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Designing a small modern en suite

One of the most luxurious things you can add to your home is your own en suite bathroom. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have a lot of room where they can build one, but even a wardrobe sized space can fit a tiny en suite, and there are plenty of ways to make it feel a little bit bigger than it really is.

If you want your en suite to look modern and uncluttered, you need to be careful what you choose to put in there. Try to keep the number of bottles and towels low or store what you need in the bedroom. If you really need some storage in the en suite itself, have open shelves so you’re not calculating how much room you can spare for doors and drawers.

Sml Bathroom 2

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve a small room. If there’s no window, it’s particularly important to design your lighting strategically. Halogen spot lights will brighten the room within invading the space, and using mirror or mirrored surfaces to bounce the light will work wonders.

Sml Bathroom 1

Choosing the right tiling too will make a huge difference to how your little en suite looks – the lighter the colour of the tiles, the better. Anything reflective or lightly coloured will make the space seem much larger. The size of the tiles is also important – very large ones can give the illusion of a more open room, and very small ones, such as mosaic tiling will have the same effect. Too much repetition on medium sized tiles will shrink the room though.

Sml Bathroom 3

You should always remember to measure your shower, storage cupboard and toilet fixtures before installing them in a small bathroom and figure out the layout first. They might appear to fit but block your access to the door or shower if not laid out properly.


Inda Freestanding Magnifying Mirror

It does not matter whether one’s eyesight is not as good as it used to be, using a magnifying mirror in the bathroom is very useful to shave, put on makeup, or just to comb or brush  your hair. UK bathrooms has a wide selection of magnifying mirrors from which you can choose, but one of the most popular has to be the Inda freestanding magnifying mirror model.

The Inda is attractively finished in high chrome, is freestanding, with an adjustable bar ranging from 50 to 70 cm (20 inches to 28 inches) making it suitable for both adults and young people, the magnification is just right at X2 the reflecting mirror surface is 16cm just over 6 inches in diameter. This magnifying mirror will be a useful and attractive addition to any bathroom or en-suite area.

6 Piece Inda Touch Accessory Package

A bathroom is not complete until all the last minute touches are put into place such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes etc. Looking through pages in brochures often means that the accessories do not necessarily suit, or match the surroundings and it can be both time consuming and perhaps daunting for some.

We have put together a number of packages which solves the problem and the Inda Touch 6 piece accessory pack is just one example. All essential items are included which comprise: Tumbler Holder 8 x 11h x 13cm (Chrome), Soap Dish 13 x 6h x 15cm (Chrome), Toilet Brush Holder 9 x 40h x 9cm (Chrome), Towel Ring 22 x 24h x 8cm (Chrome), Robe Hook 5 x 5cm (Chrome), and Toilet Roll Holder with Cover 16 x 14h x 7cm (Chrome), all the essentials in one easy package.

Bathroom accessories add luxury and style!

There are two types of bathroom accessories: those that serve a practical purpose, and those that are there just to add a touch of style. Ideally, even practical accessories should reflect your overall design theme, which is something to keep in mind as you shop for these must-have items.

Most people find that the easiest way to shop for these essentials is to buy one of the many accessory packages that are now available. These popular accessory packages come in a variety of options, but one that has proved to be a winner is the Inda Forum 5 piece package and comprises a tumbler holder, soap dish, wall mounted tooth brush holder, a double robe hook and a toilet roll holder all finished in high quality chrome.

Those all important last details in bathroom design

Bathroom accessories are often overlooked when people are making the last but important details when completing a new bathroom or en-suite, but it is these that can pull together what is already a good bathroom, giving it a classy look. Think what would happen without soap dishes, you don’t want a sticky mess on the side of the basin or bath. A towel rail is a must and in today’s modern bathroom a heated one is a priority for many. You would not want the toilet roll sitting on top of the cistern, not when you can get one that looks good and is fully functional too.

It is these little details that can make your bathroom a pleasure to use or a nightmare in the making. If you’ve ever wondered where to store your bathrobe while you are taking a shower, longed for a magnified or illuminated mirror to apply your makeup, or thought there must be an alternative to balancing your toothbrush in a mug on the windowsill then modern bathroom accessories are the way forward.

