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Tiles that make a lasting impression

Perhaps nothing makes a bigger impression in a bathroom than tiles and here at UK Bathrooms we offer a range of tiles in ceramics, porcelain, and glass. We also offer water resistant panels that making covering large bathroom areas easy.

Mere Reef Interlock Panelling 3 Tile Wall Panels can be used anywhere in the home to create a water resistant and realistic tiled effect. With the clever interlocking system, the need for grouting is eliminated and with the panels you can cover both walls as well as ceilings. Supplied in four attractive colours, the panels are easy to fit and are resistant to fading and easy to keep pristine by wiping with a damp cloth.

Mere Reef Interlock Panelling 3 Tile Wall Panel

If you have a bathroom that is antique or retro in appearance then the Imperial Antique Crackle Ceramic Capping Tiles will be perfect for your bathroom. Cleverly designed to mirror the turn of the century look and replicating perfectly the handmade appearance with their irregular edging, these capping tiles are available in six beautifully neutral colours including ivory shell, grey ecru, sage thistle, cream haze, white linen, and canvas wheat.

Imperial Antique Crackle Ceramic Capping Tiles

Villeroy & Boch Bianco Nero Decor tiles add a touch of sophistication and flair to any bathroom and they do far more than keeping the bathroom watertight, they add class and style. With a mirror like effect the tiles are offer in a choice of either black or white gloss, you will be amazed at the 3D effect that these beautiful tiles give. The tiles can be used either indoors or out and are 60×60 in dimension.

V & B Bianco Nero Decor Tile

Tiles do give a lasting impression as well as being an important functional addition to the bathroom, kitchen, en-suite or shower.

Luxury baths you’ll want to lay back in and relax!

There are numerous ways in which people relax, but the one that always seems to be the top the list for most is laying back in a warm soapy luxurious bath. With this in mind we have come up with three suggestions for baths which we are confident will relax you.

Vileroy & Boch have over 250 years of inventiveness and foresight as so you would rightly expect them to know a thing or two about producing a bath that will relax. The Villeroy & Boch La Belle Inset Bath fits the bill perfectly featuring a very contemporary look with the geometrical style, this bath is without doubt perfect for a modern and minimalistic bathroom. A comfortable 200 litre capacity the exclusive Villeroy & Boch is manufactured with Quaryl which gives a smooth pleasant feel, but nonetheless a vital non slip surface. We have not included taps or shower head in the price as the options for this bath are wide ranging.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Inset Bath

If you are looking for something that is certain to give a wow factor to any bathroom, why not install the stunning Clearwater Lacrima Natural Stone Freestanding Oval Bath? This company manufacture a wide range of natural stone baths, we can guarantee that any one of them would be a feature in any bathroom, but we particularly like this one. Uniquely these baths are made from a single piece of 18mm thick stone, hand polished until it is silky smooth. Should the bath be scratched at any time the surface can be easily restored by polishing. Users will find that this bath has a larger internal bathing space than a conventional bath and because it does not have feet, the depth is also greater. For peace of mind, Clearwater gives a ten year guarantee on the bath.

Clearwater Lacrima Natural Stone Freestanding Oval Bath

For many the Edwardian and Victorian era was one of elegance and the last bath we feature displays all of that. The Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath is pure and elegant, the Emperor bath can be described as fit for a King; this bath is crafted into an exquisite slipper shape that provides the user with a luxurious soak. The capacity of this slipper bath is generous and the 242 litres will ensure that you enjoy a warm soak within this curvaceous bath, the shape also gives plenty of back support for your added comfort. The bath can be fitted with either deck mounted taps and we supply a template for this, or a tall free standing bath mixer, which will ensure that the sophisticated look of the slipper bath remains.

Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath

Luxury bathroom design by Villeroy & Boch

Without question Villeroy & Boch are at the forefront in design none more so that is shown by the superb La Belle bathroom products, which does not try to hide the clear connection with continental elegance.

