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Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2014

Luxury is top of the bill for 2014 bathroom interior design trends. Many people are looking for comfort with a touch of luxury when it comes to remodelling their bathrooms. Many of the big design ideas we are seeing, take a nod towards home-spa styles as people look to recreate relaxing and luxury vibes they experience when at a spa. From soft bathroom designs to convenient walk in showers and wetrooms here at UK Bathrooms we can help you with all your bathroom design needs.

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Curves are big in 2014, soft and sleek designs from wash bowls to tubs through to accessories. The organic flow of the curves make for a soft and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Bathroom designs have in the past felt boxy, square and uniform however Soft Curves and Organic Shapes from 2014 see us moving away from that. Curved designs add a new dimension to a bathroom, and you can move away from sharp corners, great if you want a practical family bathroom.

Bauhaus Bowls

Check out the newest designs on UK Bathrooms, from Bauhaus, Clearwater and Villeroy and Boch if you’re looking for some Soft Curves and Organic Shapes for your bathroom. (Designs from Clear Water Baths, Bauhaus Sinks and Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms)

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Luxury Tiles

Tiles can be a wonderful focal point to a bathroom, whether a patterned tile floor, a feature tiles wall or large tiles to make a statement. For design tips in 2014 there are a couple of design trends to look out for. Large tiles and over-scaled décor are a must, making even the smallest bathrooms seem bigger. Natural looking tiles are also a must, soft natural shades from luxury marble to soft slate. While all white bathrooms are clean and a timeless look, adding some natural colour shades can add a new dimension to your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a statement tile feature to your bathroom or completely covering floor to ceiling, UK Bathrooms have a great selection of tile. Keeping up with the popular trends of 2014, with designs from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel. (Luxury  tiles from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel)

Bathroom tiles

The Wetroom

Perhaps the humble bath has had its day, or people are looking for more simplicity and ease from showering, but one of the most popular trends we will be seeing from 2014 is the wetroom. Whether they are frameless showers which give an illusion of and airy open space or curbless showers which offer a continuous, seamless look, 2014 is the year of the luxury shower. Wetrooms are much easy to fit into homes now, as technology has advanced, plus it’s also a lot more affordable to get that at home luxury spa/hotel feel.

You can find everything you need here at UK Bathrooms to design your perfect wetroom, bathroom. We have Aqua4ma and Impey packs to get you started, as well as some wonderful frameless showers from Kudos and Matki. And we also have a wide range of shower trays to suit any bathroom from leading suppliers such as Simpsons and Kaldewei. (Create your perfect wetroom from Matki, Kudos, Simpsons and Kaldewei )


Seamless Storage

Anti-clutter for 2014 as storage becomes key in bathroom design allowing you to store all your items easily away and out of sight, without causing clutter. Clever storage ideas from under-sink cupboards to floor to ceiling bathroom cabinets and floating shelving. There are a number of wonderful options available. Many of the furniture and vanity designs are made as flexible as possible, allowing you to easily fit these great storage options into your bathroom, no matter what the size.

You can find a range of modern and contemporary vanity units, wall hung and freestanding furniture and fitted bathroom cabinets and countertops on UK Bathrooms. Providing you with your storage needs. (Storage from Roca, Nobel and Roper Rhodes )

Bathroom storage

Showering the next Level – The Space

As we have mentioned previously, there is a trend of more people opting for showers over a bath, when it comes to bathroom design. The number of baths sold have dropped whilst showers have increased. Manufacturers have also noticed this trend and responded by offering a huge range of showers, shower enclosures and wet room options to help you create your perfect bathroom.

Standalone shower enclosures are a fantastic choice for any bathroom, allowing you space and movement when you shower. They are considered safer than a shower over a bath, and easy to use for people with mobility issues. Plus many shower enclosures come in a range of designs so they can fit any space and work with traditional or contemporary designs.

Matki Curved Corner Sealed enclosure

Shower trays, for standalone shower enclosures can be made from cast stone or heavyweight acrylic in a number of different colours such as the Simpsons Grey Slate Textured Shower Tray. These trays have a lead time of 3-5 days which mean you don’t have to wait to fit your shower enclosure. They have a water tight seal with adequate drainage, so no water escapes from the enclosure. Choose from compact designs with just a small shower tray or a luxurious design which also has more room for one or more people and also a drying tray.

Simpsons Black Shower Tray

To fit your shower enclosure choose from, different sizes and configurations. All enclosures are water tight and come with a choice of openings including; sliding doors, pivot doors and bi-fold doors. Designs can be created to fit the space you have.

