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How to use the Pantone Color of the Year 2024 – Peach Fuzz – in your bathroom

As we bid farewell to the vibrant Viva Magenta of last year and the dazzling MagentaVerse palette, Pantone takes a gentler approach for 2024. Peach Fuzz steps onto the scene, bringing tranquillity and a timeless touch to your year.

Celebrating 25 years of its Color of the Year tradition, Pantone introduces Peach Fuzz as the star of the show! For a quarter of a century, the Pantone Color Institute has been guiding us through colour trends, and this year is no exception.

Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, shared her thoughts on this year’s choice: “In our quest for a hue that reflects our natural desire for closeness and connection, we’ve picked a color that exudes warmth and modern elegance. It’s a shade that speaks to compassion, offering a comforting embrace and effortlessly blending the youthful with the timeless.”

Pantone Color of the Year PEach Fuzz 13-1023

Using the Pantone Color of the Year in your bathroom:

Image of a bathroom by Villeroy & Boch which incorporates blues into a stylish peach bathroom.

Similar hues to that of Peach Fuzz create a rejuvenating and peaceful atmosphere that you can truly relax in. It is playful enough that you can add your own colourful twist and subtle enough that you can create a soft yet fashionable space.

Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with various design styles, making it an excellent choice for infusing a refreshing and modern look into your bathroom. Pair with neutrals and blues for a balanced bathroom space.

Image of a bathroom lifestyle that has an orangey peach feature wall by VitrA

Create a focal point in your bathroom by painting one wall in Peach Fuzz. Whether it’s behind the vanity, bathtub, or toilet, a statement wall adds depth and character to the space. Even as a feature wall, these peachy hues can create a bright, vibrant bathroom. This tone suits both modern and traditional-styled furniture and fittings.

Complement this vibrant backdrop with neutral or light-coloured accessories to maintain balance. This tone alongside crisp white basins and WCs makes a spectacular scene for an inviting bathroom. 

Image of a bespoke basin in a soft peachy pink colour by Villeroy & Boch

There are other ways to incorporate this colour into your home by opting for coloured ceramics. This basin by Villeroy & Boch is available in a wide variety of colours through their bespoke colour service.

Choosing a basin in this trendy colour not only adds a unique touch but also becomes a focal point in the room. The versatility of Peach Fuzz allows it to complement various materials, creating a harmonious blend with stone, wood, or metallic finishes.

Image of the VitrA Voyage range which brings earthy tones of peach and brown

Enhance the beauty of Peach Fuzz by pairing it with complementary colours. Soft greens, muted blues, and earthy tones work exceptionally well, adding depth and harmony to the overall design. Incorporate these colours through accessories like soap dispensers, candles, and artwork.

Whether you choose to make subtle changes with accessories or go bold with statement walls, tiles, and ceramics, incorporating this elegant hue will undoubtedly transform your bathroom into a chic and inviting space.

Embrace the Spathroom: 2024’s Ultimate Bathroom Trend

As we step into 2024, the ‘Spathroom’ has emerged as the zenith of bathroom design trends, blending the comfort of a spa with the functionality of a traditional bathroom. Today, we’re showcasing some of the finest products that embody this trend, turning your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

1. Villeroy and Boch Arto Basin and Vanity Unit: The Villeroy and Boch Arto 600mm Basin and Vanity Unit in Satin Grey is a perfect start to creating your spathroom. Its sleek design and practicality, with soft-close drawers and a modern aesthetic, set the tone for a sophisticated space.

2. Villeroy and Boch Finion Freestanding Bath: The epitome of luxury, the Villeroy and Boch Finion Illuminated Freestanding Bath, designed by Patrick Frey, features LED lighting for mood setting, offering a spa-like ambiance right in your home.

3. Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Basin Mixer: Complement your basin with the Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Single Lever Wall Mounted Basin Mixer in Matt Black. Its elegant matt black finish adds a contemporary touch to the bathroom.

4. Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Wall Hung Toilet: For a cohesive look, the Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Wall Hung Toilet pairs seamlessly with the basin mixer, maintaining the modern and sleek design language of your spathroom.

5. Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Vanity Unit: The Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Vanity Unit with 4 drawers offers ample storage, keeping your spathroom clutter-free and tranquil.

6. Dornbracht CYO Fixtures: Enhance the luxury with Dornbracht’s CYO range, including the freestanding bath shower mixer, deck-mounted basin spout, and concealed body spray, all in brushed Durabrass.

