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Brits spend over £1,000 colour co-ordinating their homes every year

Our researchers have been busy finding out how us Brits spend money on our houses and have found that the average Briton spends £1,143 on colour co-ordinating their home each year. The survey also found that the bathroom is the most colour co-ordinated room in the British household.

According to the data, Brits are breaking the bank when it comes to colour co-ordinating their homes, spending over £1,000 per year to make sure that their rooms have a common theme. The survey asked 1,648 UK residents who owned their own homes “Do you feel that it is important to have a colour co-ordinated home?” 68% of those polled said that they thought colour co-ordination was important, while the remaining 32% did not think it was important or were unsure.


Those respondents who said that colour co-ordination was important were asked why they felt this way. 53% said that colour co-ordinated rooms made the décor seem more impressive, while 34% said that it made the rooms look bigger and 13% said that it made the rooms look brighter.

These respondents were then asked to select all of the rooms that they were likely to spend money on colour co-ordinating, below are the top five rooms that Britons invest in the most:

  1. Bathroom (38%)
  2. Lounge (33%)
  3. Bedroom (26%)
  4. Kitchen (21%)
  5. Dining Room (9%)

Participants who chose the bathroom as the room in which they would invest in the most were asked to name the items they would most likely buy to colour co-ordinated the room. Towels were the most common item with 42% of the vote, while 36% said that decorative details were their number one purchase. 14% of participants said that they were most likely to colour co-ordinate their floors and/or rugs.


Finally, the participants were asked, on average, how much they spent on colour co-ordinating their homes each year. Our researchers compiled all of the data to reveal an average annual spend of £1,143 per home.

Our director Peter Gregg had this to say about the research:

“The bathroom is an important room in the house, so it’s no shock that Britons are looking to colour co-ordinate this room. It’s also easy to throw down some new bath mats and hang up some new towels to brighten up a tired environment, so it doesn’t have to take extensive planning or lots of money in the bank. I am shocked that Britons are spending so much each year just to colour co-ordinate their homes! It is, of course, important to make your home nice so that you can enjoy it and relax in it, but this is a lot of money.”

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