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Bathroom Customs Around the World

No matter where we are in the world, one thing unites us; our mutual need to visit the bathroom. From Japan to Timbuktu, each culture the World over has its own specific bathroom customs and rituals, and getting them wrong can land you in the merde (as the French would say).

We’ve picked out some of the most unusual bathroom customs around the world to help avoid just this, so check out what to do when you visit the loo when you’re next on your travels..


We start our bathroom tour of the World in France, which cannot be ignored for its dedication to everyone’s favourite hotel room addition- the bidet. Although known for their popularity in France, bidets appear in bathrooms all over Southern Europe, and essentially allow the user to wash their bits. Users are required to sit on the bidet facing the taps and splash their desired wash areas with water, leaving themselves squeaky clean ‘down there’ to go about their business.

Those unfamiliar with bidets need to be careful not to confuse them with a toilet- they may look the same, but if you use them for the same things you may have a bit of a mess on your hands.


Toilets in Japan can leave a Westerner baffled; some looking like they’re straight out of the future, and others essentially a fancy hole in the floor (complete with foot placements). There are two types of toilets in Japan, each with their very own tricks to master:

Squat Toilet
The squat toilet is the traditional toilet of Japan, and is described as a ‘sort of urinal on the floor.’ Although most modern squat toilets look rather swish (porcelain and all), do not be fooled: they are, at the most basic level, a hole in the floor in which to do your business. Strong thighs are a must to be able to hold your own in one of these loos, requiring you to squat artfully above the loo whilst you do your business. To avoid embarrassing aim errors, stripping from the waist down is recommended- as is holding on to the ‘grunt pipe’ attached to the loo for balance.

Japanese Squat Toilet

Image courtesy of

Bidet Toilet
Taking things to the other extreme is the bidet toilet, now extremely popular all over Japan. The Japanese have taken the French’s love for a squeaky clean derrière here to the next level, creating a loo with more knobs and whistles than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Many a tale can be heard from perplexed Westerners faced with one of these contraptions, but the most important function to get to grips with is the in-built bidet function. That’s right- these loos squirt your bottom with a fierce jet of water once you’ve done your business; many with adjustable settings according to sex and, erm, desired wash area.

Other features of the most modern bidet toilets include heated seats, blow dryer and massage functions. This isn’t just any loo- it’s your personal masseuse (and soon to be best friend). The future has arrived friends- and it’s in a toilet in Japan!

Geberit AquaClean 8000 Bidet Toilet


The important thing to know when visiting Greece is that paper down the loo is a big no-no, so think before you flush! Due to old sewage systems, many areas of Greece and the Greek islands can’t cope with toilet paper being flushed down the loo; so toilet-users are required to wipe it, and bin it. Nothing too horrendous or out of the ordinary, but be sure to empty the bin in your bathroom regularly to avoid a build up of unpleasant pongs.

Image courtesy of Lemon Tree.


The Indians like to take a ‘hands on’ approach to bathroom duties, quite literally. Most commonly using traditional ‘squat’ toilets, as in Japan, the customary way to do your business in India (and around many places in Asia) is to get stuck in and wipe yourself. Usually, a tap is available to your left with which you can fill a bucket with water. You then use this water to wet your hand and wipe yourself clean- then washing said hand afterwards. Whilst this may seem unhygienic, many around Asia see the use of loo roll as unclean, so is a perfect example of different cultures’ approaches to loo-time customs. Just be sure not to offer up your ‘wiping hand’ for a handshake!


Image courtesy of UCL.


Borneo is home to a group of people called the Tidong, who take the phrase ‘holding it in’ to a whole new level. The Tidong traditionally require a newly wed bride and groom to refrain from going to the loo for a whole 3 days and nights following the wedding- and are closely monitored by their families to ensure that they don’t cave. The tradition is said to encourage a long and healthy married life together- and you know what they say, a couple that doesn’t wee together, stays together…

Caught Short

Image courtesy of Tardis Hire

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The Best of the Worst Bathroom Suites

Here at, we believe that your bathroom suite says a lot about you. The style and colour of the suite you choose can say a lot about your personality; whether you be chic minimalist, or more of a romantic, with floral motifs plastered around the room.

And then there are the types of bathrooms that make neat, modern suites cower in fear.

We thought we’d take a look at the latter, to show you guys just how bad a bathroom can be. We’re not interested in clean, modern suites here; but their grotty, dated and down-right filthy other halves, that would laugh at any bleach that dared come their way. So sit back and enjoy our 30 best of the worst bathroom suites (viewer discretion advised).

Click to enlarge (if you dare)

Not even that much pink could hide the level of grime that’s set up camp here

Say what you want about this suite, at least it has clean toilet paper.

Interesting choice of decor in here

Who needs an in-tact toilet anyway?

It’s advised to tread carefully when entering this suite

Who needs a clean shower when your bathroom floor is sparkling?

This one looks like they’ve attempted to upgrade their suite. And failed. Rather badly.

The perfect addition to any suite: a fly infestation!

A quick sweep wouldn’t go amiss.

Only Stretch Armstrong himself could use this loo.

Everyone’s favourite bathroom colour- avocado!

We’re pretty sure this one could do with a clean. Not that we’re judging.

MISSING- TAPS. Please return to bathroom suite if found.

Perhaps that loose change should be put towards a new bathroom suite.

Who needs a loo seat? Or floorboards, for that matter?

Brown is both modern AND practical in a bathroom

This urinal has seen better days (but then, most urinals have)

Pink toilet with tiles the 70s would be proud of. Excellent choice.

We can see how the newspaper would stop your feet from getting dirty in this bathroom. Ahem.

Alcatraz’s finest suite, complete with centuries of sewage.

Not entirely sure this toilet is even fixed to a wall.

Mr Muscle would have a field day in here.

The pink loo seat makes a fine reappearance in this suite.

Again, some bleach wouldn’t go amiss in this suite.

We’re unsure as to the function of the towel, but can only imagine the horrors underneath.

Either a rugby team had a bath in here, or we’re looking at YEARS of dirt.


Bidets are an excellent addition to any suite. Particularly when not blocked with sewage.

And last, but by no means least, the dirtiest bathroom we have EVER seen:

How this happened is anyone’s guess, but it certainly takes the biscuit as the best of the dirtiest suites we’ve ever seen!

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