7. Matki Boutique Shower Panel: The Matki Boutique Panel with Return and Side Panel integrates seamlessly, adding elegance and a sense of openness to your spathroom.

8. Amara Freestanding Baths: Finally, the Amara Rievaulx Freestanding Baths in gloss white, with their exquisite design, are the perfect centrepiece for any spathroom, promising relaxation and style.

As we embrace this new era of bathroom design, these products from UK Bathrooms are not just about functionality; they are about creating an oasis of tranquillity in your home. The spathroom trend invites you to redefine your bathroom experience, blending luxury, comfort, and style.

Explore our range and start designing your dream spathroom today!


Why investing in your bathroom makes sense

Revamping your bathroom isn’t just about sprucing up your living space; it’s a smart decision with lasting advantages that go beyond looks. Let’s explore why a bathroom makeover is a wise investment, benefiting both your home and your lifestyle.

Boosting Home Value

Upgrading your bathroom isn’t just for your comfort; it adds significant value to your property. A modern, well-designed bathroom leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers. Use top-notch materials and the best your budget allows in stylish cabinetry to enhance your home’s perceived value. Staying updated on design trends and new bathroom fixtures adds to your home’s appeal in the competitive housing market.

Environmentally Friendly Choices

A bathroom renovation can be environmentally conscious. Switching to energy-efficient fixtures like low-flow toilets and water-saving taps helps reduce water consumption. Choose eco-friendly materials like recycled glass or bamboo to show your commitment to the environment. Consider renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and energy-efficient LED fixtures, to decrease your home’s carbon footprint and attract eco-conscious buyers.

Optimising Functionality

Beyond aesthetics, focus on making your bathroom functional. Consider the flow of space and invest in smart storage solutions like built-in shelves or recessed cabinets. Incorporate technology, such as sensor-activated taps, in-built speakers or underfloor heating, for a touch of luxury and practicality. A well-designed bathroom becomes a personalised sanctuary catering to both style and functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal

The appeal of your bathroom goes beyond tiles and fixtures. Consider the overall design, including colour palette, lighting, and ambiance. Choose a cohesive colour scheme that complements your home. Experiment with lighting options for a visually pleasing atmosphere. Natural elements like plants or stone finishes add warmth. Personalise the space with carefully selected artwork and accessories.

Prioritising Safety

Safety is crucial in a wet environment like the bathroom. Choose slip-resistant flooring and strategically place grab bars for support without compromising design. Opt for a walk-in shower to enhance accessibility and reduce tripping hazards. Explore smart technologies, like mirrors with built-in safety features, for added protection. Prioritising safety positions your home as family-friendly and thoughtful, appealing to a wider range of buyers.

Your bathroom renovation is a comprehensive investment that goes beyond cosmetic improvements. It adds tangible value, enhances energy efficiency, improves functionality, boosts aesthetics, and prioritises safety. Whether you’re selling or enhancing your living experience, a well-planned bathroom renovation promises long-term dividends for your property’s value and daily quality of life. So, when considering your next home improvement project, think about the bathroom—a space where strategic investments yield remarkable rewards.

5 Trends for 2024 Bathroom Design from UK Bathrooms

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s time to delve into the major trends set to dominate bathroom design in 2024. Let’s explore the five trends that are set to lead the way in shaping the look of bathrooms in the coming year.

Villeroy & Boch Loop & Friends

Warm and Cosy Hues

Warm and cosy hues

In 2024, the focus is on adding sophisticated warmth into your living spaces, including the bathroom. Say goodbye to stark and clean contrasts that have prevailed in interior palettes. Welcome perfectly blended creams, soft browns, and rich rustic woods. Creating an earthy-inspired palette that transforms your bathroom into a peaceful cocoon—a perfect start and end to your day.

Daring Mix of Metals

Mix metals for effect

Get ready to embrace bold combinations of bathroom hardware. 2024 encourages the use of various brassware colours to complement and express individuality. Warmer metals like brushed copper mixed with brushed golds and other metallic tones will take centre stage. While not for the faint-hearted this trend will result in a bathroom full of character.

Built-In Shower Spaces

Built in shower spaces

In the coming year, there will be a shift away from exposed glass cube shower enclosures, ushering in the era of showers seamlessly integrated into the bathroom space.