The Villeroy & Boch La Belle 1000mm Washbasin display more than a hint of Parisien design, but at the same time stunning white ceramic has to be very Italian marble in its impression. As we illustrate the vanity unit is a great optional extra ideal for storing those essential items that are kept in a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. When the matching set of legs is added it delicately completes the unit.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle 1000mm Washbasin

Free standing baths are very much in fashion today and none more so than the Villeroy & Boch La Belle Freestanding Bath. This very simple but truly stunning bath can be fitted with a free-standing bath tap and/or shower head, keeping the gentle curves of the bathtub visually free of clutter. This bath is manufactured from which is a unique material designed by Villeroy and Boch, users find the soft svelte touch relaxing but it also has reassuring purchase making this bath slip free. The bath is double skinned ensuring that the user enjoys a warming, luxurious soak.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle Freestanding Bath

The La Belle Wall Mounted Toilet & Seat is truly contemporary and as it is wall hung, it is unfussy, and allows the room clear. Geometric and minimalistic the toilet is finished in brilliant white, and to ensure that it remains hygienic it has the V&B CeramicPlus surface treatment as standard. This special formula has been designed by V&B to completely repel stains as well as limescale. Included with the toilet is a soft close and matching seat which provides that touch of luxury as well as comfort.

V & B La Belle Wall Hung Toilet & Seat

Villeroy & Boch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

A great new product has just been added to our website; the Villeroy & Bosch ViClean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat. The toilet seat is only compatible with the V&B Subway 2.0 Wall Hung WC, so we have put together a handy package which incorporates the Subway pan, seat, frame and a choice of flush plate all from Villeroy and Boch, thus ensuring that the installation is easily completed with added savings too!

Villeroy & Bosch have thought of everything with this remarkable new product, the water temperature is fully adjustable with five different settings, the seat incorporates a warm air dryer with five temperature settings, the seat is heated for added comfort and it also has a night time orientation light incorporated. There is a remote control which allows the settings to be determined and this also operates the soft closing of the seat and lid.

Two models of the ViClean are offered at our web pages, the ViCleanU which is the high tech version and the ViClean L, which is slightly more minimalistic, but one which offers a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Both of these options still give the user the ultimate experience of comfort and hygiene in one complete package.

Villeroy & Boch Viclean Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Grand Designs – Japanese Home Shower Room

So this week’s house, in East Devon was not completed by the end of the show. Which means there wasn’t a bathroom to be seen. So instead we are looking again at the Japanese house, a home which was aired two weeks ago. We have featured the bathroom, however the Japanese shower room is also worth looking at. Not often you get two completed bathrooms in one episode. Cleanliness is important in Japanese culture, the showers and baths are designed to not only clean your body but also your mind and spirit. Taking a Japanese “onsen,” or bath is part of many Japanese people’s daily ritual, helping unwind and relax away from everyday life. Before taking a bath however it is important to shower beforehand as per correct etiquette. You wash your body with soap beforehand, traditionally whilst sitting on small stools. You then rinse yourself off with a handheld shower. Temperature of the water is pretty hot, warmer than what is used in the average UK bathroom. The heat is to allow deep penetration and allow for relaxation of your muscles. There is also a small bowl supplied which you can use to pour water over yourself. After cleaning yourself completely, you are then able to sit in the hot and steamy Japanese bathtub. You can see more of the items used in the episode on our Grand Designs page, including the wonderful gold towel rails from Mere Ramillies and Aestus Crosshead Radiator Valves. We also have a selection of showerheads similar to what was used in the episode, so you can find something to suit your needs.

Grand Designs Japanese Shower Room

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Villeroy & Boch Augmented Reality App

To accompany the release of Villeroy & Boch’s brand new bathroom range called Joyce, the premier bathroom manufacturer has created an augmented reality app so that you can experience the products in your own home in full interactive 3D.

Embracing the new technology we decided to give it a try and write an in-depth review of the app. The V&B Joyce Augmented App is available on both the AppStore and Google Play, and for this review we will be trying the app out on the iPad Mini.

