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A Buyers Guide To Toilet Units

Are you buying a new loo? If you’ve revamped your bathroom with a new toilet or even if you’re just fed up with the old one, you might want to consider a toilet unit.

Traditionally, a toilet isn’t really a pretty thing to look at. They are a functional thing needed in every home but they’re not usually known for design and you certainly wouldn’t make a feature of one! A unit surrounding the pipes and cistern of your toilet gives you the chance to hide the unsightly fixtures that come with your toilet.

Toilet units come in wood, acrylic and metal and can give your toilet a sleek look and really make it part of the overall decor of your bathroom, rather than just a practical addition. You can also get designs with shelves behind the toilet or a cupboard to give you extra storage space if needed.

Colours and materials

Wood gives your bathroom a touch of warmth, using materials like oak and walnut, and it will lend a more traditional feel to your room. If you want to make a bold statement, a brightly coloured or dark coloured unit will contrast against the white of your toilet and make it more of a feature in your room.

A glossy finish like acrylic is another option, but these high-shine materials do tend to attract dust and show up marks, so it might not be too practical if you have little ones in your home!

Dark Wood Toilet Unit
Featured in the image above Bauhaus WC Furniture Unit

Benefits of using a toilet unit

One of the main reasons people choose to install a toilet unit is to hide pipes and cisterns. These are a necessary part of your toilet but even though the design has come a long way since the invention of the loo, they are still not the most attractive things to look at.

Another good side is that there’s less hassle involved. Usually, installing pipes and cisterns means drilling frames into the wall or fitting a partition to cover the back of a wall mounted toilet. While the pipework is hidden, it can still be easily accessed if you need to do maintenance or repairs.

Featured in the image above Noble Classic WC Unit

Large or small

There is a wide range of toilets and toilet units available, so you can rest assured there will always be something to fit your bathroom space. Typically, units are between 76cm and 85cm tall and about 50cm to 70cm wide. There isn’t much variation in these standard sizes but it is always worth carefully measuring the space you want to install your toilet unit to make sure your chosen unit will fit.

If you’re thinking about adding a toilet unit to your downstairs cloakroom or en-suite, but don’t think you’ll have enough space, think again. There are a number of space-saving designs which will fit into your cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms to give you a sleek look without using up the floor space. Some designs even come with built-in cupboard space, so you can save space while also clearing away the clutter from your cloakroom.

Featured in the image above Roper Rhodes Hampton WC Unit

Fitted or Modular Bathroom Furniture

Generally toilet units come in two different types – fitted or modular. Fitted furniture is normally units that are connected together. So you might see the toilet unit and the matching basin units and a cupboard all looking as though they are one big unit. These units are ordered separately and can be mixed and matched to make a variety of configurations. Generally, you will have on worktop that covers the all the units giving the impression that the units are all part of the same units. When you are choosing the units you require you will have the option on the page to see the other matching units and find the correct worktop for the units you are adding to your basket. For traditional fitted units, we would recommend looking at the bathroom furniture collections from Burlington and Roper Rhodes. For contemporary take a look at the bathroom furniture from Britton.

Modular toilet Units are standalone units that are not connected to other furniture. They may be used in conjunction with other furniture and placed close by. For contemporary units, we would recommend looking at Geberit and Britton. For traditional we would advise checking out the bathroom furniture from Burlington & Old London.

Featured in the above image Burlington Back To Wall WC Unit

Concealed Cisterns

The majority of the cistern units we sell come with their own concealed cisterns and buttons. Some manufacturers do not specify the cistern with the unit, so we would recommend using a Geberit Furniture Cistern. If you are not sure please refer to the product description as it will confirm what comes with the unit.

With traditional toilet units, you will typically have either a small flush button or a choice of a lever controlled cistern. With contemporary cisterns, there will be an option for either a small flush button or a larger flush plate, similar to the ones you see on wall hung concealed cisterns.

Access & Maintenance

The main draw for most people for a toilet unit over using a concealed cistern in the wall is that the toilet unit gives you a greater degree of freedom to access and maintain the unit. As the cisterns are located in the unit you have the ability to take the top off the unit and conduct any repairs needed.

Wall Hung & Tablet Cisterns

The first of these we saw was introduced by Geberit and it was essentially wall hung frame and cistern packaged in steel and glass that went against the wall as opposed to within the wall. It’s really handy if you do not have space in the wall cavity to use a wall hung frame and cistern, and it really becomes a beautiful focal point of your bathroom. Since the inception of Geberit’s Tablet Cistern, we have seen them introduce a back to wall version.

Featured in the image above Geberit Monolith Cistern 

Eco-friendly designs help you save the planet – and money!

Using less water is important to many homeowners. The majority of toilets sold as part of a toilet unit package come with a dual flush design. This means you can choose either four or six litres of water per flush, which cuts down on waste and keeps water use to a minimum.


