most expensive bathrooms and found what people think the bathroom of the future should include. In our latest research we asked 1,718 UK residents who owned their own home for their ultimate wishlist of features for a luxurious bathroom.

The research found that the majority of people thought that rainfall showers and freestanding baths optimised the look and feel of a luxury bathroom, while many also wanted the simplicity and comfort of having underfloor heating installed. We asked our participants, “What features are on your ultimate wishlist to create a luxury bathroom?” and here are the most popular answers:

  1. Rainfall Shower (63%)
  2. Standalone Bath (51%)
  3. Underfloor Heating (37%)
  4. His & Hers Sinks (31%)
  5. Multimedia Systems (29%)

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 150 Stream Shower Head

Participants were then asked if their current bathrooms had any of the features that made the top 5 wishlist. Only 23% of those polled said that their bathroom had one of the features, leaving the remaining 87% to dream about owning them.

All of our respondents were then asked if they would pay more for a property that had a luxurious bathroom, to which over two thirds (68%) said yes they would. Those who said they would pay more said that they would be willing to spend up to an additional £7,500 on a property with a luxurious bathroom.

Clearwater Battello Natural Stone Traditional Bath

Our director Peter Gregg said, “We all dream of luxury, especially when it comes to a bathroom, and our research reveals what the fantasy bathroom consists of for Britons and how much more they would be prepared to pay for a house already featuring one. The little things can really make a difference in your bathroom, whilst making it the ultimate relaxation room.”

He also added, “An outdated bathroom can be extremely off-putting so it is definitely worth investing a bit of money in updating your bathroom – why not throw in some luxury items while you’re there? With clever design, some features can be easier and more cost-effective to include than you might expect.”

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller

Every day we see more products that are entering into the digital age that can be used in our bathrooms and the very latest which we have added to our portfolio is an exciting Crosswater product for use in the shower. We have a number of new Crosswater items at our web pages which are very much 21st century and we have to say that we are all very impressed with this new shower controller.

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller

The Solo pack illustrated is a simple single control which adjusts a single interface and processor unit. The control indicates a different colour for the temperature of the water, cold is blue and as the control is turned it changes through various shades until the maximum is obtained, naturally this is red. The unit has an inbuilt memory and with retain your preferred settings up to a maximum of three.

Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller 2

 We offer three options for the Crosswater Digital Solo Single Shower Controller and these are the single hand operated controller, the same hand operated controller but with a pump and a remote control so that the shower can be operated outside of the shower cabinet. At our web page a video is available to demonstrate the ease by which the Solo is operated and if you combine this with one of the Crosswater shower heads with LED lighting, the result can be pretty spectacular.

Essential ‘P’ Curved Shower Bath Pack

The shower bath is an ideal solution for a bathroom where it would be difficult to have a separate shower cubicle. The “P” shaped bath allows the user plenty of space in which to move around whilst taking a shower without being intrusive in the bathroom.

There is another advantage to having the Essential ‘P’ Curved Shower Bath Pack as it allows more room to stretch out and also give plenty of elbow room to the user. These baths are luxurious and have been designed with comfort in mind for the bather and room for taking a shower. They are moulded in high quality Luctite acrylic and the bath is available in either left or right configuration. The material is warm and very easy to clean and has the benefit of a five year guarantee.

The package also includes an elegant toughened glass curved screen to prevent water splashes and also has a chrome towel rail fitted to it. The bath is available in two sizes 1500(w) x 750/900(d) mm or 1700(w) x 700/850(d) mm in the case of the end of the bath not being fitted close up to a wall a matching end panel is available from the extras list with a fitting kit and water seals included in the package.

The 1700 version complete package is available from us at a discounted price of just £329.95 which is a massive saving of 58% on the recommended price of £780.00 saving you £450.05; we are never beaten on price at UK Bathrooms.

Essential P Curved Shower Bath Pack

Creating a modern en suite

En suites provide a private area to wash and groom away from the main bathroom and are great for busy families and lifestyles. In this article we’ll show you some of our favourite products for creating the perfect modern en suite, that won’t break the bank.

Shower Enclosure

Simpsons Design View Inward Opening Quadrant Shower
The Simpsons Design View Shower Enclosure is sleek and stylish, and built to last. It’s clean lines and durable 8mm toughened glass make it ideal for an en suite, and it also features a reversible door making installation and positioning easy.

Measuring 1400mm x 900mm and 1950mm high, the Simpsons Design View Shower Enclosure makes a perfect focal point for any modern en suite. It also features a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind and is finished with a silver frame.

Simpsons Design View Inward Opening Quadrant Shower


Crosswater Solo Fixed Shower Head 200mm

To finish off your shower design, you can’t go far wrong with the Crosswater Solo Fixed Shower Head.

Elegance by Crosswater: a mix of traditional design and contemporary styling making the most of your new bathroom. Wall or ceiling mounted, this elegant shower head provides the best showering experience thanks to its integrated air-fusion system.