Matki Curved Double Shower enclosure

It looks like the UK is heading towards the trend of European style wet rooms. Developments and newer technology have meant that it is now much easier and cheaper to transform your bathroom into a wet room. Kudos Showers described as the “Art of Showering” have a fantastic high quality range which you can use to build a wet room.

Kudos wetroom

The rooms are waterproofed (tanked) and fitted with a walk in shower, they can be fitted with shower screens but it is not necessary. The floor is gently sloped so water can drain away into one spot, away from the toilet or sink, so these areas remain dry. By using non-porous bathroom tiles like ceramic or porcelain, it stops mould and damp being created in the tiles and grout. If you opt for porous tiles you will have to have them treated.

There are a number of benefits to Turing your bathroom into a wet room.

It will open up your bathroom and create a more usable space. This works especially well in smaller bathrooms, as it stops the room feeling claustrophobic. It is also helpful for those with mobility issues.

The luxurious lifestyle of a wet room, works well with contemporary designs and there are a number of touches which add to that; such as underfloor heating and high quality finishes for the tiles.

As well as aesthetics, wet rooms can be beneficial to your home, correctly fitted you will be protected from moisture and damp which can damage walls. Finishes are also long lasting which means you don’t have to worry about replacing your wet room floor.

Manhatten Wetroom


Best of British – Kudos

Best of British

During the Best of British Month, we have championed a few great British brands, today we are looking at kudos. These shower products including enclosures and glass panels are made in the heart of the beautiful Lake District. Kudos have been designing and manufacturing high quality showers for over 10 years and are one of only a few who are committed to manufacturing here in the UK. If you’re looking for a strong and durable British made product which is high quality and affordable, and which also comes with a life time guarantee then for new bathroom shower enclosures Kudos is the ideal choice.

Kudos Logo

You can choose from a range of bath screens which can be fitted to suit your needs, whether single panel, multi-panel, l shaped shower bath screens or over bath shower panel. The glasses is toughened for extra safety, and comes in different thicknesses to allow you the best protection. The Inspire collection mixes style and performance, with engineered panels which are suitable for everyday use with high performance showers. And which are also stylish and chic, with a minimalist design which would work in any bathroom.

Kudos Sail Bath Screen

The Original Collection, doors and enclosures from Kudos, have been designed to a high standard, with great engineering, design and great value for money. The range of designs available means that you can find a shower enclosure to fit your space, whether you’re completely re-modelling your bathroom or creating a small en-suite bathroom. The collection includes:

• Nylok™ frame levelling system

• Concealed wall post fixings

• Adjustment for out-of-true walls

• Highly polished metal finish

• Suitable for use with power showers*

• Toughened safety glass with Lifeshield™ protection

• KUDOS Sliding doors feature stainless steel roller bearings for ultra-smooth action

• KUDOS Pivot Doors feature Nylok™ and stainless steel hinge mechanism with individual adjustment for precise door closure

• Lifetime Guarantee†

The Infinite collection of the doors and enclosures, feature the great designs and minimalist aesthetics which Kudos champion which makes them “one of the most technically advanced showering enclosure systems available today.” The main features of this wonderful collection include:

• Crystal clear, glass to glass seals

• Chrome effect wall sections

• Chrome plated, cast metal corner joints

• Unique three dimensional adjustment system

• Concealed fixings

• Suitable for use with power showers*

• Toughened safety glass with Lifeshield™ protection

• Lifetime Guarantee†

• KUDOS Hinged feature unique self-closing hinge mechanism

Design is key for Kudos, a lot of thought goes into the collections to provide customers with the perfect shower design to fit in around busy lifestyles as well as look good. The ULTIMATE collection allows you to create a spacious luxury showering area with walk in door-less enclosures. One of the highlights is the ULTIMATE2 Shower Panel which are highly versatile to create the shower area for your needs. With a beautiful minimal design which provides you with protection, but also looks no clutter and takes design to another level.

Kudos Ultimate wetroom screen

Kudos ultimate 2

To create your dream bathroom, using high quality products, manufactured in the UK, take a look at the range offered by UK Bathrooms.


Kudos Infinite 1200mm Bow Fronted Slider

This classy bow fronted shower enclosure takes you up to the next level in with its sleek and minimalistic styling which will add that wow factor to you bathroom or en-suite area. In common with all the bow fronted sliders in the range the Kudos infinite 1200 features 6mm toughened safety glass and can be fitted between two walls, or they can be combined with two special 700mm side panels to give a three sided enclosure, which have to be ordered as a separate item.

Some design features include: Chrome effect wall sections, chrome-plated cast metal corner joints, unique three-dimensional adjustment system, and 1900mm height not including the tray. The door runs on roller bearings, fittings are concealed and 6mm glass is used as standard. The tray is 55mm in height, manufactured in durable acrylic in a high gloss finish. Both the enclosure and tray are backed by Kudos lifetime guarantee.