Nature-Inspired Haven

Nature inspired

Bathroom aesthetics in 2024 will witness a growing love of natural elements. Wood, stone, glass and greenery will mix harmoniously to create bathroom havens. This will enhance the visual appeal of bathrooms, providing a tactile opulence that elevates the design experience.

Hybrid Aesthetic

Mix old and new to create a unique style

2024 will introduce an intriguing shift in bathroom design, with the hybrid aesthetic juxtaposing sleek contemporary features with rustic charm.

Modern vanity units will coexist with reclaimed driftwood, and new mirrors will be paired with vintage lighting. This trend reflects a cost-conscious approach to home updates, embracing upcycling as a popular choice. The result is a blended look that celebrates a mismatch of styles united by quality and purpose.

Explore Premium Toilet Seats at UK Bathrooms

In the realm of bathroom upgrades, one often overlooked yet essential element is the toilet seat. Whether it’s due to wear and tear, breakage, or stubborn stains, replacing your toilet seat can be a simple and effective way to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. At UK Bathrooms, we understand the importance of this small but significant detail.

Let us introduce you to some top-notch replacement toilet seat options from leading brands:

Villeroy & Boch Architectura Replacement Soft Close Slimline Toilet Seat

This slimline option from Villeroy and Boch is designed for those seeking both style and functionality. The soft-close feature adds a touch of luxury, while the slimline design ensures a sleek and modern appearance.

Duravit ME by Starck Replacement Soft Close Toilet Seat

Duravit ME by Starck offers a replacement seat that combines contemporary design with soft-close technology. Durable and easy to install, this seat is an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their bathroom.

Tavistock Prefect Soft Close Toilet Seat

Tavistock Prefect is known for its commitment to quality, and this soft-close toilet seat is no exception. Crafted for durability and comfort, it provides a seamless replacement solution for your worn-out or broken toilet seat.

Geberit Selnova Replacement Soft Close Toilet Seat in White

Geberit Selnova offers a classic yet stylish replacement seat in white. The soft-close mechanism ensures quiet and gentle closing, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize functionality and aesthetics.

Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 Replacement Soft Close Toilet Seat

Villeroy and Boch Subway 3.0 present a replacement seat that perfectly complements modern bathrooms. With soft-close technology and precision engineering, this seat combines comfort with contemporary design.

Duravit Starck 3 Replacement Soft Close Toilet Seat

Duravit Starck 3 offers a replacement seat that exemplifies simplicity and functionality. The soft-close feature adds a touch of luxury, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate minimalist design.

Amara Universal PP Soft Close Toilet Seat in White

Amara Universal presents an affordable yet high-quality option for those on a budget. The universal design and soft-close mechanism make it a versatile choice for various toilet models.

At UK Bathrooms, we believe that upgrading your bathroom should be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

This is just a small selection of the range of replacement toilet seats we have available, shop now to find the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality. Don’t let a worn-out or stained toilet seat diminish the overall appeal of your bathroom—upgrade your toilet seat today and make a small change that makes a big difference.

Villeroy & Boch Top Together – Taps That Coordinate To Ceramics

At UK Bathrooms, we understand that a bathroom is more than just a functional space. It’s a sanctuary for personal moments of hygiene, grooming, beauty, and relaxation. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Villeroy & Boch’s Top Together.

Top Together is a perfect ensemble of taps and ceramics designed to ensure your bathroom experience is the best it can be. It’s about making it easy to create a cohesive style, simply taps that match washbasins!

Harmonious Design, Optimum Functionality

Villeroy & Boch meticulously thinks through every detail of their designs.  With their Top Together collections they ensure a seamless coordination of taps and bathroom ceramics. This unique approach from this bathroom giant guarantees an exceptionally harmonious look with maximum functionality.

Key Features of Villeroy & Boch Brassware Collections

  • Various tap heights to match any kind of basin, catering to diverse preferences and styles.
  • Express your personality with a choice of finishes, allowing you to create a bathroom that reflects your unique taste and style.
  • The tap designs perfectly mirror the key elements of Villeroy & Boch’s ceramic collections, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design.

Explore the Perfect Match for Your Style

Architectura Square

The angular lines of the Architectura Square taps emphasize the modern shape of the Architectura collection.


Liberty taps boast slightly playful geometry, combining round and oval elements with a streamlined look for a harmonious design. These taps coordinate seamlessly with the edges and curves of Collaro ceramics, bringing all shapes together in a stylish and cohesive design.

Loop & Friends

Slim, elegant, and simple, Loop & Friends taps impress with their minimalist design, reflecting the clear curves of Loop & Friends bathroom ceramics.