3D Design Service Now Available

3D Design Service Now Available at UK Bathrooms

Buying a bathroom is a personal and important purchase, not something you do every day. Imagine if, just like test driving a new car or looking around a new home, your future bathroom renovation can be something you can experience before you buy it. This is now a reality at UK Bathrooms with our 3D Design Service.








We have invested in the latest technology from leading software company Virtual Worlds and we have expert design consultants available to chat through your ideas, offer advice and bespoke product sourcing as well as take you though the process of planning and designing your new bathroom.  They will present you with a 3 D render of your dream space enabling you to purchase the products you need to make your vision a reality.

We’ll make this as easy as possible for you without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to find out more visit our 3D Design Service page and book your consultation today.

A Buyers Guide To Vanity Units

What is a Vanity Unit?

A bathroom vanity unit is a piece of furniture that combines the bathroom basin with a useful storage cabinet. These units are specifically designed for life in the bathroom environment a more humid and challenging environment for furniture to endure.

Most bathroom manufacturers will produce their furniture with a waterproof base if it is floor standing (such as Burlington) or with a water-resistant coating and smart, enduring materials (such as VitrA, Crosswater and Villeroy and Boch).

Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Vanity Unit
The image above features the popular Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 bathroom sink unit

Wall Hung Vanity Units

Wall-mounted sink units have a lovely modern and clean aesthetic, they tend to be more contemporary in style and come in a wide range of styles and finishes. The wall-hung design lifts the unit off the floor, this creates the illusion of space in any bathroom and can be complimented and defined with the addition of LED lighting to illuminate the area adding interest and depth to any bathroom design.

Wall Hung Vanity Unit
The image above illustrates the lovely illumination on the VitrA Frame furniture shown here in stylish black.

An increasing number of wall hung units now have illumination. See models in Villeroy and Boch, Crosswater and VitrA bathroom furniture collections.

Floor Standing Vanity Units

Floor standing sink units tend to be more traditional in style and suitable for Victorian style bathrooms. There are more modern designs available often with a sit on vanity basin. Floor-standing units also tend to have doors rather than drawers with internal shelves to make the most of the unit carcass shape. Look for features such as soft closing hinges and illumination options for a luxe feel.

Burlington Floor Standing Vanity Unit
The image above illustrates the elegant, traditional Burlington floor standing unit in stylish grey.

Built-in Bathroom Furniture

Built in bathroom furniture is floorstanding and is designed to be fitted in a “run” of units, often with a single piece countertop across the top. This is a lovely way to create a well-coordinated bathroom with plenty of storage space, we offer a selection of fitted furniture collections modern and traditional in style from Roper Rhodes, Burlington and many more brands, contact us for details on fitted furniture!

Burlington Built In Vanity Units
Burlington fitted furniture as in the image above is functional and stylish, finished with a Burlington worktop

Traditional Vanity Units

Vanity units in a traditional style tend to be floor mounted but some contemporary units are wall-mounted for a fresh take on the classical look such as those from Imperial Bathrooms.

Traditional Style Vanity Unit
Illustrated above is the charming Burlington wall hung curved wall vanity unit

Shaker style doors and traditional wood grains feature, there are also lovely painted finishes with optional gold handles such as the Valarte models in the VitrA bathroom furniture collection.

The video above illustrates the elegant VitrA Valarte collection which is in a classical, traditional bathroom style.

Vanity Washstands

Washstands are increasingly popular. We offer traditional bathroom washstands from Burlington, Imperial, Victoria + Albert and VitrA. VitrA also produce a modern washstand design as do Britton bathrooms, for that stunning black bathrooms look. You have plenty of size and finish options, from smaller cloakroom washbasin stands to full double sized washstands such as the colossal 1200mm Burlington washstand!

Vanity Washstand
Washstands come in more traditional styles but also beautiful contemporary designs such as the VitrA Plural range illustrated above

Vanity Units for Cloakrooms

Cloakroom vanity units are often cleverly designed with compact basins, smart cloakroom unit shapes often move the tap position to the side so as to not lose any handwashing space, these smarter designs can also be used with a standard basin tap rather than a cloakroom mixer (which has a shorter projection).

Cloakroom Vanity Unit
The image above shows the clever design of the Crosswater Zion cloakroom unit which is compact in-depth but move the tap to the side.

Vanity Units for Small Bathrooms

Small sink units are sometimes a little more compact but not to the extent of cloakroom units. These sink units can be wall hung or floor-standing, they tend to be 500mm or under and have a smaller washbasin that is still suitable for washing rather than handwashing only, but makes good use of space, in smaller widths.

