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Apollo Ravenna Traditional Towel Rail

With so many to choose from, where do you look for that all important bathroom radiator and what style from the very many would you prefer? UK Bathrooms has a dedicated section to all styles of bathroom radiator which work from both the central heating system, with or without an element for summer use as well as dedicated electric only bathroom radiators. Bathroom radiators fall into two distinct categories, traditional towel rails and towel drying radiators.

A stunning example of a traditional style of towel rail with an added insert is the Apollo Ravenna which brings both a contemporary and modern look to any bathroom, Ravenna is something that truly looks unique, and will look great as part of any bathroom suite. This is a highly polished chrome tubular rail with the insert finished in white. Highly efficient and built from top quality materials, this towel rail provides timeleass style without compromising in any way.

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