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The toilet that does it all

For most people, having a toilet that flushes properly is their major concern, but for those with money to burn ($10,000 to be exact) the Neorest 750H by TOTO is the be all and end all of toilets.

Inspired by modern architecture, this high-tech toilet features a heated seat, massage function and even has two ‘sanitising nozzles’ which TOT claims to eliminate the need for toilet paper. The toilet also features a lid that automatically opens and closes for you.

Ergonomically designed to give the best seating position, the Neorest 750H has a deodoriser to get rid of unwanted smells and also has a built-in dryer for your delicate areas. The stainless-steel sanitising spray nozzles provide ‘the ultimate in personal cleansing’ according to the manufacturer and the nozzles also clean themselves meaning virtually no maintenance needed.

Neorest 750H 2

The included remote control also lets users adjust the water pressure and temperature for the ultimate comfort.

When the user has finished washing, drying and massaging themselves, the Neorest 750H toilet automatically flushes and closes the lid.

If you cannot afford the $10,000 (£6,000) asking price for the Neorest 750H toilet, the company also offer a more affordable Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet, a universal toilet seat that provides the same cleaning, deodorising and heating functions at a more reasonable $400 (£240).

Neorest 750H

Grand Designs – Newbury Farm House

Moving from the city to the countryside to run a farm, start a microbrewery and live in a vast 21st-century farmhouse are Michael and Phil. They are both confirmed city dwellers, living in lofty heights in swanky Soho, however both fell in love with Christmas Farm, near Newbury. They moved there and commuted to their jobs in the city, however they soon realise Christmas farm was a full time job. Thus they left their jobs to focus on the farm.

The farm house currently is a timber chalet style home, which they found claustrophobic and couldn’t enjoy the views of the countryside from the small windows. They are instead looking at building a 21st century farmhouse, different to anything seen in the area and as well as being functional as a working farmhouse it will also be ultra-modern. Cut into the hillside the home features numerous staged floors, flowing from working on the lower ground to living on the upper grounds.

The expansive project sees them overseeing the expensive project as well as running the farm, which they need to make money. However to make their new home work financially they set up a new micro-brewery in the barn. There are delays along the way, especially with their extravagant design which includes the largest sliding trapezoid window in Britain and a flint clad outside walls, however they managed to complete it all on time and within budget.

The house featured a mud room, to be used when coming in from the farm, to clean up in, before entering the rest of the house. Inside was a Crosswater Solo Fixed Shower Head and a Crosswater Shower Handset with hose and round back plate for cleaning up. As well as a Vitra basin and heated towel rail similar to Vola T39W. This room is mainly a functional bathroom, however also in the house was an on-suite with a toilet which had views out into the country side and a bathroom in the guest house. Items used in the show can be found on our Grand Designs Page, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Grand Designs 21st Century Farm house

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Contemporary bathroom lighting in the Shower

You can also look at amazing lighting features, for your shower. Here at UK bathrooms we stock a wide range of illuminated shower heads which are perfect for brightening your day.Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head with Light

Illuminate your shower area with the Crosswater Rio Square Shower Head; pick from a choice or blue, purple or green to set the mood and create a spectacular visual effect. This 600mm ceiling mounted shower head comes complete with a programmable keypad and features low power consumption LED lights that create a column of water and light. There are 3 spray patterns to choose from all at the touch of a button meaning that you can choose the setting that best suit you. Please note that this shower head requires mains power and must be installed by an accredited electrician.

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head with LED Lighting

For those who want a more traditional round shower head the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Round Shower Head is a great choice. With 96 different LED settings all controlled via the touchscreen keypad this shower head has to be seen to be believed. Measuring 400mm in diameter, the Crosswater Rio Spectrum Shower Head is manufactured to the highest standards and comes complete with a 15 year guarantee. This shower head requires mains power to operate.