Small Bathroom Vanity Unit
Illustrated here is the Villeroy and Boch Avento unit for small bathrooms, with a soft closing drawer and well-proportioned basin

Vanity Units for Countertop

Countertop vanity units are a real eye-catcher in bathroom design. They allow you to showcase a countertop basin, for example, the Crosswater Infinity range can be built to your requirements from the various component parts and finished with one of their stunning worktops. Worktop finishes such as marble and an assortment of wood grains are popular, installed with a coloured bathroom countertop basin for an up to date, elegant bathroom look.

Countertop Vanity Unit
Crosswater Infinity is a gorgeous bathroom collection with a huge range of options!

Need help choosing your new bathroom vanity unit? Contact us!

VitrA Voyage by leading designer Arik Levy

Bathroom design is evolving, and VitrA’s expansive Voyage collection points us towards the look and feel of tomorrow.

Gone are the days when the bathroom was a practical affair, a room only to dash in and out of. In recent years the space’s functionality has melded with tactile materials, sensuous shapes and considered use of colour as it moves further and further from existing purely for cleanliness, to somewhere to enjoy, retreat to, and luxuriate in.

The design of the bathroom and the objects within it have adapted accordingly, in a trend that first saw freestanding baths take on ever more experimental shapes, and slowly trickled through into furniture, brassware and ceramics. As things get increasingly progressive, leading the way is Voyage by VitrA, a 130-piece range by renown Israeli creative Arik Levy, characterised by flowing, sculptural sanitaryware and adaptable wooden storage. 

‘VitrA’s Voyage collection breaks bathroom boundaries with its unique interpretation of ceramicware, and forward-thinking approach to space saving and flexibility’ says Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at ‘The range is a glimpse into the future, showing us that contemporary spaces will be imaginative, impactful and approached differently to today.’

Serene ceramics

The collection clearly plays into the bathroom’s new role as a room for relaxation. Sanitaryware is modern and elegant, circular or oval basins merged with round-cornered rectangular trays, which invoke a deeply calming feel, thanks to the smoothness of the shapes and the clear craft involved in combining the forms. These pieces speak of poetry, artistry and a soothing softness.

Wet or dry?

In a further challenge to the bathroom norm, Voyage basins blur the boundaries of the wet and the dry, with the tray surrounding the bowl creating a mid-point between the two and initiating a new dialogue between countertop and bowl. Will this extra area be used for product storage, to catch water, or in ways we are yet to discover?

Total flexibility

Voyage is entirely wall hung, an innovation which makes it incredibly versatile and entirely customisable to specific spaces and needs. Storage focuses on simple timber boxes – inspired by the time designer Arik Levy spent living in Japan – units and wall panels that can be placed horizontally or vertically, in five natural tones including light and dark oak as well as white, grey and forest green. 

Signalling a change in bathroom design, Voyage works in rooms big and small, crucially embracing individual needs and preferences, and inviting the user on a journey to build their own personal space to unwind in.

Crosswater’s new Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve Trim Sets

Now available!

Crosswater Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve in Chrome

Crosswater Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve in Brushed Stainless Steel

Crosswater Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve in Matt Black

Crosswater Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve in Brushed Brass

Crosswater Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve in Matt White

Crosswater have released their new Crossbox Push MPRO Shower Valve Trim Sets to ensure a prefect cohesive approach to your bathroom brassware.

Available in five finishes:

Matt Black

Matt White

Brushed Brass

Brushed Stainless Steel


Slim and elegant with a depth of 16.5 mm the trims add to the superb MPRO range from leading brand Crosswater. Push offers the perfect showering combination depending on how many outlets you require, with 2 or 3 easy to operate push buttons. Constructed with industry safe components and technology for your peace of mind and reassurance.  These superb Push Shower Valve Trim Sets will complement your bathroom.

Our tips on how to create a spa at home

Creating a relaxing spa-like feel in your home can seem like a challenge.  But your dream spa-like bathroom can easily be achieved. By taking inspiration from luxury spas you can make a bathroom space that soothes your soul and helps you escape from everyday worries.

When planning you new spa bathroom design consider everything from small details such as including natural elements to create a tranquil feel, to items such as walk in showers and water flow.

Colour Palettes

Colour choice is very important when decorating a bathroom and when trying to create a new serene style, colour has a powerful effect on our emotions.  With a plethora of colours to choose from, we suggest opting for soft earthy tones, as they will convey a sense of comfort and warmth.  Try shades of white and soft brown as these work well with wood tones.  Add Crosswater MPRO brassware and combine with hints of greenery and metallic tones.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Using wood-effect furniture embraces natural materials whilst keeping to an overall soothing look.  Furniture will keep surfaces clear and clutter free.  Crosswaters Arena in Modern Oak is a great choice.  If you need more storage space – be creative, use glass jars for beauty bits and baskets to store hand towels.