Subway 3.0

The Subway 3.0 taps are tailored perfectly to the angles, curves, and edges of Subway 3.0 ceramics, reflecting the collection’s timeless style.


Mettlach taps stand out with high-quality details and excellent workmanship, complementing the puristic lightness of the Memento collection.

At UK Bathrooms, we believe that your bathroom should reflect your style and meet your needs.

With Villeroy & Boch’s Top Together collection, you can create a bathroom that not only serves its functional purpose but also becomes a statement of style and flair.

Explore the perfect harmony of taps and ceramics with Top Together – because your bathroom deserves the best.

10 steps to choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom

Are you in the midst of bathroom renovations or simply looking to upgrade your toilet? Choosing the right toilet involves more than just picking a design that matches your aesthetic preferences. At UK Bathrooms we understand that the decision-making process can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a comprehensive 10 step checklist to guide you through the crucial considerations when buying a toilet.

Duravit D-Neo Wall Hung Toilet

1. Installation Style


Wall-Hung or Floor-Mounted: Determine whether a sleek wall-hung toilet or a traditional floor-mounted one suits your bathroom’s aesthetics and structural possibilities.

Amara Helmsley Rimless Open Back Close Coupled Toilet

2. Outlet Configuration

Vertical or Horizontal: Consider the outlet direction that aligns with your plumbing setup for optimal functionality. Almost all toilets have a horizontal drain pipe these days but it is always best to double check to avoid unnecessary plumbing costs.

Amara Skipton Back to Wall Toilet

3. Water Efficiency

The lower the gallons per flush rating the less water will be consumed, and don’t be fooled even the slightest difference can make a huge saving to the amount of water used. Look for a toilet that uses least amount of water but produces a powerful flush.

Villeroy & Boch Architectura Compact Round Wall Hung WC

4. Height Options

Classic, Comfort-Height, or Short: Tailor the height of your toilet to your comfort level and the needs of your household.

Geberit Selnova Square Short Projection Wall Hung Toilet

5. Additional Features

Shower Function (Shower Toilet): Explore the luxury of a toilet with a built-in shower function for added convenience.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic Shower Toilet

6. Rim Options

With or Without Flushing Rim: Decide whether you prefer a toilet with or without a flushing rim for easier cleaning. Rimless toilets host less bacteria and are easier to keep clean.

Duravit ME by Starck Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

7. Shape

D-Shaped, Square, or Round: Choose a toilet shape that complements your bathroom design and personal taste. Many of our customers buy matching sanitaryware so that colour and shape co-ordinate.

Imperial Oxford Low Level WC

8. Colour and Finish

Black, White or Coloured; Matt or Gloss: Personalize your space by selecting the perfect colour and finish that suits your overall bathroom theme.

Villeroy & Boch Antao Wall Hung WC

9. Toilet Seat Features

Soft-Close Lid: Opt for a toilet seat with a soft-close lid for a quieter and safer usage experience.

Tissino Velino Rimless Short Projection Wall Hung WC

10. Accessibility

If you need to make your toilet more accessible for you or a family member with changing needs, consider a taller toiler for ease of use, add grab bars to left or right if toilet if possible and think about the flushing mechanism, a lever mechanism on the front may be better or a push button on the top depending on needs.

Harrogate Collection High Level Toilet

Once you’ve thoughtfully answered these questions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal toilet for your bathroom. At UK Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on offering the best selection of bathroom ceramics and accessories to make your toilet-buying experience seamless.

Explore our range to discover top-quality options that blend style, functionality, and durability. Your dream bathroom is just a toilet away!

Paint Colours and Trends for 2024: A Palette of Serenity, Warmth and Vibrancy

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is buzzing with fresh and exciting paint colour trends. The big names in the paint industry, including Dulux, Little Greene, Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, and Graham & Brown, have made their bold statements about the colours that will define the year ahead.

Among these, Sweet Embrace by Dulux and Masquerade by Little Greene are creating quite a stir. Let’s delve into the captivating world of paint colours and the reasons behind these choices.

Sweet Embrace

Dulux’s Sweet Embrace: A Visual Softness for Serenity

Bathroom in 2024 colour of the year Sweet Embrace


Dulux has crowned Sweet Embrace as its colour of the year for 2024. Sweet Embrace is a subtle plaster pink which offers a visual softness. Thus calming the senses and creating an atmosphere of serenity.

