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How to spruce up your bathroom with accessories

If your bathroom is starting to look more shabby than chic but you don’t want to go all out with ripping out the units and starting afresh or you’re working to a budget, reviving your worn our room doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might seem. One of the most simple ways to spruce up your bathroom is to incorporate accessories into the room seamlessly and stylishly.

HIB Milan MirrorOnce you’ve got a colour scheme or theme decided upon for the room, make sure the accessories you choose match that. For example, if you’re going for contemporary and stylishly sleek, as is the trend in bathrooms this year, pick a minimalistic mirror with chrome edging that will blend into the rest of the room easily. Coordinate this with other minor details in the bathroom for an overall neat look, such as a shiny chrome towel rail or even right down to the toilet roll holder.

Sorting out your lighting will make a huge difference to your bathroom. Nobody likes that stark bright white lighting, especially when you use your bathroom for applying make-up, putting in contact lenses or shaving. Choosing smaller lamps or lights with shades to dot around the room will create a more calming atmosphere, making your bathroom a more relaxing place to be. Again, make sure these fit in with the particular theme you’ve chosen as an antique lamp just isn’t going to look right up against a state of the art shower system.

Imperial Brokton Wall Light with White Linen Shade Imperial Cadiz Wall Light with Glass Shade

The key with keeping a bathroom looking stylish and on trend whether it’s a big or small room, aside from sticking to a theme, is to choose your accessories wisely so that the room doesn’t look overly cluttered as it can do by choosing a variety of different things. Instead of leaving all your bottles of lotions and potions out on the side, tidy them away into a practical but sophisticated cabinet, and make sure the whole family stashes their toothbrushes into a holder or beaker. Within no time and little cost but thoughtful planning, you’ll have an updated stylish looking bathroom that’s still fully functional and on trend.

BC Sanitan Toothbrush Holder Burlington Toilet Roll Holder

Inda Freestanding Magnifying Mirror

It does not matter whether one’s eyesight is not as good as it used to be, using a magnifying mirror in the bathroom is very useful to shave, put on makeup, or just to comb or brush  your hair. UK bathrooms has a wide selection of magnifying mirrors from which you can choose, but one of the most popular has to be the Inda freestanding magnifying mirror model.

The Inda is attractively finished in high chrome, is freestanding, with an adjustable bar ranging from 50 to 70 cm (20 inches to 28 inches) making it suitable for both adults and young people, the magnification is just right at X2 the reflecting mirror surface is 16cm just over 6 inches in diameter. This magnifying mirror will be a useful and attractive addition to any bathroom or en-suite area.

6 Piece Inda Touch Accessory Package

A bathroom is not complete until all the last minute touches are put into place such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes etc. Looking through pages in brochures often means that the accessories do not necessarily suit, or match the surroundings and it can be both time consuming and perhaps daunting for some.

We have put together a number of packages which solves the problem and the Inda Touch 6 piece accessory pack is just one example. All essential items are included which comprise: Tumbler Holder 8 x 11h x 13cm (Chrome), Soap Dish 13 x 6h x 15cm (Chrome), Toilet Brush Holder 9 x 40h x 9cm (Chrome), Towel Ring 22 x 24h x 8cm (Chrome), Robe Hook 5 x 5cm (Chrome), and Toilet Roll Holder with Cover 16 x 14h x 7cm (Chrome), all the essentials in one easy package.

Bathroom accessories add luxury and style!

There are two types of bathroom accessories: those that serve a practical purpose, and those that are there just to add a touch of style. Ideally, even practical accessories should reflect your overall design theme, which is something to keep in mind as you shop for these must-have items.

Most people find that the easiest way to shop for these essentials is to buy one of the many accessory packages that are now available. These popular accessory packages come in a variety of options, but one that has proved to be a winner is the Inda Forum 5 piece package and comprises a tumbler holder, soap dish, wall mounted tooth brush holder, a double robe hook and a toilet roll holder all finished in high quality chrome.

Those all important last details in bathroom design

Bathroom accessories are often overlooked when people are making the last but important details when completing a new bathroom or en-suite, but it is these that can pull together what is already a good bathroom, giving it a classy look. Think what would happen without soap dishes, you don’t want a sticky mess on the side of the basin or bath. A towel rail is a must and in today’s modern bathroom a heated one is a priority for many. You would not want the toilet roll sitting on top of the cistern, not when you can get one that looks good and is fully functional too.

