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Aqualisa quartz electric shower

This shower has been designed by quartz to allow for easy fitting as a retro electric shower replacing an older one, or even when fitting an electric shower for the first time. The large “footprint” design cover hides the fixing hole that may have been made in the tiling for the older one and it has more room for easy connection of the power cable and water connections.

The Aqualisa quartz electric shower has simple illuminated one touch controls and is very easy to operate for either the young or elderly. Available in three power outputs, 8.5Kw, 9.5Kw, or the top of the range 10.5Kw having a shower which will deliver a force of water at the right temperature is no problem to the Aqualisa Quartz. With three great finishes to choose from, white and chrome, chrome or graphite and chrome, your showering area will be enhanced with this stunning electric shower.

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