Upgrade to a modern shower enclosure

You will be able to find an enclosure at UK Bathrooms that is suitable for just about any application, ensuring that you maximise the space in your bathroom or en-suite area. The shower enclosures from UK Bathrooms are of the highest possible quality and you can choose from a variety of options including, standard or pivot hinged, allow you endless possibilities as do the sliding shower enclosure units, all shower doors are constructed from safety glass. The Kudos Infinite Straight Hinged Shower Door & Tray is just one example of the many to be seen. All Kudos straight hinged doors are made with 8mm toughened safety glass as standard and is styled to produce a very contemporary look. The doors use Kevlar impregnated hinges too which are ultra strong and durable. Guaranteed to last a lifetime and provide a self closing magnetic closing action that will last a lifetime too, get rid of that wet and slippery bathroom floor and upgrade to a modern shower enclosure.

Kudos Original bowed pivot door

For this weekend only you can take advantage of a massive saving at UK Bathrooms on Kudos shower enclosures. Kudos is a British company providing fine products supported by world class service and the Kudos range of doors and enclosures have set the standard in showering excellence, superb engineering, design and value using up to 6mm toughened safety glass on all products which are, naturally, covered by the Kudos lifetime guarantee.

The Kudos original bow fronted pivot door enclosure features a practical towel rail for comfort and safety http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr&id=16 and is available for both recess and corner situations in a variety of sizes to suit most applications. As with all Kudos products, doors are 6mm safety glass and move on nylon and stainless steel pivot hinges with precise adjustment to ensure perfect door closure. This Kudos enclosure is ideal where space is restricted and it offers a stylish shower enclosure.

Kudos Infinite Curved Peninsular Sliding Enclosure

The Kudos infinite shower enclosure not only looks cool but it offers masses of room for your state of the art shower room or bathroom. At only 910mm projection and measuring just 1185mm on the back wall it measures a lot less than it looks and the door can be mounted to slide from either the left or the right.

With a door design that features chrome effect wall sections, chrome plated cast metal corner joints and a unique three dimensional adjustment system. With a 6mm toughened safety glass as standard this superior shower enclosure is being offered at UK Bathrooms on promotion for orders taken before 30th September 2009, so hurry and you will receive a free Shower Tray & Waste. This fantastic offer is limited so get online and take advantage of the promotional product. Both the enclosure and tray are backed by Kudos lifetime guarantee.

Kudos bath screen with curved edge

For the smaller bathroom with no space to add a separate enclosure fixing an over bath shower with a watertight bath screen provides the family with the option of taking clean quick showers on a daily basis without masses of water over the bathroom floor. One of the best ones has to be the Kudos curved bath screen which incorporates a stylish built in towel rail, convenient when the towel is require

d without reaching or dripping water over the floor. Another feature of this popular bath screen is the shape which is a registered design of Kudos, dramatically reducing the risk of injury which can be caused by sharp corners, essential in the slippery and smaller environment where this may be fitted. Designed for the very latest high performance showers the Kudos bath screen is taller and wider than the average seen elsewhere.

Massive Kudos Showers Sale

Now is the time to consider that all important new shower enclosure when you can take advantage of the massive Kudos Showers sale that is current at the  home of the largest selection of discounted bathroom furniture, bathrooms and fixtures in the UK seen at UK Bathrooms and all easily accessed online.

A typical example would be the Kudos Infinite offset curved sliding enclosure. The Infinite gives you that extra showering space, particularly when room space is small or at a premium, where the side access version of the versatile shower enclosure can be hung to open on the left or the right. Orders placed before the 30th September will receive a free shower tray and waste making this discounted item even better value than before. For help or advice email one of UK Bathroom’s friendly advisors.

Shower enclosures for a more luxurious bathroom

Spring is a traditional time to redecorate and there have been good reasons why this was so in times past. Now with better weather and a time when the heating can be turned off makes it ideal for fitting out your bathroom, perhaps with the addition of a corner enclosure for your shower or by creating an en-suite area. Modern shower doors and enclosures are constructed from safety glass and standard or pivot hinged, this now allows you endless possibilities as do the sliding shower enclosure units, to maximise existing space, or possibly turn the cupboard area into a practical shower. At UK Bathrooms online showroom the range of shower enclosures is amongst the best to be seen anywhere and now is the best time to visit the site if you want to take advantage of the Spring Sale that is on. At £731.00 the Kudos Original Curved Sliding Shower Enclosure is just one example of the many to be seen at UK Bathrooms.