Disabled Bathroom Accessories

Life in general is hard enough for less able people or the elderly, who are physically unable to do the things that others take for granted. Going to the toilet or bathing and showering is something which ambulant people just take for granted. UK Bathrooms supply a Lantec approved Doc M pack which comprises: WC Pan and Fixings, Cistern and Fittings, with the Seat, Basin, Lever Action Tap, Grid Waste, Support Rail with Toilet Roll Holder and Support Rails. The choice of Doc M packs includes a choice of Blue or White Packs and also with or without TMV3 valve.

Here at UK Bathrooms we are happy to discuss any special requirements that may be needed for a person who may be less able and if you are looking for a particular product, or need more information, feel free to call one of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

Adding style with bathroom accessories

Upgrading your current bathroom without going to the expense of renewing the bathroom suite and other fixtures and fittings does not have to be difficult. Some simple decorations and the addition of selected bathroom accessories can completely transform the bathroom or shower area.

The inclusion of a towel rings keep the bathroom tidy, and new soap dishes to the wash basin, bath and shower, are not expensive items all of which keep the bath and basin area cleaner. Many bathrooms are small, perhaps just big enough to fit in a modern bathroom suite and they can be made to look larger by the clever use of bathroom mirrors, as well as performing the useful function of seeing oneself of course! The addition of cleverly placed mirrors combined with subtle lighting has been known to complete transform the look of a bathroom. These can take the form of down lighters or spots perhaps with the addition of illuminated mirrors.

There are many bathroom accessory packages which combine all the essential items such as toilet roll holders, baskets for shower enclosures and towel rings etc., all at very competitive prices helping you improve the look of an existing bathroom shower area or en suite, without breaking the bank.

Bathroom accessory pack

A bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite area cannot be described as complete without the necessary essentials such as towel rings, toilet roll holders, soap baskets, mirrors to name but a few. Modern bathroom accessories can literally transform the way a bathroom looks and feels, all at a cost which will not bring tears to anyone’s eyes, in these times it pays to add value to your home with these simple additions.

Although at UK Bathrooms you will find many examples of individual accessories, they have special accessory packages which combine the most useful items into one pack. Some of the best offerings at the website feature the specialist Inda and an example of this is the 5 Piece Inda Colorella Accessory Package all high chrome products comprising Tumbler Holder, Soap Dish, Towel Ring, Robe Hook and Toilet Roll & Brush Holder.

Laufen Bathroom Furniture

Proof that good design does not have to be expensive is proof positive from the top manufacturer of bathroom ceramic ware Laufen, with their Pro range of products elegance is brought together with functionality exhibited by their clear design.

As a member of the Roca group, Laufen is able to draw on the facilities of this leading European manufacturer of bathroom equipment offering a wide range of products from the leading designers throughout the company, and also from independent design houses.

The Laufen Pro ‘A’ Basin & Half Pedestal is an example of this policy of clean design and functionality which has received a five star rating from purchasers of this product as well as developers and specifiers. This basin is produced in three sizes 550mm 600mm and 650 mm and can be supplied with a full pedestal or even with their unique mounted vanity unit.

Acova Regate Radiator

Hopefully warmer weather is on its way and we then have the perennial problem of how do we dry and warm the towels in the bathroom when the central heating system turned off? The leading radiator manufacturer Acova Radiators (UK) Ltd offers a variety of styles and designs of radiators ranging from contemporary radiators to towel drying radiators and traditional towel rails, including the Regate which is a contemporary design for warmth and well being, suitable for central heating or with an immersion heater for summer use when the central heating is turned off.

The Acova Regate is available in a variety of sizes with dimensions to suit every bathroom, kitchen and utility area. The TIMERPROG immersion heater fitted to the Regate can control the heat of the bathroom and dry the towels, as long as the radiator is correctly sized. This is because there is a room thermostat, as well as the towel rail temperature booster to dry towels. All Acova radiators are available in many stock sizes as well as made-to-measure, and in a wide range of contemporary colours and whatever room size Acova has the radiator to complement it.