The perfect canvas to create a peaceful ambiance in your home. It serves as an excellent backdrop for other trending colours of 2024, like chocolate brown and damson.

Little Greene’s Masquerade: The Warmth of Powder-Like Pink

Masquerade by Little Greene

Paint company Little Greene has also embraced pink with its Masquerade shade. This hue is a warm powder-like pink that captures the essence of comfort and warmth. So promising to infuse your living spaces with a cosy and inviting feel.

Masquerade blends seamlessly with various decor styles, including the charming ‘cottagecore’ look and more formal urban settings.

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova: A Bold and Inspiring Choice


Blue Nova is the choice of colour for 2024 from Benjamin Moore. Violet and blue come together in this sumptuous hue. This colour is eye-catching with a nod to the night sky and creates a true presence in any home.

Graham & Brown’s Viridis Green: A Connection to Nature

Viridis Green

Graham & Brown introduces Viridis Green, a colour that bridges the gap between nature and interior design. Significantly, green evokes feelings of growth, freshness, and connection to the natural world. So, bring the outdoors in and create a harmonious and rejuvenating space.

Farrow & Ball’s Chinese Blue: Timeless Elegance



Farrow & Ball opts for Chinese Blue as its 2024 colour of the year. Chinese Blue is a rich and elegant hue that offers a timeless appeal to suit a wide range of interior styles. Thus exuding sophistication and pairing beautifully with various complementary hues.

The 2024 Paint Colour Trends to Transform Your Home

The paint colour trends for 2024 offer a diverse palette to cater to every taste and style. From the serenity of Sweet Embrace and the warmth of Masquerade to the boldness of Blue Nova and the connection to nature with Viridis Green. These choices from Dulux, Little Greene, Benjamin Moore, Graham & Brown, and Farrow & Ball cater to a wide array of design preferences.

Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating these trending paint colours into your interior design projects for 2024.

Introducing Dawn Showering For A Premium Showering Experience

At UK Bathrooms, we are constantly on the lookout for premium brands that can enhance your bathroom experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest addition: Dawn Showering. This exclusive brand offers a range of sleek and elegant enclosures, wet rooms, and bath screens designed to infuse your bathroom with chic sophistication.

Minos Framed Brass

Dawn Showering takes pride in crafting products that provide a premium showering experience. Blending high-quality design with the finest craftsmanship. The result is a decadent bathroom range that not only exudes beauty but also serves a functional purpose, transforming your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Athena – Frameless Enclosures

The Athena range of frameless enclosures offers a seamless and contemporary look for your bathroom. With its minimalist design, Athena perfectly complements modern and traditional bathrooms alike. The frameless design creates a sense of openness and space, making your bathroom feel even more inviting.

Athena Black Hinged Door & In-Line Recess

Apollo – Framed Enclosures

Apollo collection boasts framed enclosures in a stunning chrome finish. The chrome accents add a touch of elegance to your bathroom while providing the durability and stability you need. This collection offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a fantastic choice for any bathroom.

Apollo Chrome Single Sliding Quadrant

Asteria – Super Slim Framed Enclosures

If you’re looking for a design that’s both sleek and robust, Asteria is your answer. These super-slim framed enclosures are available in chrome, brass, and black finishes. Whether you prefer a classic or more daring look, Asteria has you covered.

Asteria Slim Sliding Door Recess in Chrome

Minos Wetrooms – Frameless Enclosures

Minos Wetrooms Frameless Enclosures offer a choice of five finishes to cater to your unique style. These frameless enclosures provide a minimalist and contemporary look while ensuring a watertight and functional showering experience. The variety of finishes lets you personalize your wetroom to suit your preferences.

Minos Walk-In Range

Minos Framed Wetrooms

For those who appreciate the combination of style and sturdiness, Minos Framed Wetrooms are available in brass and black finishes. These enclosures offer an attractive framed design while maintaining their functionality and strength.

Thalia Bath Screens

Bath screens are an essential part of any bathroom, and Thalia delivers not only functionality but also a touch of luxury. With options in five different finishes, you can match these screens to your bathroom decor seamlessly.

No matter the shape or style of your bathroom, Dawn Showering has a product that is a perfect fit. With its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design, this brand is sure to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom space.

We’re thrilled to have Dawn Showering as part of our offerings at UK Bathrooms. Explore their exquisite range of products, and discover how you can transform your bathroom into a haven of chic sophistication and premium showering experiences. Your bathroom deserves the best, and Dawn Showering delivers exactly that.