This quality shower head is engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, and comes complete with a 15 year manufacturer guarantee.

Crosswater Solo Fixed Shower Head 200mm


Ideal Standard Concept Cube 40cm Handrinse Basin
The Ideal Standard Concept Cube Basin is perfect for any en suite and can be fitted with an optional full or semi-pedestal and has a choice of 1 or 2 tap holes. Available in gloss white, this basin was designed by award winning designer Robin Levien and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Offering outstanding value for money, the Ideal Standard Concept Cube Basin is perfect for small bathrooms and en suites alike.

Ideal Standard Concept Cube 40cm Handrinse Basin

Basin Tap

Phoenix CA Series Basin Mixer Tap

Another great statement piece, the Phoenix CA Series Basin Mixer Tap is the pinnacle of style and design. Ideal for both high and low pressure systems, this mixer taps unique design and waterfall effect adds to the visual appeal of your en suite.

This tap is also eco-friendly and comes equipped with an Enviro-Click cartridge, which can save you up to 50% of your water. It is also backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

Phoenix CA Series Basin Mixer Tap


Ideal Standard Concept Cube Close Coupled WC Suite

To match in with the basin design, we have chosen the Ideal Standard Concept Cube toilet. Its compact design makes it a great addition to any en suite and comes complete with everything needed to install it straight away.

Designed by the legendary Robin Levien, this stylish toilet has a soft close seat and push button flush to save you water. This toilet features a lifetime guarantee on the pottery so you can be sure of many years of service.

Ideal Standard Concept Cube Close Coupled WC Suite

Bathroom Cabinet

Noble Primo Aluminium Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

The Noble Primo Aluminium Illuminated Mirror Cabinet is lightweight and easy to install. It features a low voltage overhead light for better visibility and an inner shaving socket. It’s compact, yet stylish design is great for small bathrooms and en suites, and is perfectly suited for other Noble Furniture products such as wall units, vanity’s and freestanding units.

Noble Primo Aluminium Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

All year round showering

Using electric showers in thye summer months makes complete sense as often the heating systems are turned off completely and it is possible to have a hot, or warm shower without difficulty. However having an electric shower makes complete sense whenever it is used and the installation of them is simple, a cold water feed and an electric supply.

UK Bathrooms has a full range of electric showers from which you can choose and the Mira range has some excellent choices. A top selling range in Mira is the Vie model and here you have a choice of power outputs to suit your personal requirements. These include including 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW and 10.8 kW. And there is an ECO setting ideal for summer use. In addition the Mira Vie electric shower system comes with a built-in select and forget control panel. This panel allows you to create shower settings, such as temperature settings, that can be reused each time with just a push of a button. The finishes include chrome, white and satin.

Mira Vie Electric Shower

Grohe Euphoria shower system

The manufacturing company Grohe is the undisputed largest European maker of sanitary fittings and this German company is a leader in technology concerning showers and shower fittings. Displayed at UK Bathrooms web pages you will find around 220 products, not all showers of course, but a variety of items to enhance the modern bathroom.

The Grohe Euphoria Shower System Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan is one example and it incorporates a number of features such as a hand held as well as a fixed showers heads, thermostatic shower valve, as well as the unique DreamSpray technology, which distributes the same amount of water to each and every nozzle, this lets you choose a normal spray or a champagne spray, simple spray, rain style spray, exhilarating jet spray or massage spray.

Finished in high chrome the Grohe Euphoria shower system looks great in a modern or contemporary bathroom, it incorporates an anti-limescale system to make it last longer and be easier to clean. This shower system can be installed to an existing bathroom to update it, or it can be fitted to a new bathroom or en-suite.

Stunning bathroom furniture

Transforming your bathroom is relatively easy and can be made to look elegant, serviceable as well as luxurious by adding the right furniture such as illuminated cabinets and freestanding furniture.

Looking through the Roper Rhodes pages on our website you will find a wide range of items including 60 types of toilet seat alone! Adding bathroom cabinets will not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom but add storage, something often overlooked when considering replacing or renovating your bathroom. Cube stainless steel, Folio traditional wood and Images high gloss add elegance to your bathroom, on suite or cloakroom, the range from Roper Rhodes will fit most needs.

If you are looking to add some freestanding units to the bathroom or en-suite then at Roper Rhodes you will find has a selection of items covering mirrors, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders, shelf units and towel rails.

Where to begin at the illuminated and mirrored bathroom cabinets will depend on your personal choice in styling and bathroom size, but amongst the Ascension range you will see 17 elegant illuminated and non illuminated variations.  The Equinox Single Door Cabinet offers a choice in the single door range and is available with or without 28 LED lights and shaver socket electrics, just one of the top rated products from Roper Rhodes.

