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Brand Spotlight – Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard is a huge global business and the range of products that embrace its portfolio matches the size and importance of the business. A vast design team ensures that Ideal Standard is kept at the forefront of the bathroom and washroom. Encompassing names in their design team such as Marc Newton, Sottini, David Chipperfield and Jasper Morrison as well as a team of “in house” designers that work both here in the UK and also in the USA ensures they remain in front both technically and aesthetically.

One huge benefit to users has been the design and introduction by Ideal Standard of ceramic technology which ensure the accurate mixing of hot and cold water for baths and showers as well as making dripping taps and washers a thing of the past. The The increases that followed administration were not accompanied by compensatory increases in protective factors. Trevi range of Showers from Ideal Standard is an example of the use of disc technology and their Trevi Blend manual valve shower kit is one that uses tis technology and is highly competitive in price too.

Armitage Shanks are now part of the Ideal Standard group and contribute to their success through bathroom equipment for both the commercial, industrial as well as the domestic sectors; they importantly produce items for washrooms specifically designed for the disabled.

Ideal Standard manufacture over 400 products which can be accessed online through our web pages, these include: bathtubs, basins, WC’s showers bathroom furniture taps and mixers, you can also see the range of some 100 items from subsidiary Armitage Shanks there as well.

 Contemporary Sink Design

Ideal Standard Basin

Contemporary Bath Design

Ideal Standard Contemporay Bath