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Aeon Rende Vertical Radiator

When you fit central heating, the radiators are usually chosen for function rather than beauty, but this does not have to be the case. They need no longer be hidden behind furniture or enclosed inside a cabinet. There is now a growing trend towards buying designer radiators either as a standalone feature, or as a theme throughout the house. Today’s modern radiators are highly efficient and look great too. There was a time when a designer radiator would cost the earth; thankfully these are no longer restricted to chic design studios, they are available here at an affordable price many are no more expensive than standard radiators bought elsewhere.

The Aeon Rende designer radiator is available in four sizes and creates an optical intrigue for your walls. These smooth stainless steel panels are ultra slim and stunningly designed, so why just fit an ordinary radiator when you can have a work of art as well? This work of art is offered at a huge saving of £266.70 at UK Bathrooms online site.

Jika Mio Close Coupled Eco Friendly Toilet Suite

Everyone should try to use water sparingly in their bathroom. Some good tips include things like not running the tap while brushing your teeth. A dripping tap leaking ten drops per minute will leak 170 litres in a month so leaky taps should always be fixed as soon as possible. Taking a shower instead of a bath saves an incredible amount of water a quick shower uses 50 litres of water instead of a bath which uses 150 litres. A water-saving shower head can be fitted to prevent heavy water flow and saves a lot of water per household.

Installing an economy flush on a toilet is a good idea as it allows the toilet user to select a light or heavy flush, instead of always flushing a large amount of water each time it is used. The cistern of the toilet should be checked regularly because leaking seals can also waste massive amounts of water.