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UK Bathrooms Christmas Orders and Opening Hours

With Christmas on its way our UK Bathroom elves are busy working away to ensure your orders get to you in time for Christmas.

Delivery info

UK Bathrooms will be closed between on 20th December at 12 o’clock and 9am, January 2nd 2014. However our website will be available for you to check out our fantastic range.

If you have any queries regarding Christmas delivery please don’t hesitate to contact us and have a wonderful Christmas!


UK Bathrooms Movember Update – The Result

So after a month of growth for Movember we can see what the guys have accomplished. There are no bushy beards and no one managed to achieve a Salvador Dali tash however it wasn’t a bad effort from all. The winner with the best tash is David Laugher the general consensus in the office is that he’s got the best ‘tash and looks like a movie villain! Everyone put in a sterling effort and we raised a lot of awareness which is the main aim. And we also want to give a special mention to Declan, who at least tried….. Better luck next year Dec!

Final Movember Image

UK Bathrooms Movember Update – The Final Stretch

Not long until the end of Movember and already we can sort the men from the boys! With the moustache growth for November. For the photo op this week, we included Declan (not that there’s much need, doesn’t look much different) and then David, was a bit shy at showing off his growth preferring to hide it behind his festive reindeer scarf!

photo 2 (2)

However we did get a small shot san’s scarf and well not much growth here, perhaps its better kept behind that nice scarf!

photo 2-002

Hopefully some of the guys get a bit of a growth spurt next week!

UK Bathrooms Movember Update – Sporting some Good facial fuzz

Two weeks down and the guys at UK Bathrooms have got some good growth. Declan wasn’t in for the weekly photo op, so we such in last week’s cutting. To be fair he is the slowest grower of facial hair so he probably would have only had a post it on again!

Movember wk3

UK Bathrooms: Growing a Moustache for Movember

November see’s the start of Movember, the month long campaign which raises money and bring’s awareness to men’s health problems, in particular, prostate cancer. During Movember, men are invited to grow a moustache for charity and for those who already have one, or are bearded, they shave off theirs, and start a fresh.

Many people either on their own, with friends or work colleagues, grow moustaches to raise money for Movember. This year the guys at UK Bathrooms are taking part, hoping to raise money for this worthwhile cause.

It’s all about having fun, for a serious cause, men’s health. Gaining awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. These areas need lots of funding and Movember goes some way to help. The funded programmes that Movember supports include; Awareness & Education, Living with Prostate Cancer and Research. More information and ways to help can be found at:

So we thought we would share their facial hair growing journey with you, asking for your support to help them grow the best moustaches they can!

This year we have (Left to right) Declan Creswell, Josh Gilman, Mark Walters, David Laugher and Ryan McCartney:


The guys are taking inspiration from Salvador Dali:


Check back every Friday for our weekly updates to see how the guys are getting on. For more updates, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

UK Bathrooms Wall Hung Toilet Suites

We aim to provide you with a one stop toilet shop, for wall hung toilets. You are now able to purchase wall hung toilet suites on our website which include; toilet with seat and cover, frame, cistern and flush plate. There are a number of variations available to suit your bathroom needs.

Here at UK Bathrooms we sell a wide range of top quality toilets from leading bathroom manufacturers which are included in this selection. Items sold as part of the toilet suite package not only save you time when ordering and convenient, but will also save you money. With the wall hung toilets including fixtures and fittings being cheaper when bought as part of a package from our site.

Choose from Vitra, Roca or Laufen wall hung toilets and either a high quality Geberit UP200 0.82m frame (low height) coupled with a KAPPA20 dual flush plate in chrome or a Geberit UP320 1.12m frame coupled with a SIGMA01 dual flush plate also in chrome.

Wall hung toilets are a convenient option for any modern bathroom, as well as being stylish, they are also practical, fitted with water saving duel flush systems. Save money with UK Bathrooms.

UKB Toilet suits

Kelly Hoppen Partnership with Crosswater – coming soon to UK Bathrooms

Crosswater, one of UK Bathrooms’ popular ranges, has recently collaborated with world renowned interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, on a collection of stylish yet functional bathroom necessities. KH Zero 1 incorporates elements of Kelly’s signature style with modern functionality aiming ‘to create a sublime bathroom that is enjoyable and workable’.