Downloading the app is easy, simply search for V&B Augmented App and click install; the app will download and be ready to use. Next you will have to print out the AR marker from here on the Villeroy & Boch website and attach it to any wall with blue tack or tape.

Once the A marker is in place open the app and aim the devices camera at the marker, it takes a couple of seconds to recognise the marker then it displays a 3D bathroom product right on the screen.

You can choose which bathroom product to display from the Joyce range including 6 sinks, 6 vanity units, 4 cabinets, 3 toilets, 2 bidets and a whole range of bathroom accessories. This app is great for those who want to see what a particular product looks like in real life and pushes bathroom design into the future.




Villeroy & Boch Central Line Vanity Unit

Central Line vanity units from Villeroy & Boch are supplied in three sizes all with a choice of door finishes. You can choose from Macassar body Macassar doors, White body White doors, Walnut body Walnut doors, Black body Black doors, or you can mix the body a door colours. The vanity units are available in three sizes, 450mm, 560mm and 650mm with basins suitable can be purchased to match as well along with the single lever mixer tap.

The smaller of these units, 360mm (w) X 400mm (h) X 300mm, is ideally suitable for a smaller bathroom or an ensuite area and offers ample storage space beneath for cosmetics and other items.  The units are wall mounted and the fittings are included in the price. Villeroy & Boch set high standards and the addition of one of these vanity units to your home is sure to bring some admiring glances and we are sure that you will not disappointed.

Villeroy And Boch Central Line Vanity Unit

V & B Omnia Architectura Compact Corner Basin

Cloakrooms in a home can usually be small places and it follows that it is sometimes necessary to use sanitary ware which has been specifically designed to take up as little space as possible. By using items such as this, it is possible to still have a fully functioning wash room in a very small space.

The Villeroy & Boch Omnia Compact corner basin makes full use of a design which not just looks good but is totally functional without taking up too much room. This basin looks very chic and is an ideal choice if you are adding a basin to a new or existing en-suite area, or you are designing or adding a cloakroom for your home. Measuring at a compact 415mm by 415mm, supplied with a single tap hole and waste overflow, the white finish ensures that it will easily blend into any decor or colour scheme. You can if you wish at a small extra cost add the Villeroy & Bosch unique anti-staining CeramicPlus.

V & B Omnia Architectura Compact Corner Basin

Villeroy & Boch Fire & Ice Tile

Porcelain tiles do not need to be confined to the bathroom; although it is true to say that it’s the room that adapts itself the most readily to them. With the stunning range from Villeroy & Bosch more homes are tiling in selected areas and with underfloor heating, fitting them throughout a home is now becoming more common.

The Villeroy & Boch Tiles are one example which lends itself beautifully to the modern home and the glazed porcelain stoneware is one of the toughest tiling finishes available. The metallic effect surfaces with many advantages such as easy-care properties, colour-fastness, R9 slip resistance and rectified, milled edges are available with highly individual colours, copper red, platinum beige and steel grey, give a striking metallic look to any installation. Fire & Ice is a fascinating combination of light and space and the slightly cloudy structure creates a homely effect and gives the surface an added depth.

A bathroom facelift will add value to your home

Bathrooms tend to be a sticking point for buyers, if they do not have to hassle themselves with refitting a bathroom which is clearly in need of a facelift, then it’s another plus for your property. So if you’re thinking of adding some saleable value to your home without undertaking extreme construction projects, then spend on a little time on the ‘smallest room’ in your house. If your bathroom is victim to a dated avocado suite or is looking a little drab, a few improvements could add vital selling potential to your home.

Not forgetting, that the bathroom is subjected daily to a lot of household use, this room should definitely not be put on the decorating backburner. Although updating your bathroom is not going to cost the same as a few tins of paint, a few adjustments could really boost the buying potential of your property. The addition of a bathroom suite and perhaps some modern up to date stylish tiling from Villeroy and Bosch can work wonders.