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Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2014

Luxury is top of the bill for 2014 bathroom interior design trends. Many people are looking for comfort with a touch of luxury when it comes to remodelling their bathrooms. Many of the big design ideas we are seeing, take a nod towards home-spa styles as people look to recreate relaxing and luxury vibes they experience when at a spa. From soft bathroom designs to convenient walk in showers and wetrooms here at UK Bathrooms we can help you with all your bathroom design needs.

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Curves are big in 2014, soft and sleek designs from wash bowls to tubs through to accessories. The organic flow of the curves make for a soft and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Bathroom designs have in the past felt boxy, square and uniform however Soft Curves and Organic Shapes from 2014 see us moving away from that. Curved designs add a new dimension to a bathroom, and you can move away from sharp corners, great if you want a practical family bathroom.

Bauhaus Bowls

Check out the newest designs on UK Bathrooms, from Bauhaus, Clearwater and Villeroy and Boch if you’re looking for some Soft Curves and Organic Shapes for your bathroom. (Designs from Clear Water Baths, Bauhaus Sinks and Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms)

Soft Curves and Organic Shapes

Luxury Tiles

Tiles can be a wonderful focal point to a bathroom, whether a patterned tile floor, a feature tiles wall or large tiles to make a statement. For design tips in 2014 there are a couple of design trends to look out for. Large tiles and over-scaled décor are a must, making even the smallest bathrooms seem bigger. Natural looking tiles are also a must, soft natural shades from luxury marble to soft slate. While all white bathrooms are clean and a timeless look, adding some natural colour shades can add a new dimension to your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a statement tile feature to your bathroom or completely covering floor to ceiling, UK Bathrooms have a great selection of tile. Keeping up with the popular trends of 2014, with designs from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel. (Luxury  tiles from Villeroy and Boch and Nobel)

Bathroom tiles

The Wetroom

Perhaps the humble bath has had its day, or people are looking for more simplicity and ease from showering, but one of the most popular trends we will be seeing from 2014 is the wetroom. Whether they are frameless showers which give an illusion of and airy open space or curbless showers which offer a continuous, seamless look, 2014 is the year of the luxury shower. Wetrooms are much easy to fit into homes now, as technology has advanced, plus it’s also a lot more affordable to get that at home luxury spa/hotel feel.

You can find everything you need here at UK Bathrooms to design your perfect wetroom, bathroom. We have Aqua4ma and Impey packs to get you started, as well as some wonderful frameless showers from Kudos and Matki. And we also have a wide range of shower trays to suit any bathroom from leading suppliers such as Simpsons and Kaldewei. (Create your perfect wetroom from Matki, Kudos, Simpsons and Kaldewei )


Seamless Storage

Anti-clutter for 2014 as storage becomes key in bathroom design allowing you to store all your items easily away and out of sight, without causing clutter. Clever storage ideas from under-sink cupboards to floor to ceiling bathroom cabinets and floating shelving. There are a number of wonderful options available. Many of the furniture and vanity designs are made as flexible as possible, allowing you to easily fit these great storage options into your bathroom, no matter what the size.

You can find a range of modern and contemporary vanity units, wall hung and freestanding furniture and fitted bathroom cabinets and countertops on UK Bathrooms. Providing you with your storage needs. (Storage from Roca, Nobel and Roper Rhodes )

Bathroom storage

Vectaire Deluxe Axial Extractor Fan

When homes are being built the contractor will install an extractor fan in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is now considered that fans are essential to keep the problems that could be caused by condensation at bay. There is an extractor fan available to suit every situation, wall, window, or ducted fittings in a range of air changes to suit the situation.

Prior to extractor fans being a normal requirement, areas relied on natural ventilation such as open door or windows. How effective this is will depend on a number of factors, the size and position of the doors and windows, and natural airflow patterns, extractor fans overcome these problems. The Vectaire Deluxe Extractor Fan is a good example of just one of the many seen at the UK Bathrooms website pages. This model is available with or without automatic shutter, humidity control, with a Night Time Set Back & Anti-Hunting Device., with a removable front for easy cleaning.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a Shower enclosure

With the range of shower enclose that is available through the web pages of UK Bathrooms, it is now an easy option to add a modern shower to your en-suite area, bathroom, or provide a second bathroom or showering suite. The size of the existing room will dictate the type of shower enclosure that will be best, or it may be that you could decide to completely renovate that old bathroom with a new bathroom suite and shower. If you have sufficient room, the Kudos Ultimate Walk in Shower Enclosure is an example of showering luxury at a low price that we are sure will surprise many. The Kudos shower enclosure includes a choice of shower tray with the waste and is available with or without Aqualisa Shower Kit System, a shower enclosure that will enhance any bathroom. Whichever option is best for you, there is a shower enclosure at the UK Bathroom website that will fit the bill.

