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Saneux I-Line Contemporary Back to Wall Toilet Suite

A delightful addition to the UK Bathrooms range is the space saving back to the wall WC from Saneux which with its small projection this means that valuable space in cloakrooms and en-suite areas will not be compromised and obstruction and inconvenience to the user is avoided. This I-Line range from this European manufactured product carries a full five year guarantee and is sure to grace any room where it is fitted.

Complete with the soft close seat, which closes quietly and the strong square appearance of the toilet suite you would expect to be paying a top price, but the Saneux will certainly not reduce your bank balance by a significant amount; it is priced at our web pages for just £202 which is nearly 20% less than the recommended retail price for this item. The toilet will enhance any wash room with its classy contemporary looks and will ensure an attractive alternative to the more conventional WC we have become used to seeing, perfect for your new home.

Bauhaus 600 Mirrored Aluminium Wall Hung Cabinet

The average family bathroom is the one place where, if we are not careful, it can become full of bits and pieces which, although essential to our normal day to day living can make the room look very untidy, not just lived in. A bathroom cabinet is essential to any modern bathroom and ideally should have a mirrored front and lighting. We all need a mirror to shave adjust makeup and comb hair after a shower, one that has lighting makes this easier and it can add subtle lighting to the bathroom as well.

The UK Bathrooms web pages offer a host of different bathroom cabinets and there will be one that is ideal for your bathroom. The Bauhaus 600 Mirrored Aluminium Wall hung Cabinet is just one of the many. Manufactured in easy clean aluminium which is resistant to high humidity it has adjustable shelving, soft close double doors and features almost natural fluorescent lighting which has a motion sensor lighting switch that detects when you enter the room, ideal for night time visits to the bathroom. All cabinets are IP44, Class I rated and suitable for installation in Zones 2 and 3 of a bath or shower room.

Bath time without the Fuss – Check out This Kids Orientated Bathroom

It doesn’t seem to be a problem in the summer holidays when the kids come in exhausted after playing hard and ready for a bath and bed, but it always seems to be much more difficult when they come home from school, settle down to homework, supper and some computer time. So how do you entice your children into the bathroom to have a bath before going to bed? Some parents have found the answer in the trendy and colourful Roca Khroma range of bathroom products.


A fabulous range of soft close toilet seats offered in either: passion red, oxygen blue, street grey and silver grey, or you can still opt for striking white. The toilet itself is a modern close coupled eco friendly dual flush and will make a perfect partner for the other Roca product such as wall hung basin or the ultra modern Gap basin designed by Carlo Urbinati. Bath time for the kids will be more enticing and you will feel less stressed out too!

Bathroom Renovations – Eco Friendly Toilets

The buzz expression today is for many, about being eco friendly and one certain way to save some of our precious resources is by having eco friendly toilets, in the home or the workplace. It was the Duke of Edinburgh who famously once remarked, “It is nonsense to use a gallon and a half of water to flush away half a pint of pee” and today UK Bathrooms can offer modern up to date eco friendly toilets that save water.

The Roca Senso Compact ECO Close Coupled Suite is just one of many examples and this five star rated WC is a revolutionary water saving design, with a choice of standard or soft close seat. The Roca Senso has those with limited space in mind and is part of the Senso compact collection. This collection will give you a wide choice of space saving items to enhance your bathroom and save water too. The suite includes pan, cistern and standard closing toilet seat with cover; however a soft close version is available for those who would prefer this. Importantly you have the choice of a full flush of 4.5 litres or one which would please the Duke, a miserly 3 litre flush! This stunning Giorgetto Giugiaro designed toilet will give your bathroom a stunning look whilst saving precious water.

HIB Constellation Infinity Mounted Mirror

An absolutely stunning addition to any bathroom is an illuminated mirror and none is more so than the HIB Constellation which really gives the impression of space and the stars. With a striking three dimensional effect you will feel that you could almost walk through it into infinity. The mirror is of generous size with dimensions of 80 x 40 cm and is offered with a wooden frame or if you prefer a frameless version.

You will soon see that this constellation mirror will be the focal point of your bathroom with visitors. Using a series of lights, the lighting is precise and is luxurious and the whole thing is completely durable and the optical effect you will not see it in any other mirror on the market at present. So for your bathroom if you are looking for something different and unique, the HIB Constellation Infinity Mirror is an ideal choice.

Burlington High Level Black Aluminium WC Suite

The ultimate “retro” WC has to be the Burlington High Level Aluminium Suite, which although it may look old and inefficient is in fact right up to date as far as technology is concerned, but authentic in looks. The suite consists of: WC Pan, toilet seat, high level cistern and lid including fittings, cistern kit including flush pipe, pull rod, ornate brackets and reverse screw cistern connector.

The package is available with a choice of standard, soft close, or traditional seats in golden oak, white or mahogany and has an eco feature meaning that the cistern has a rigid chrome rod for flushing-push up for 3 litre flush and pull down for a full 6 litre flush. This unit has genuine period looks, and the bowl features Nanoglaze which is a coating that reduces microscopic pores in the ceramic surface. The result is a smoother ceramic finish and makes the cleaning of the surface easier. The Burlington has comprehensive manufacturers guarantee for10 years against manufacturing defect.

Eco Friendly Toilets

Saving water is becoming increasingly important; in some areas of the country there has been official drought warnings and hosepipe bans are in place in parts of the South East and it si still only April. Anything that can be done to conserve our precious resources has to be welcomed and it is now normal for Eco Friendly Toilets to be fitted to most new buildings.

If you are in the process of installing a new bathroom or cloakroom, consideration could be given to fitting an Eco Friendly Toilet such as the Roca Senso Compact ECO Close Coupled Suite. The Roca is not just miserly on water use, specially designed to fit into almost any bathroom, no matter how small. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, this stunning toilet with its soft square styling is particularly practical for compact bathrooms and is made from pure white high quality ceramic.

HIB Astoria Mounted Mirror

A bathroom without a mirror and some storage shelves can be likened to a horse without a carriage as the song goes! At UK Bathrooms, you can find a variety mirrors both the illuminated and non illuminated variety. The advantage of non illuminated mirrors means that you do not have to employ a qualified electrician to supply and connect the lighting.

The HIB Astoria Mounted Mirror has the advantage of having three glass shelves for essential storage of bathroom essentials, with a clear glass background bevelled edges and chrome finish. This example will enhance any bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom where it is fitted. Not only can you or your guests fix makeup etcetera, but will add a touch of class to the area at a very affordable price.

Roca Khroma Close Coupled Toilet

Roca bathroom products are renowned for their quality and classical curvy structure which will be loved by your family members, and they, like you, will enjoy the quality for many years to come. Roca Bathroom portfolio includes both traditional style and modern style bathroom products that expert artisans and craftsmen have designed for every piece of subtle detailing.

Just one of many examples is the Roca Khroma range, which is a unique collection that incorporates colour, texture and design to create a warm and personal, yet bold and avant-garde space. The Khroma range is inspired by bold aesthetics for a versatile and functional bathroom. Supplied in four striking and distinctive colours: passion red, oxygen blue, street grey and silver grey and of course traditional gleaming white. If you’ve ever felt uninspired by plain white bathroom furniture the new Khroma range from Roca is for you.