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Bathrooms through the ages part 9 – The Future

We have come to the end of our look at bathrooms through the ages, and for the last part we look into the future and imagine what bathrooms will be like in generations to come. Technology is constantly evolving, and now we are starting to see technology integrated into everyday bathrooms from water saving toilets to waterproof media systems, but what does the future hold?

We imagine a time where humans don’t just occupy earth, but also other planets too, as space travel becomes a reality. These new planets will mean a whole new way of living, including how we dress, eat and of course bathe ourselves.

Here are some of our thoughts on how we might live in the future. We imagine clothes in the future will be very different to the way that they are now, with compression suits becoming the norm. Not only will these suits protect against the atmosphere, they will also monitor all of the body’s systems including heart rate, digestive requirements and overall health. These suits can diagnose any problems within the body and relay that information to doctors and health professionals, just don’t ask us where the zips are!

Bathing will also be very different in the future. Gone are the days of spending hours cleaning and grooming, as technological advances now mean that machines do all of the hard work for you. The user simply stands in the middle of the bathroom and lets the robots clean, shave and pamper them to their heart’s content.

Applying cosmetics will no doubt evolve in the future too. We imagine a mask type gadget that can be programmed with an array of different looks. The user would then place this mask on their face and the clever gadget will create the look they are after in a fraction of the time (men all over the universe rejoice!).

As for holidays, space travel means that there are an ever growing array of weird and wonderful sights and sounds to experience. How about visiting the Rings of Saturn or watching a meteor shower on Mars? There truly is no limit to what can be achieved in the future.

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