The Kudos Infinite shower enclosure

It is guaranteed that the Kudos Infinite Peninsula enclosure will make a stunning feature in any bathroom. Further, the Kudos Infinite will give you a generous amount of room for you to take your daily shower. With the Kudos shower enclosure it only takes up a small amount of wall space and is certainly deceptive when first viewed.

The shower is manufactured from 6mm toughened glass as standard, all the metal fittings, wall sections and corner joints are finished in high quality chrome. The doors operate on roller bearings ensuring smooth opening action, these can be installed to slide from either left or right and all the fixings are neatly concealed.

The shower enclosure is supplied complete with stable resin bonded stone backing, has a superior high gloss finish, complete with high flow waste and chrome domed top. The shower enclosure and tray is covered by a Kudos lifetime guarantee.

Kudos original fixed Side Panels

Utilising one of the many Kudos products will enable you or your installer to fit a shower that is guaranteed to suit any requirement. Importantly your shower cubicle should be manufactured to a standard that will withstand the rigours of family life and with the products readily available, for instance power shower tested for important safety reasons.

The Kudos original side panels come in a variety of sizes that will ensure that you can construct your cubicle to the size that suit the area of bathroom or en-suite area in you home. Manufactured with 6mm thick toughened safety glass and a polished silver or white frame with a “Nylock” frame levelling system, the Kudos is designed to suit all Kudos doors, with a pivot hinge adjustment ensuring that the door closes precisely. Many Kudos shower trays can be added to this quality product, with other Kudos shower packages.

Stop that condensation

The presence of condensation in either a kitchen or bathroom area is a sure sign that, unless steps are taken to prevent it forming, significant damage could be caused to your home. Condensation forms when the temperature of the air in a room is raised to a point where a “Dew Point” is reached. Hot air is able to carry much more moisture than cold air, this water comes from our breathing, bathing, showering and cooking amongst other domestic activities.

How then can we prevent condensation forming on cold surfaces such as windows and walls etc? Our homes have to be warm and comfortable particularly bathrooms, showering areas, and due to cooking, kitchens are naturally warmer than some other rooms. The most efficient and simplest way is to ensure that adequate ventilation is achieved in those areas that are most affected is by use of an extractor fan. Vectaire produce a wide range of extractor fans which can be fitted easily and cheaply from a simple window or wall model, to a more sophisticated ducted system. Don’t let condensation spoil your home.

Kudos Bath Screen with curved edge

Forget those shower curtains for the over bath shower, which always seem to cling to your legs when in use, collect mould growth around their bottom edges, more importantly never seem to stop the water from spilling over the bath side, disaster if you forget to put them inside the bath.

Fitting a state of the art Kudos Bath Screen, with its design registered curved bottom edge, so there are no sharp corners which could cause injury in a bathroom environment, which by its very nature can be slippery. The Kudos Bath Screen is taller than most standing 1500 mm high and wider at 850mm, the bath screen has an advanced design of frame and we are confident that this will meet all the demands put upon it by today’s modern shower. This bath screen comes to you complete with a built in towel rail for added safety and comfort.

Kudos Bath Screen

Kudos Quadrant shower tray

When you are considering a new shower, with the modern fitments now, it is possible to buy your main components separately, shower unit, cubicle, shower tray and a range of accessories for example.

You will find a wide range of shower trays on our online site ranging through sizes which will suit every need. Low or high profile shower trays, and shower trays that are designed to fit into a complete range of bathroom or shower areas. One of our best selling shower trays has to be from the Kudos range which we consider to be amongst the most comprehensive on offer anywhere. The Kudos Quadrant Shower Tray with generous dimensions of 900 x 900 featured under model number KUDO286 (CQ90), can be said to be amongst the most superior of products, and like all Kudos products, this is built for life and carries a lifetime guarantee. The Kudos Quadrant will fit most shower cubicles and will enhance any shower area.