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Gelson Loire soft close single door mirror cabinet

If you would like to move away from the standard square edged bathroom cabinet to something which has softer lines, you will find a wide choice at the bathroom cabinets’ pages on our web site. We can offer a huge range of cabinets, with or without lighting and built in shaver sockets, to circular styles and recessed models, one, two and three door cabinets standard or corner fittings. There is a model to suit your needs.

One example is the Gelson Loire soft close single door mirror cabinet which features an elegantly arched mirrored door and gorgeous brushed metal and frosted glass overhanging light fitment, the Loire will be the star feature in any bathroom. The soft close door, shaver socket and fixed shelf deliver the definitive storage option, and it looks good too!

Gelson Danube three door mirror cabinet

The modern bathroom cabinet of today is light years away from its p predecessors in every sense of the word. The lighting in modern bathroom cabinets is low energy often LED which is green on energy consumption but giving outstanding illumination. The Gelson Danube is a larger version of the popular Seine cabinet and comprises three mirrored doors, three down-lighters and one shaver socket combine with adjustable shelves to create the ultimate in bathroom storage!

The generous cabinet is 100mm wide 800mm high and has a depth of 170mm although the canopy which houses the LED lighting extends a further 270mm. Not only will your bathroom be enhanced by the addition of this classy bathroom cabinet, but you will be able to store all those essentials neatly behind those mirrored doors.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

Lighting in a bathroom is almost as important as some of the fittings and accessories which most of us seem to favour. Changing your bathroom lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom, by simply changing the light fixtures your bathroom can appear modern and new.

Mirrors and lights work for bathrooms, just having a mirrored light in your bathroom is a superb way of transforming your bathroom for low cost. The mirrors will not only open up your bathroom but the lighting on the mirror can change the appearance of your bathroom and mirror lights are an excellent way to light the room. The Gelson Danube three door mirror cabinet not only gives you lighting from three down-lighters, there is a shaver socket and the shelving is adjustable for the ultimate in bathroom storage facilities and lighting finished in cool white.

Gelson Bathroom Furniture

When you are fitting a new bathroom or en-suite or are updating an existing one, people often forget about the bathroom accessories like cabinets and mirrors. Gelson are specialists in bathroom furniture and have a range of products including bathroom cabinets, mirrors and shower rails.

An essential item in any bathroom is a good bathroom cabinet, and Gelson has a wide range of cabinet/mirrors including single, double and triple mirrored cabinets. For additional storage Gelson also offer a range of free standing shelving, which feature aluminium frames and glass shelf’s and a series of vanity units to add that finishing touch to your bathroom.

For bathrooms with limited space, that can not fit a cabinet mirror on the wall, Gelson have standard mirrors available with the option of lights, these can be handy if you need additional light in your en-suite for example.

Whether you have a contemporary or classic styled bathroom, Gelson has the perfect product for your finishing touches.

Gelson Bathroom Cabinet

One of the best selling bathroom cabinets has to be the Gelson GEL303 which is a three mirrored door cabinet of ample proportion which is normally sufficient for most family purposes. The cabinet is finished in white, has a shaver socket and three down-lighters, which as any man shaving will tell you is more than useful, and the ladies can adjust the make up comfortably too. As we know the lighting in the cabinet can also add to the subtle effect of the general bathroom lighting, without the glare associated by some forms of high wattage lamps.

Gelson Bathroom Cabinet 

We have found that this affords one of the best in bathroom storage options as well as being a functional mirror and the three shelves are fully adjustable so those awkward bottle sizes can be accommodated without too much effort. All this comes from us to you, normally in a five day period at the remarkably low price of £196.00, which for this quality is a bargain hard to beat.