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Showering is an easier option for the less abled

As we get older and become less able, getting into and out of the bath can become very difficult and many are turning to the shower as a solution to the problem. Here at ukBathrooms there are many shower options to choose from, but one which we consider to be the best when someone is finding it difficult to get into and out of the bath, is to replace the bath completely with a walk in shower cubicle; this will fit into the same space as the bath, but is easier to use, clean and maintain.

The Kinedo Kinemagic Walk In Shower ticks all the boxes and is supplied as a complete shower kit with overhead rains shower head, is simple to install and has a number of features. The tray is slip proof, leak free and the glass panels fit neatly into the tray, no silicone or grouting is required. The shower valve is thermostatically controlled and a very hand strong and robust fold down seat is included as well as a grab handle. The cabinet has been constructed with anodized metal and sheer glass, the glass is specially treated with Cristal Plus, to ensure that this remains steak free, cleaner for longer and free from limescale.

Available as a corner or recessed unit, this unit provides a quick and efficient installation; with a no door option available on request.

Kinedo Kinemagic Walk In Shower

Triton T150Z pumped electric shower

Electric showers have never been more popular and with very good reason, we display a wide range of electric showers and the reasons for their popularity is easy to see.

With an electric shower a hot water supply is not at all necessary and just as long as you have a cold water feed to the en-suite or other area where you would like a shower installed, an electric shower will be suitable. Many electric showers feature a thermostatic temperature control which means that he temperature can be set and therefore is perfectly safe for young or old to use without the temperature getting too high. Also the shower can be used immediately and it is not necessary to waste water whilst the desired temperature is reached.

One such electric shower is the Triton 150Z pumped electric shower which has the ability to work from a low pressure water supply and employs a unique thermostatic process which is constantly regulating power, flow and temperature offering the ultimate in precise control and safer showering. It also features an adjustable timed shutdown so the shower will automatically turn off at the selected time. The shower head has five spray patterns and has an easy clean rub feature when the shower is turned off, the water continues to run for a few seconds to flush out preheated water before stopping completely. The Triton is offered in either 8.5kw or 9.5kw and is finished in white and chrome.