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Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2014

Luxury is top of the bill for 2014 bathroom interior design trends. Many people are looking for comfort with a touch of luxury when it comes to remodelling their bathrooms. Many of the big design ideas we are seeing, take a nod towards home-spa styles as people look to recreate relaxing and luxury vibes they experience when at a spa. From soft bathroom designs to convenient walk in showers and wetrooms here at UK Bathrooms we can help you with all your bathroom design needs.

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Curves are big in 2014, soft and sleek designs from wash bowls to tubs through to accessories. The organic flow of the curves make for a soft and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Bathroom designs have in the past felt boxy, square and uniform however Soft Curves and Organic Shapes from 2014 see us moving away from that. Curved designs add a new dimension to a bathroom, and you can move away from sharp corners, great if you want a practical family bathroom.

Bauhaus Bowls

Check out the newest designs on UK Bathrooms, from Bauhaus, Clearwater and Villeroy and Boch if you’re looking for some Soft Curves and Organic Shapes for your bathroom. (Designs from Clear Water Baths, Bauhaus Sinks and Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms)

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Luxury Tiles

Tiles can be a wonderful focal point to a bathroom, whether a patterned tile floor, a feature tiles wall or large tiles to make a statement. For design tips in 2014 there are a couple of design trends to look out for. Large tiles and over-scaled décor are a must, making even the smallest bathrooms seem bigger. Natural looking tiles are also a must, soft natural shades from luxury marble to soft slate. While all white bathrooms are clean and a timeless look, adding some natural colour shades can add a new dimension to your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a statement tile feature to your bathroom or completely covering floor to ceiling, UK Bathrooms have a great selection of tile. Keeping up with the popular trends of 2014, with designs from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel. (Luxury  tiles from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel)

Bathroom tiles

The Wetroom

Perhaps the humble bath has had its day, or people are looking for more simplicity and ease from showering, but one of the most popular trends we will be seeing from 2014 is the wetroom. Whether they are frameless showers which give an illusion of and airy open space or curbless showers which offer a continuous, seamless look, 2014 is the year of the luxury shower. Wetrooms are much easy to fit into homes now, as technology has advanced, plus it’s also a lot more affordable to get that at home luxury spa/hotel feel.

You can find everything you need here at UK Bathrooms to design your perfect wetroom, bathroom. We have Aqua4ma and Impey packs to get you started, as well as some wonderful frameless showers from Kudos and Matki. And we also have a wide range of shower trays to suit any bathroom from leading suppliers such as Simpsons and Kaldewei. (Create your perfect wetroom from Matki, Kudos, Simpsons and Kaldewei )


Seamless Storage

Anti-clutter for 2014 as storage becomes key in bathroom design allowing you to store all your items easily away and out of sight, without causing clutter. Clever storage ideas from under-sink cupboards to floor to ceiling bathroom cabinets and floating shelving. There are a number of wonderful options available. Many of the furniture and vanity designs are made as flexible as possible, allowing you to easily fit these great storage options into your bathroom, no matter what the size.

You can find a range of modern and contemporary vanity units, wall hung and freestanding furniture and fitted bathroom cabinets and countertops on UK Bathrooms. Providing you with your storage needs. (Storage from Roca, Nobel and Roper Rhodes )

Bathroom storage

Stunning bathroom furniture

Transforming your bathroom is relatively easy and can be made to look elegant, serviceable as well as luxurious by adding the right furniture such as illuminated cabinets and freestanding furniture.

Looking through the Roper Rhodes pages on our website you will find a wide range of items including 60 types of toilet seat alone! Adding bathroom cabinets will not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom but add storage, something often overlooked when considering replacing or renovating your bathroom. Cube stainless steel, Folio traditional wood and Images high gloss add elegance to your bathroom, on suite or cloakroom, the range from Roper Rhodes will fit most needs.

If you are looking to add some freestanding units to the bathroom or en-suite then at Roper Rhodes you will find has a selection of items covering mirrors, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders, shelf units and towel rails.

Where to begin at the illuminated and mirrored bathroom cabinets will depend on your personal choice in styling and bathroom size, but amongst the Ascension range you will see 17 elegant illuminated and non illuminated variations.  The Equinox Single Door Cabinet offers a choice in the single door range and is available with or without 28 LED lights and shaver socket electrics, just one of the top rated products from Roper Rhodes.

Modern Bathroom Lighting

If you have a bathroom that is sorely in need of some extra lighting there are lots of options for you to create your perfect bright and breezy bathroom. You must first look carefully at the bathroom and detail what lighting is already in place; you will soon be able to turn those dark corners into a bright and luxurious paradise without too much effort. Importantly, you must remember that if lighting fittings are not intended for use in a bathroom they should not, under any circumstances be used.

One of the best ways to light a bathroom and to add some extra storage space as well is to fit an illuminated mirror. Roper Rhodes make a stunning range of illuminated mirrored cabinets and one example is the Absolute Cabinet with a triple mirror. This has a sleek light fitting incorporating 28 LED lights and a shaver socket. It also has 6 adjustable glass shelves. Lighting is controlled by an infra-red sensor on / off switch and is finished in aluminium colour.