Hansgrohe – luxury showering in your bathroom

Although Hansgrohe make a superb range of taps, other brassware and bathroom accessories, it is their approach to showering that has changed the way that most of us and their competitors look at today’s shower. They first came up with a hand shower as far back as 1928, but it is the new era of showering that we saw in 2005 when they introduced the air shower, which saw a revolution in the delivery of the water from the spray head. With this air, the jets are completely transformed into soft rain or a powerful water massage and it completely changes the way in which the water falls from this, which can be anything from gentle rain to a vigorous massage.

For example, the Hansgrohe Raindance AIR Shower Head and Arm allows you to stand under this shower head with warm water flowing over you and just feel relaxed as each water droplet is imbued with air to make for a voluminous spray. The shower head is stylish in high polished chrome, and is very easily cleaned by the Hansgrohe QuickClean system the helps remove lime scale deposits quickly and easily. The shower arm extends 389mm making the arm quite long so you can easily stand under the shower head and be completely engulfed.

Number One Bathroom Scene of All Time is – ‘Psycho’

Some movies have memorable bathrooms scenes, I fact there are probably more movies than you realise which have memorable bathroom scenes. For those interested, UK Bathrooms online polled showed that the most memorable bathroom scene in a movie of all time is the shower scene from the Alfred Hitchcock classic ‘Psycho’.

The classic scene in the movie will probably sit strongly in many people’s minds, with the suspense built up perfectly by movie master Alfred Hitchcock ready for the demise of leading lady Janet Leigh in superb gory style. It has been said that this scene is one of the most influential in Hollywood history and is defiantly etched into the minds of those polled.

Online bathroom retailer polled 1,243 UK adults to find out which movies contained their favourite bathroom scene from a list of options. The reached showed that ‘Psycho’ was favourite, then in second place was British classic film ‘Trainspotting’ and in third was hit comedy ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

As voted for is the top ten best bathroom move scenes of all time:

1. Psycho – The shower scene – 72%
2. Trainspotting – Diving in a pub toilet – 64%
3. There’s Something about Mary – Zipper scene – 59%
4. The Shining – Woman in the bath – 53%
5. Pretty woman – Julia Roberts in the bath – 49%
6. Pulp Fiction – The demise of Vincent Vega – 47%
7. Porky’s – Girls in the shower – 39%
8. What Lies Beneath – Michelle Pfeiffer ‘drowning’ – 35%
9. Dumb and Dumber – the broken loo scene – 32%
10. Along Came Polly – the broken loo scene – 28%

As well as being asked what their favourite movie bathroom scene was respondents were also asked what it was that stood out for them relating to their choice of movie scene. For those asked, 61% of those who had picked ‘Psycho’ as their favourite bathroom scene said that it was the sheer terror’ that they remembered from the classic film. Unsurprisingly when it came to Trainspotting’s bathroom scene, many respondents who had chosen this said they felt repulsion when viewing the toilet diving scene. And of course in the comedy There’s Something About Mary, respondents said the bathroom zipper scene was hilarious which is why it was so memorable for them.

When looking for a good scene in a movie those polled stated that they were looking for:

1. Humour – 57%
2. Nudity – 49%
3. Fear – 48%
4. Gore – 39%
5. Embarrassment – 32%

Speaking about the movie choices, Peter Gregg, director of, said:

“It seems that there’s no recognised recipe for the perfect bathroom scene in a movie. According to our poll, viewers like a heady mix of fear, humour and gore. Based on that it seems that opinion is divided! You wouldn’t necessarily associate fear with a trip to the bathroom, but horror writers are masters at converting the mundane into the terrifying. The term ‘toilet humour’ on the other hand has been coined for a reason.”

He also stated:

“Some of the scenes in our poll are truly memorable. I remember laughing out loud at the unfortunate incident in ‘There’s something about Mary’ as well as the sense of disgust at Renton’s dive into the loo in ‘Trainspotting’. But the ‘Psycho’ shower scene really is one that sticks in the mind. Despite the film being around for many years, it still has the power to shock. I’m sure there are some people out there who’ve now opted for sponge baths for life!”

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head

A shower head is a shower head isn’t it, one that delivers a spray of water, well not if you choose the absolutely stunning Phoenix Square LED shower head it’s not! Now this really is the ultimate in shower heads and you have a choice of two square heads in different sizes or a more traditional round style. But that is not the clever feature of these shower heads no; the LED lighting in them changes colour according to the temperature of the water!

You set the water temperature according the colour of the LED, at 26’C and below the light appear blue. Between the temperatures of 26’C to 42’C the colour changes from blue to green. When the water temperature reaches 42’C and above the light is red. This is not just a fancy coloured shower it acts as a safety device in addition to the aesthetic value of the product. Just in case you were thinking that you might have to call in an electrician, you don’t; simply screw the new head in place of the old one and the shower generates electricity by water pressure without any other additional energy sources. The head will work on water pressure from 0.2 bar up to 3.0 bar, is finished in sparkling chrome and is offered with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. This is just one of the exciting Phoenix products that can be found at our web pages.