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Latest Bathroom Technology Innovation – Crosswater Digital Water Control

We live in a digital age and it has not taken Crosswater long to introduce a range of digital controls designed to make your life easier, with a range of shower and bath controls that will set the standard for many years to come.

The water control range offers to you the very latest and most innovative technology and convenience at your fingertips. This is not any simple control that will guarantee a water temperature setting; that technology is in another era compared with the digital controls today from Crosswater.

Crosswater digital shower

Your daily routine is now changed and effortless; yes you can programme the controls to all your families’ preferences, however with the Crosswater digital system can operate your shower or bath to run at the required temperature from the comfort of your bed or living room!

In addition to getting the water just right, it can be configured to accurately fill your bath to your desired depth of water and exact temperature requirements, with an innovative safety feature that limits higher temperature levels, peace of mind too.

Duel Touch Function

elite total water controll

Crosswater invite you into the 21st century using wireless technology and it is really simple to use, this can also operate on your home Wi-Fi network if you wish. So you can activate either your shower or your bath from your bed, the breakfast table or even the garage as you drive in from work, the ultimate in luxury and of course convenience from your iPhone or with other devices which are being included.

Some of the finest showering products and accessories to be found anywhere can be seen within the Crosswater range and we are pleased to be able to offer these to you. For information and quotations about Crosswater digital or other items simply contact us on