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Round LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH015

For those on a budget the heat activated Phoenix Round LED Shower Head is a great option. This shower head does not require mains power and generates electricity through water pressure, so all you have to do is attach it and you’re ready to go. This compact shower head changes colour at different temperatures allowing you to tell when the water is just right. A blue light shines at 26°C and below, with a green light taking over between 26°C and 42°C; this shows you the optimum water temperature for a relaxing shower. Anything above 42°C and the shower head will display a red light.

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH016

Another Phoenix product to consider is the Phoenix Square LED Shower Head. Similar to the Phoenix Round LED Shower Head above, this shower head has a modern square design instead of round. This compact shower head measures 200x200mm and is just 10mm thick. This shower head works in the same way as the round version above, changing colours at different temperatures from blue to green to red. This device also requires no mains power and can be fitted to your existing shower connector.

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head - Heat Activated

Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head – Heat Activated SH017

For those who are looking for something a bit bigger the Phoenix 300mm Square LED Shower Head is an affordable option. Working in the same way as the other two Phoenix shower heads, this device features a bigger 300x300mm surface area for a more relaxing shower experience. It comes with a 1 year manufacturers’ guarantee and fits easily to any G ½” connector, making it quick and easy to install even for the DIY virgin.

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset

For those looking for a traditional style of shower head that provides a bit of colour to their bathroom at an affordable price, the Roper Rhodes LED Single Function Shower Handset is the perfect choice. Using the latest heat sensitive LED technology this shower head changes from blue to purple to red indicating when the water has reached the optimum temperature. This fun and inexpensive shower head is great for children that don’t like bath time and makes a great focal point for the bathroom.

Grand Designs Watch – Tiverton House

This week’s build, sees Marine captain Jon looking to build a house which suits his living needs. When serving in Afghanistan Jon lost three limbs, which meant the way he lived his life and went about doing simple everyday tasks changed. Jon is looking to build a house which is cutting edge, can he achieve this without the budget spiraling out of control?

Before Jon stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan and suffered the life changing injuries, he lived in a lovely chocolate box cottage which unfortunately not suitable for his needs and cannot be easily adapted so he can live independently. He will be project manager, something he hasn’t done before however he does put a lot of military precision into the project and calls upon friends and military charities for help.

The couples aim is to build a house, where you are actually unable to see the adaptions which improve Jon’s mobility. Including a fantastic design featuring sleek glass walls and open-plan spaces. The house must also fit into the conservation area, so one the front it fits in characteristically into the local area and the back is much more modern.

Their en-suit bathroom has been designed so both are able to use it together, including a duel shower. The large Crosswater waterfall shower heads, are functional but also stylish, and fits well into the bathroom which Kevin McCloud stated: “it’s nice, it’s ergonomic but it’s also kind of romantic as well”. We have a selection of fixtures and fittings used in this bathroom on our Grand Designs page.

Grand Designs Tiverton episode

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Latest Bathroom Technology Innovation – Crosswater Digital Water Control

We live in a digital age and it has not taken Crosswater long to introduce a range of digital controls designed to make your life easier, with a range of shower and bath controls that will set the standard for many years to come.

The water control range offers to you the very latest and most innovative technology and convenience at your fingertips. This is not any simple control that will guarantee a water temperature setting; that technology is in another era compared with the digital controls today from Crosswater.

Crosswater digital shower

Your daily routine is now changed and effortless; yes you can programme the controls to all your families’ preferences, however with the Crosswater digital system can operate your shower or bath to run at the required temperature from the comfort of your bed or living room!

In addition to getting the water just right, it can be configured to accurately fill your bath to your desired depth of water and exact temperature requirements, with an innovative safety feature that limits higher temperature levels, peace of mind too.

Duel Touch Function

elite total water controll

Crosswater invite you into the 21st century using wireless technology and it is really simple to use, this can also operate on your home Wi-Fi network if you wish. So you can activate either your shower or your bath from your bed, the breakfast table or even the garage as you drive in from work, the ultimate in luxury and of course convenience from your iPhone or with other devices which are being included.

Some of the finest showering products and accessories to be found anywhere can be seen within the Crosswater range and we are pleased to be able to offer these to you. For information and quotations about Crosswater digital or other items simply contact us on