A spa-like shower

A walk in shower arrangement is paramount to a spa-like bathroom. Combine with a large shower head for a rainshower experience.

Finishing touches

Most importantly don’t forget those finishing touches. Whilst not key pieces they will make all the difference and bring your new design together. Check out the Crosswater MPRO accessories available on our site from toilet roll holders, towel rings to shelving units.  We suggest combining them with marble surfaces and a beautiful countertop basin – create your beautiful spa bathroom!



Roman Liberty Black Grid Pattern Wetroom Panel

Roman Liberty Black Grid Wetroom Panel with Side Panel & Deflector

I am besotted with this Roman Liberty Black Grid Wetroom Panel.  Not only does it exude style and add a real wow factor to any bathroom, it’s so very versatile!

Roman Liberty Black Grid Wetroom Panel with deflector

Why is it versatile? It is available in so many derivatives to suit most bathroom spaces! The wetroom panel is available in 5 different sizes. There is an additional panel also available in 5 different sizes. Then you get to add in a deflector panel if you wish – great optional extra to help prevent water from escaping onto the bathroom floor. There is also a choice of bracing bars which reach to the wall or ceiling and these can be cut to size if required.

Leading brand Roman Showers have created this bold, industrial styled wetroom panel that, in my opinion, is one of the best options in the marketplace.  Its industrial, strong look also reminds me of a Japanese wall divider – creating an extraordinary light and inviting shower area.

Styling wise, match with black brassware – like these images show the Roman Liberty Black Grid Wetroom Panel looks great against a white marble background. Personally I’d finish this look off with a large plant!

Crosswater Brushed Brass Cloakroom Suite

The smallest space in your home can become the most beautiful! Leading bathroom brand Crosswater are making life that little bit easier for us in their 2020 Bathroom Sale by putting together beautiful bundles for cloakrooms, ensuites and main bathrooms.

Crosswater Brushed Brass Cloakroom Suite

Choosing products for a new bathroom can be time consuming and very often we forget one or two essential items, such as the basin waste!  The Crosswater Sale 2020 bathroom bundles take care of that for us – including everything needed to create the most perfect cloakroom, en-suite or main bathroom.

One of our favourites is this beautiful Crosswater Brushed Brass Cloakroom Suite. Whilst we love the styling with dark blue walls we think it would look just as good with on trend forest green walls.

The bundle includes MPRO Brushed Brass Taps, Waste, Flush Plate, Brushed Brass Accessories, Infinity Vanity Unit in Storm Grey with Pearl Countertop Basin also in Storm Grey, seated on Windsor Oak Worktop. Infinity Mirror. Glide 11 Rimless Wall Hung Toilet, Soft Close Seat, Frame & Cistern.

All with a fantastic 40% saving on RRP!

THE Crosswater Sale now on at ukBathrooms

Why it’s a good time to buy your bathroom products…

We all love a good sale, let’s face it, saving a few £££ whenever we can is great news and that’s why this time of year is a great time to buy that new bath or shower, tap or vanity unit, shower enclosure or shower tray.  It’s THE Crosswater Sale, and, it’s bigger and better than ever.

Infinity Illuminated Round Mirror


With savings of up to 50% off the most stunning bathroom products including some of our favourites. For instance the lovely Crosswater Infinity  Illuminated Round Mirror – now only £143.40 inc VAT


Glide 11 Vanity Unit



We think this looks amazing with the Crosswater Glide 11 Vanity Unit  (shown here with thin basin but also available with tall basin. Now only £366.00 inc VAT.



With over 900 products in the 2020 Bathroom Sale, and with savings of up to 50% on Crosswater’s best-selling lines and new introductions, this year’s sale is better and bigger than ever.

Hurry while stocks last.

VitrA Aquacare – afforable shower toilets

A shower toilet is a vital bathroom innovation for 2021 and beyond – why?

A modern iteration of a bidet, a shower toilet functions as a WC with additional personal cleaning capabilities, offering technology-led comfort and hygiene with in-built water jets. As recent advances have made shower toilets accessible to all, they are moving firmly into the home for 2021, bringing a whole host of benefits to the bathroom.

VitrA Aquacare Sento Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

Typically shower toilets have only been found in the likes of high-end hotels, spas and restaurants since they entered the contemporary bathroom sphere – until now. Key to their progression into the home is the VitrA Aquacare shower toilet range, which is the first technology of its kind in the UK and one of the lowest prices currently available.

VitrA Aquacare M-Line Wall Hung Toilet

‘Until recently, shower toilets have been a luxury item, so we’re thrilled to bring the new VitrA Aquacare range to UK Bathrooms at a brilliantly affordable price.’ says Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at UK Bathrooms. ‘Shower toilets are set to become a fixture in the bathroom, meaning better and more practical personal hygiene all round.’