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Bath Buying Guide

A bathtub is an important investment to consider when planning your new bathroom. As a bath is one of the primary elements of the bathroom, it can also be the centrepiece and focal point when you are entering your bathroom. In this guide, we will provide you with some ideas to help you choose the perfect bath.

Before selecting the bath you like…

Make sure you have already measured the size of your bathroom and work out the shape of you’re the space the bath will be in. This will help you to find the perfect tub that fit well in your bathroom design.

For more information about how to measure your bathroom, read more here.

Types of Baths

A bath is not only simply somewhere to have a wash, it also creates a stylish statement for your bathroom.  You can find a wide range of baths at UK Bathrooms.

Single Ended inset Baths

This style of the bath is usually created for a single person. The taps and shower valve can be fitted to the wall directly. Single-ended baths can also be used as shower baths and often have the taps and waste at one short end.

Double Ended inset Baths

Both ends of the bath have a gentle slope. The largest sizes can accommodate two. The waste and taps are normally in the centre along the long side or fitted to the wall. You can also choose a freestanding bath tap to go with it.

Freestanding Baths

Inspired by traditional style cast iron tubs, a freestanding bath is a good option when you are creating a classic, luxury bathroom. At UK Bathrooms you can find a freestanding bath from a traditional Victorian style through to a minimalist look for a contemporary bathroom design.

Shower Baths

If you don’t have sufficient space in your bathroom, a shower bath is a clever space-saver.

Whirlpool & Spa Baths

Hydrotherapy has been known to deliver substantial health benefits directing to a progressed quality life. After a long hard day, getting home and enjoying a relaxing massage, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Easy Access Bath

Having difficulty raising your legs to get into the bath? This is the best solution for you!
Providing an easy access function to bathe and relax in comfort, the bath is fitted with a low-level door for you to enter the bath. Accessible products can look stylish and beautiful, too.

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