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Bathroom Envy – 65% of Britons are jealous of other people’s bathrooms

Our researchers have been busy compiling more data about the relationships Britons have with their bathrooms and have found that a staggering 65% said that they are jealous of other people’s bathrooms. In our poll the bathroom was narrowly beaten by the kitchen as the most likely room in the house to be jealous of.

The most common bathroom features Britons were most jealous of included Jacuzzis/hot tubs with 26% of the vote and large or feature baths comprising of 24% of the vote. The study also found that the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms were the most converted room in the house.

We asked 1,824 UK residents over the age of 18 and asked, “How often do you get jealous of other people’s homes?” to which 64% said they regularly got jealous, 27% said they rarely got jealous and 9% said that they never got jealous.

hot tub

Participants were then asked which rooms they were most likely to get jealous of, the top five answers are below:

  1. Kitchen (71%)
  2. Bathroom (65%)
  3. Master Bedroom (49%)
  4. Utility Room (34%)
  5. Lounge (27%)

Participants were then asked which household features in particular they were most jealous of. Provided with a list of possible answers the respondents were asked to select all relevant answers; the top five are listed below:

  1. Jacuzzis/hot tubs (26%)
  2. Large or feature baths (24%)
  3. Double fridge/freezers (18%)
  4. Fireplaces (13%)
  5. Waterfall Showers (9%)

In a bid to compile as much data as possible, participants were asked for their reasons why they judge the bathroom over other rooms. The results are below:

  1. You can tell a lot about a person because of their bathroom – 56%
  2. I have to wash in the bathroom – 31%
  3. I don’t want to catch any germs – 27%
  4. I like to relax in the bathroom – 17%
  5. I’m scared of using dirty bathrooms – 11%

In our final question we asked if any of the participants had remodelled a room in their home after being jealous of someone else’s. A staggering 62% said that they had remodelled a room after being jealous of someone else’s, with 51% stating that they remodelled the bathroom.

designer bath

Finally, respondents were asked if they had ever remodelled or refurbished a room after feeling jealous of another person’s house, room or fitting, to which 62% stated they had. When asked which room this applied to, the most popular room to change following a trip to another person’s house was revealed to be the bathroom (51%).

Our very own Peter Gregg has this to say about the study:

“Although the grass isn’t always greener, jealousy is definitely not always a bad thing; particularly if it inspires change in your own home and makes you enjoy your own space more as a result! As bathroom specialists, we see a lot of bathrooms and bathroom features that we are really envious of!”

Adding, “There are numerous sources of affordable bathroom features online, so it’s no wonder bathrooms get the most makeovers as a result. I would urge Britons who are jealous of other people’s houses to get online and get their house up to scratch for their own tastes and styles. You never know, people might end up jealous of your home when they come round; and you don’t need to break the budget, with great deals available all year round.”

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