This collection is the first in a highly anticipated series of partnerships with Crosswater that will be introduced through 2013/14. August 2013 has seen the release of products such as a range of sleek basin taps in three heights including Crosswater’s infamous Mini sizing and an innovative floor standing bath shower mixer. The partnership will continue over the next twelve months with Kelly Hoppen and Crosswater collaborating to design a total of four brand new brassware collections.

In the past, Kelly Hoppen has designed for famous clients such as David and Victoria Beckham, and is recognised for her fusion of ‘East meets West’ characterised with a neutral colour palette and sleek designs. See more of her interior designs, here.

The KH Zero 1 range, including the basin taps, bath shower mixer and thermostatic shower valves will be available for purchase through UK Bathrooms soon. In the meantime, UK Bathrooms can be contacted at for any sales or marketing queries.

Kelly Hopper 1



Grand Designs Watch – The Underground House

Episode 2 of the latest Grand Designs series see London couple building a Hollywood Hills style mansion in the heart of the capital. Not really the place you would expect. However to fit their house of their dreams into the small plot of land they bought one floor is to be underground.

The logistics of the project see them pushing their neighbours to the limit, by excavating into their land, which see knocking down the walls of their 17 neighbours. It’s fraught with delays and lots of negotiations with everyone individually. The project is scheduled to take a year, but as you know with all projects, they rarely finish on time or even before time.

The ambitious project saw the couple adding underground, a swimming pool, gym, nanny flat and a guest bedroom using natural light from above. Their project for a Hollywood Hills style home is set on a budget so that means some things will be sacrifices, the question is what?

The sleek and modern bathroom, is high style and high function. Something that wouldn’t be a miss in a celebrity bathroom in Hollywood. Adding the much needed light is an illuminated mirror from Roper Rhodes, with other accents being supplied from Phoenix, Grohe and Crosswater with the fixtures and fittings. You can find these great pieces on our Grand Designs page if you want to recreate this stylish look for your home.

Grand designs Srs 9 ep 2

For more Grand Designs Inspiration, check out our Pinterest Featured on: Grand Designs board.

Adding a New Bathroom – Helping Tenants Avoid the Bedroom Tax

A housing association in Liverpool is looking at ways to help families avoid the unfair ‘bedroom tax’ imposed by the Conservative Government. This unfair tax has seen households plunged into poverty, causing increasing amounts of stress for families. The shortage of suitable housing means many families are trapped in houses or flats which they are under occupying.

Many councils have implemented different measures to help out families including reclassifying rooms. Magenta Living, formerly known as Wirral Partnership Homes is looking at moving 200 outside bathrooms into properties, using a spare bedroom, and helping dodge the bedroom tax and make life easier for many families.

Brian Simpson, Magenta Living’s chief executive, said: ‘We are developing a scheme to relocate poorly insulated prefabricated bathroom units which were fitted many years ago to the rear of some houses into the inside of these homes. The consequence of this work will be that the number of bedrooms will be reduced in these properties.’

It is actually very easy to add/move a bathroom in your home, without it being too costly and add value to your home. One of the biggest challenges is plumbing and drainage however there are some simple and affordable options. Finding room for pipes can be tricky, whether you converting a bedroom to a bathroom or smaller spaces such as under the stairs or other unique spaces.

UKB Understairs toilet

UK Bathrooms WC fitted under stairs

The simplest option is fitting macerating toilet systems. A macerating toilet system works by breaking up toilet waste in a sealed pump converting the water and waste into a fine slurry. This is then discharged under pressure through piping and expelled into the sewer or septic tank. Thus avoiding fitting large waste pipes. It’s a great space saving option.

As well as being space saving, these types of toilet are also environmentally friendly using 20 percent less water than standard toilets. Saniflo are one of the main manufacturers of macerating toilet systems, as well as providing the toilet systems they also offer shower pump macerators to get rid of shower and sink waste in bathrooms, through small pipes, to the main drain lines.

The main thing to ensure when adding a new bathroom is that your water pipes are adequate enough to cope with an increase in demand. A plumber will be able to advise you of this checking to make sure you can add new pipes to the old ones. Not only do you need to check your pipes, but also your water heating systems.

If you are working with a small space, space saving bathroom suites are a great option. The toilets and sinks tend to be smaller in diameter or width to fit into small spaces and baths/showers again are shaped to give the maximum usable space in the smallest room. Multiuse fixtures and fittings will also help save space or fit better into smaller spaces.

Adding a new or extra bathroom has never been easier or more affordable.