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Bonfire night

Another bonfire night has passed and no doubt the Fire Brigades throughout the UK will have had their busiest Monday for many years, but why are we still celebrating an event that took place 407 years ago? Guy Fawkes, although born protestant converted to Catholicism and was part of a plot to blow up Parliament and kill the King James, 1st who was Protestant. At the time Roman Catholics were persecuted and King James passed a law that imposed heavy fines on people who did not attend Protestant church services, which is just one example. The plot to blow up Parliament was discovered and Fawkes along with seven of his co-conspirators was executed for high treason.

So why in this politically correct world that we have today is the discovery of the plot still celebrated? There are the cynics who are convinced that it is the fireworks companies that encourage us to keep the event alive, the amount that is spent on a box of fireworks that only take a few minutes to disappear in smoke would buy many a home a classy shower enclosure. However not everyone celebrates on November the 5th. Guy Fawkes was educated at one of England’s top schools, St Peters in his home town York, the pupils and former pupils of the school, never celebrate the execution of one their old boys, how long will the rest of the UK keep the tradition alive?

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