It is these little details that can make your bathroom a pleasure to use or a nightmare in the making. If you’ve ever wondered where to store your bathrobe while you are taking a shower, longed for a magnified or illuminated mirror to apply your makeup, or thought there must be an alternative to balancing your toothbrush in a mug on the windowsill then modern bathroom accessories are the way forward.

Disabled Bathroom Accessories

Life in general is hard enough for less able people or the elderly, who are physically unable to do the things that others take for granted. Going to the toilet or bathing and showering is something which ambulant people just take for granted. UK Bathrooms supply a Lantec approved Doc M pack which comprises: WC Pan and Fixings, Cistern and Fittings, with the Seat, Basin, Lever Action Tap, Grid Waste, Support Rail with Toilet Roll Holder and Support Rails. The choice of Doc M packs includes a choice of Blue or White Packs and also with or without TMV3 valve.

Here at UK Bathrooms we are happy to discuss any special requirements that may be needed for a person who may be less able and if you are looking for a particular product, or need more information, feel free to call one of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

What better time to cheer up your bathroom

For the lucky ones, which seems to be a large proportion of people, the Christmas holiday extends over about two weeks or so, this gives people an opportunity to carry out improvements or decoration to their homes. The bathroom or shower room is a favourite place, and for a modest outlay, these areas can be transformed. One simple way is to add one of the great accessory packages that can be bought online.

Here at UK Bathrooms, we have one of the best selections of bathroom accessories from which to choose and each one is designed to fit a specific purpose. The 6 Piece Inda Smile Accessory Package is one of many that we stock from this top of the range bathroom accessory manufacturer, all the other offerings can be seen at our online pages.

Watch television in the shower!

It had to come; we can watch television in most places in the home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc., but how about viewing your favourite television programme in the shower?

No we do not think that it is April the 1st it really can happen thanks to the premier web based bathroom supplier UK Bathrooms. This bathroom TV has a high-resolution 17″ wide screen and 2 x 5 watt external waterproof speakers, this unit provides a great viewing experience for bathrooms or en-suites. Featuring a high resolution LCD TFT panel the IP67 is suitable for all wet environments with a heated and toughened glass screen, to aid condensation and fully waterproof remote control.

This TV is not just for the bathroom either; it can be used in kitchen, as a security monitor, as a commercial TV in washrooms and outdoor too in private gardens or pub beer gardens, also as a built in vanity mirror in any room, the bedroom for instance.

Refresh your bathroom

For a relatively low price you can refresh your bathroom or en-suite area by the simple addition of some bathroom accessories, which most bathrooms may already have, but might be becoming a bit tired looking. The 7 Piece Inda Colorella Accessory Package is an example of how a bathroom can get that new look at a very affordable price.

This example is just one of many that can be seen at the UK Bathrooms online pages which include a full range of products from leading manufacturers. The Inda Colorella package has a tumbler holder, towel ring, toilet roll holder, soap basket, toilet brush holder, a free standing holder for spare toilet rolls, and a pair of robe hooks, all supplied in highly polished chrome. At a saving of £37.26 on the manufacturers recommended price, refreshing your bathroom is easy at a low price.

Adding style with bathroom accessories

Upgrading your current bathroom without going to the expense of renewing the bathroom suite and other fixtures and fittings does not have to be difficult. Some simple decorations and the addition of selected bathroom accessories can completely transform the bathroom or shower area.

The inclusion of a towel rings keep the bathroom tidy, and new soap dishes to the wash basin, bath and shower, are not expensive items all of which keep the bath and basin area cleaner. Many bathrooms are small, perhaps just big enough to fit in a modern bathroom suite and they can be made to look larger by the clever use of bathroom mirrors, as well as performing the useful function of seeing oneself of course! The addition of cleverly placed mirrors combined with subtle lighting has been known to complete transform the look of a bathroom. These can take the form of down lighters or spots perhaps with the addition of illuminated mirrors.

There are many bathroom accessory packages which combine all the essential items such as toilet roll holders, baskets for shower enclosures and towel rings etc., all at very competitive prices helping you improve the look of an existing bathroom shower area or en suite, without breaking the bank.