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Aqualisa Aquamixa Thermo shower mixer

Setting the proper and safe temperature for your bath is without doubt difficult task, particularly where children or the elderly involved. That’s precisely why bath shower mixer taps became popular as it enables you to check the heat in the metal base of the shower edge before you decide to shower. The conventional tap system of manually balancing cold and hot water to bring you a balanced temperature is now pretty much out of fashion, “old hat” in fact! Bath shower mixer taps undoubtedly are a kind of shower taps that function as a controller of the circulation of water through your showerhead. It’s got 2 choices of water either cold or hot.

This tap permits you to manage and blend the amount of hot or cold water so that you receive the ideal temperature you want. There are two sorts of shower mixers: thermostatic and manual shower mixer. Manuals shower mixers speak for themselves of course but today’s trend is for thermostatic bath shower mixers, the perfect choice. The perfect solution for every home, the Aquamixa Thermo combines a high performance shower with a stylish bath fill and eliminates the need to install separate bath taps. The shower head fits directly onto the wall, making the Aquamixa Thermo an inexpensive and easy to install addition to your bathroom.