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83% of British parents admit hiding in bolthole rooms to get some peace and quiet

Our researchers have been busy continuing with our look into the habits of the British family, and have found that a staggering 83% of parents admit to escaping to bolthole rooms to get some peace and quiet, with the bathroom being the most popular hiding place. The study also found that the kitchen is the respondent’s favourite place to relax.

family stress

Our researchers asked a total of 2,041 stay-at-home parents in the UK; all of whom rented or owned their own home and had at least one child living in the household. Participants were first asked if they had a ‘bolthole’ room where they could escape to for a few minutes of quiet time during the day. 83% of those polled admitted that they did and when asked which room they escaped to 79% stated that it was the bathroom.

Participants were then asked, “What’s your favourite room to relax in your house?” 34% chose the kitchen as their favourite place to relax in the home, with 27% saying the bedroom was their go to room and 24% stating that the bathroom was their quantum of solitude.

relaxing bath

57% of those who chose the kitchen as their favourite place to relax stated it was because the kitchen was the ideal room for entertaining. Similarly, 45% of those who chose the bedroom said that they did because it signals wind-down time for the day, and 68% of those who chose the bathroom said that it was the only room of the house where they could get total peace and quiet.

Our director, Peter Gregg commented on the study, saying:

“We’re a little shocked that so many parents have admitted to hiding in the bathroom for a moment just to get some peace and quiet, whether it’s from their children, their partners or even their neighbours. It’s hard being a parent and you are never off-duty, so I expect many of us can relate to that feeling when you can need a moment to yourself!”

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