Creating your Contemporary Bathroom Oasis

When it comes to turning your bathroom into a modern masterpiece, Amara Designs from UK Bathrooms is your ultimate companion. With an array of high-quality, design-led products, Amara allows you to craft a bathroom that reflects your unique taste and style. At UK Bathrooms, we are proud to showcase Amara’s exceptional range, designed to elevate your bathroom experience to new heights. From luxurious freestanding baths to sleek matt black fixtures and on-trend accessories, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your dream contemporary bathroom.

Amara Malton Grid Wetroom Screen in Matt Black

Amara Malton Grid Walk In Shower Enclosure in Matt Black

Let’s start with the cornerstone of your modern bathroom – the shower. Amara’s Malton Grid Wetroom Screen is not just a functional necessity; it is a statement piece! Crafted with precision, this 8mm thick wetroom screen is both stylish and efficient. Its black-framed glass design is not only visually stunning but also treated with Aqua Shield, making it easy to clean and resistant to water stains and limescale buildup. With this screen, you’ll create a luxurious and efficient showering space that’s bound to impress.

Amara Coxwold Acrylic Freestanding Bath

Amara Coxwold Acrylic Freestanding Bath

Imagine sinking into a bath that exudes elegance and comfort. Amara’s Coxwold Acrylic Freestanding Bath offers just that. This luxurious centrepiece brings a touch of opulence to your bathroom. Its timeless design and premium craftsmanship make it the perfect addition to your contemporary oasis, inviting you to indulge in relaxation.

Amara Runswick Round Rigid Riser Shower Kit in Matt Black

Amara Round Rigid Riser Shower Kit

Complement your shower space with the Amara Runswick Round Rigid Riser Shower Kit. With its matt black finish, this shower kit not only adds a contemporary touch but also offers practicality. Featuring a round handset, overhead shower, and an exposed valve, it combines modern design with functionality, delivering a spa-like shower experience in the comfort of your home.

Amara Bainbridge 600mm Round LED Mirror with Demister Pad in Matt Black

Amara Bainbridge LED MIrror

Lighting plays a crucial role in bathroom design, and Amara understands this perfectly. The Bainbridge Round LED Mirror not only enhances the contemporary aesthetics of your bathroom but also provides practicality. With a demister pad and matt black metal frame, it adds sophistication and functionality to your space.

Amara Huby Vanity Unit with Black Washstand

Amara Huby Vanity Unit with black washstand

Storage and vanity solutions are essential elements in any bathroom. Amara’s Huby Vanity Unit and Basin offer flexibility and style. With options in 600mm and 800mm widths, you can choose the perfect fit for your space. Customizable with a choice of basin colour and handles, it also comes with a convenient shelf option, adding to its practicality.

Amara Runswick Mono Basin Mixer Tap in Matt Black

Amara Runswick Black Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Small details can make a big difference in your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. The Amara Runswick Mono Basin Mixer Tap in matt black brings a sleek, modern touch to your basin area. Its elegant design elevates the style quotient of your bathroom, ensuring every detail is in harmony.

Amara Bainbridge Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet Pan and Seat

For hygiene-conscious homeowners, Amara offers the Bainbridge Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet Pan and Seat. Its rimless technology makes it more hygienic than traditional toilet pans. The stunning gloss white finish adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom, creating a pristine and welcoming atmosphere.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

To achieve a coordinated look in your contemporary bathroom, consider the Amara Hawes Accessories collection in matt black. From wall-mounted toilet brush sets to towel bars, soap dishes, tumbler holders, and robe hooks, these on-trend accessories add the perfect finishing touches to your space. With options that blend seamlessly with your chosen colour scheme, you can achieve a cohesive and stylish look effortlessly.

Incorporating Wood for Warmth

To soften and add warmth to your modern bathroom, consider incorporating wood elements. Whether it’s wood-effect floor tiles, wooden vanity unit or the addition of a wooden stool and bath tidy, these touches bring a sense of nature and balance to your contemporary oasis.

With Amara Designs available at UK Bathrooms, you have the opportunity to create a contemporary bathroom that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle. Every element is crafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability and style. By choosing Amara, you’re not just selecting products; you’re making a careful choice for a bathroom that stands out in both form and function.

Ready to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary? Explore Amara Designs at UK Bathrooms and bring your dream bathroom to life.

Shop Now.